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Industry of cross-strait spin garment is produced learn to grind allied

Published on:2014/4/23 13:21:02

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Introduction:The fair of dress of spin of the seventeenth two sides of the Taiwan Straits that holding in Fujian stone lion (meeting ” of abbreviation &ldquo...

The fair of dress of spin of the seventeenth two sides of the Taiwan Straits that holding in Fujian stone lion (meeting ” of abbreviation “ Hai Bo) the trend of a few new development that shows a cross-strait industry to communicate collaboration: Below the setting that in global textile competition turns white-hot, industry of cross-strait spin garment intensifies “ holding a group in the arms to warm oneself ” , strengthen produce learn to grind “ allied ” , promote spin garment trade hand in hand by do a product to change direction do culture.

Came 21 days on April 18, promote stylist of dress of association of clothing of federation of textile industry of committee, our country, our country, our country by international trade of Fujian Province government, our country the Haibohui that association follows Taiwan textile to extend meeting combination to sponsor in Fujian stone lion is held, it already became the vane that observes cross-strait spin industry cooperates. How to use the industrial dominant position with respective two sides to achieve an advantage complementary form win-win situation to become a subject.

Continent industry follows high-tech product to be full of to the fashionable design of Taiwan expect, market of mainland of Taiwan industry favour, as instantly mainland exclusive the spin dress major with name of coronal of ” of “ two sides of the Taiwan Straits is exhibited meeting, haibohui is becoming cross-strait enterprise “ face-to-face ” communication, the platform of industrial deepness butt joint.

On current Haibohui, taiwan spins develop meeting, Taiwan made the orgnaization such as consortium of garment industry a person of same business organize many 30 Taiwan ginseng of company of famous spin clothing is met, partner of look for mainland.

Taiwan textile extends meeting market to extend office manager Xie Guohui to make known one's position, many 30 enterprise is industry of Taiwan spin garment the high-tech enterprise of foremost edge designs a company with originality. “ is in Taiwan, the advantage that designs creation is relatively distinct, the market dominant position of the mainland is prominent. Cross-strait enterprise designs angle collaboration space with originality in the high-tech research and development of dress very big ” .

Xie Guohui says, two sides should strengthen a dominant position complementary, encourage garment industry is changed toward individuation, high end, internationalization develops.

The king of Taiwan fabrics manufacturer that attends Haibohui the 5th times is expensive this second brought the new-style fabrics that is based on accept rice technology, want to undertake with mainland manufacturer entire industry catenary cooperates.

“ turns white-hot because of the competition on the international market, garment industry already made small profit trade. Cross-strait enterprise should strengthen the cooperation of entire industry catenary this. ” Wang Gui says, taiwan textile is spent in isogon of innovation of product research and development, design, brand there is prominent place inside the industry, special there is stronger competition ability in angle of functional sex textile.

What kind of design service can you offer “ ? You have ”“ member of how many stylist, how many time can realize a design? ” is in a few Taiwan are special before designing a platform, a lot of a lot person that look around are exhibiting business to heat up subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to chat with Taiwan, the question that often enquires oneself are interested.

The Taiwan that professional design circle gets T-shirt plane revenue stamp sincere firm design limited company is to be joined first exhibit. “ we have special stylist group in Taiwan, plan proposal design follows the dominant position that printing technology is us, but making inferior position of garment angle existence. Nimble of king of chief inspector of this company business says ” , “ our hope builds a two sides to design the platform that writes conformity, can follow the design handsome appearance of Taiwan the market demand of the mainland is significant butt joint. ”

The very much person that look around says, the element of Taiwan originality design that cross the sea and comes is right continent industry, receive or the likelihood also means an estate is the good luck that transition upgrades to.

Weave LED cloth, deserve to go up lithium battery, the dress of the Rong Zhang of general manager Zheng that the dress jumps over limited company of especially new science and technology with respect to glisten …… Taiwan is busy glow of new product “ that recommends company research and development ” , the person look around that curiosity swarmed all round follows a businessman. This second ginseng exhibits “ to bring product of a few new technologies designedly, also can encircle on the design can nod, the hope can satisfy the market demand of mainland consumer. ”

Current Haibohui still holds textile of Taiwan function sex to recommend brand of vogue of meeting, Taiwan to be published jointly, cross-strait spin new technology commercializes the large economic and trade activity such as butt joint special subject. Taiwan angle still gives high-tech project to follow continent industry butt joint, information of forward position of stimulative two sides is shared, advanced technique communication cooperates with industrial project.

Regard industry of cross-strait spin garment as the main platform of the butt joint, stone lion is the bridgehead of mainland of move of industry of garment of Taiwan area spin, haibohui is the main bridge that two sides cooperates more. Cooperate as development of cross-strait industry continuity, cross-strait spin industry develops isogon to spend cooperative goose-step to enter a higher administrative levels with the market in technology, information, communication, research and development.

Keyword:Dress, the market, textile, the dress, printing, fabrics, dress, textile industry

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