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Cast store policy adjusts pair of cotton spinning enterprises to have main effect

Published on:2014/4/3 15:19:14

Keyword:The home is spun, dress, dynamic, cotton spinning, the market, dress, chemical fibber, ammoniac black silk ribbon
Introduction:1, maintain industry discretion to recommend. Dress. The home spins bibcock possibility of constant be issued to lower levels is not large, when grail...

1, maintain industry discretion to recommend. Dress. The home spins bibcock possibility of constant be issued to lower levels is not large, when grail is adjusted, reflect instead give its to fight drop quality, basically depend on: ? Humorous " regret Yi of enough  of  of dice of condyle of  of Cou of Jiao of 3 earnest boil in water for a while treats  of bifurcation of show off of て of Ji of  of neck of  of Sun hawk rostellum arc ⒒ ancient name for a kind of scorpion is treated suffer from  to stop  Cui is branny swollen favour is become Xian of  of Jia of ┗ of ⒍ of Tong of Ao of ū a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice suffers from, home Luo Lai is spun / Fu Anna, one angle depends on investor paying close attention to remarkable on the low side to these two companies, also so share price is in bottom with appraise value; Another angle, two companies are in hopeful is shown first quarter relative to better outstanding achievement, we beforehand appraise collect Home Lai spins income to add 20%+ of 10%+ , profit; 5%-10% of Fu Anna income, profit 15% fluctuation. From long-term respect, the person that we still keep distance of science and technology of bird of pair of dark horse dress, announce good news, triumphant Nuo, explore is recommended. In the center dark horse dress, sportswear builds a bottom to lay in growing kinetic energy, 3 years existence turns over childen's garments in the future turn over a likelihood, hopeful is greeted secondly second gold sends exhibition period; Bird of announce good news basically is based on the outstanding achievement flexibility after its are adjusted thoroughly; Triumphant Nuo science and technology is based on his 2014, relatively good 2015, affirmative outstanding achievement is added fast (channel development affirmation, buy outright make increase) ; Visit district person be based on company platform built propulsion. To type of production / export company, we devalue quickly to the RMB on the base that having limit of outstanding achievement safety attention spends need to rise, recommend Lu Tai A(2014 ceaselessly year Q1 beforehand appraise is added fast in 30% fluctuation, EPS1.2 problem is not big, 8 times more corresponding 2014 PE; This company outstanding achievement has even if extremely strong safe limit, early days market is opposite this attention spends kind of company extremely low, but the RMB devalues quickly is remarkable very to this company profit, and pace of company abroad dilate also maintains growth to open imaginary space, president to add for outstanding achievement hold also give fair share price to prop up) . Because the near future is cast store policy has main effect to cotton spinning enterprise (Lu Tai uses cotton of long fine hair, logic different) , if medium staple cotton falls directly to 17250/ ton, to Hua Fu color spins the short-term outstanding achievement that follows 100 grand east to form benefit sky; But considering in the future 2-3 year outstanding achievement is stretch, we maintain what to Hua Fu color spins to recommend grade.
2, board piece last week expressional reviewing. Last week, card put together points to on small drop, accumulative total drops 0.29% ; Spin take board piece overall drop 1.26% , spin is made in the center go up 0.74% , dress home is spun drop 2.65% . Look, board piece get before dropping 3 companies to contain the culture, science and technology that start line of business for bibcock share, beauty, get before going up 3 companies to be share of Jiangsu sunshine, the root of antipyretic dichroa, leave industrial (Shanghai country endowment reform concept) . Harbor angle, get drop to promote international to grow (annals profit drops considerably) , department of Li Ning, wave is ascended; Get before going up 3 companies to be Pulada, abundant yuan group (annals data profit is good) , how to step sports.
3, company important announcement and trends and footprint. Trends and footprint - Lu Tai A: ? ゼ of any of several hot spice plants of move of ┱ of Yu of M of  of grave of て of Ou ǔ  emerges brother's son of Yu   complains  ?ldquo; to recommend ” grade; : of dark horse dress? My tip of massacre   guides ㄔ grows permanent teeth correct of delay of Γ of  of  of ぶ Tao  buries evil spirit? is dug go synergism, drive net growth exceeds anticipate. Important announcement- - : of Hua Si share? ?.85 of ability  type 100 million yuan; Da Funi: 13 years net decreases compared to the same period 65.6% ; Zhou Shengsheng: 13 years net rises 24% compared to the same period; Promote industry science and technology: 13 years net profit is added compared to the same period 22.93% ; Long promote international: 13 years net drops compared to the same period 50.5% ; Shen Zhou international: 13 years net profit rises compared to the same period 11.3% ; An Lifang: 13 years net rises 8.07% ; Make rich yuan of group: 13 the end of the year period dividend predicts to rise compared to the same period 200% ; Li Ning: 13 years range of outstanding achievement deficit closes considerably narrow; A thousand times: 13 years net profit drops compared to the same period 100 million yuan 26.43% ; Treasure appearance: 13 years sales revenue rises compared to the same period 1.8% ; Be equal to gram sports: 13 years net decreases 21.3% ; Assist red slave: 213 years of net 663 million HK dollar falls compared to the same period two into; Yageer: 13 years net falls compared to the same period 14.88% .
4, the industry is essential data. Raw material (price of Zhou Jun of merchandise on hand of 1) 328 class 19412 yuan / ton (- 0.10%) ; Cotlook A:97.4 cent / pound (- 0.37%) ; Difference of price of cotton of inside and outside all is worth 3034 yuan / ton (- 1.15%) ; Cotton of long fine hair (137 class) : 33900 yuan / ton (- 0.59%) . (: of 2) chemical fibber? Commission?815 yuan / ton (- 0.76%) ; Ammoniac black silk ribbon 40D49000 yuan / ton (+ 0%) . (3) gold: ? U100g261.06 of administer Ci Chi yuan / G(-2.71%) , london merchandise on hand 1, 306 dollars / ounce (- 3. 04%) .

Keyword:The home is spun, dress, dynamic, cotton spinning, the market, dress, chemical fibber, ammoniac black silk ribbon

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