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EDANA announces blame weaving industry highest honor

Published on:2014/4/23 13:21:31

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, weaving, fiber, cotton fiber, bo fine, the market
Introduction:EDANA publishs blame weaving industry INDEXTM14 of   of   of   of list of bear the palm of award of highest and honorary ——INDEXTM14 is th...

EDANA publishs blame weaving industry list of bear the palm of award of highest and honorary ——INDEXTM14
INDEXTM14 is the communication platform that the supplier of blame weaving cloth with the biggest whole world follows a client. Association of cloth of weaving of EDANA(Europe blame) published recently obtain blame weaving industry the company list of award of highest and honorary ——INDEXTM14, with commending mainly those come from blame weaving to supply chain the innovation of all link and the enterprise of all sorts of dimensions.
The winner of each link and the summary opinion that evaluate a group are as follows.
Blame weaving cloth coils material: Sang Dele's FibercomfortTM is waterproof and adiabatic housetop plank
This product expanded bldg. is opposite the market demand that is not weaving cloth, adopt blame weaving cloth only the adiabatic problem that this one onefold method can solve housetop, this product can replace lumber effectively, and pledge gently, can reclaim.
Blame weaving cloth makes finished product: Committee of IMECO(international weights and measures technique) NocemiTMMED wet towel
It can kill poisonous sterilization, and nonalcoholic venom following pass the time in a leisurely way, through clearing effectively potential contaminative area is reduced nurse cost, it followed the pollution related Medical Protection to offer seasonable solution for precaution.
The formerest activity of achieved sale of blame weaving product: Propaganda of cutaneous of ® of Lan Jingtian silk
This video that provides artistic breath quite contacts person, life together with fiber, communicated fibrous effectively main function.
Industry of blame weaving cloth is relevant the innovation of raw material: Superfine fibber of Yi Shiman CyphrexTM
It is superfine fibber from the definition blending offerred an effective means of settlement, make wet the flexibility that is not weaving cloth into the net raised a new standard.
Be not the innovation with weaving cloth relevant and mechanical industry: Dai offer is special device of VectorTM Surge gelatinize
This are simple and compact device finished the individuation of glue sticky agent to apply, reduced waste greatly. High versatility, make this device can be used at any automation line.
Can carry a product: Material of filter of Ao Silong Flow2SaveTM
Of innovation filter material saved the sources of energy already () of more traditional material of Bo fine filter, can be in again low-pressure caustic lasts below all efficiency level, those who extend filter ability is pass in the meantime use life and reduced cost apparently.
But retentive craft runs practice: TJBeall—— uses the pure cotton instinctive quality that follows wholesome product at cut heal to be not weaving cloth
This is the change of a mode that latter cotton fiber uses cloth of Yu Fei weaving, it used property of cotton fibrous nature effectively, can replace effectively blanch cotton. Applying cotton wool is a well-advised choice.

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, weaving, fiber, cotton fiber, bo fine, the market

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