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India seminar of standard of spin of the 2nd technology

Published on:2014/4/3 11:19:41

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Introduction:India, held seminar of standard of spin of the 2nd technology a few days ago, point out on the meeting, india is paying close attention to the standar...

India, held seminar of standard of spin of the 2nd technology a few days ago, point out on the meeting, india is paying close attention to the standard problem of the standard that product of domestic technology spin makes and consumption, the relevant legislation that includes technical textile to be applied compulsively works.
Zohrachatterji of secretary-general of Indian spin ministry makes known his position on the meeting, india needs to introduce new standard, in order to use the technical dry goods at wider range. Instantly, the standard of technical textile only limits of minority of bureau be confined to, include an industry to use reach agriculture to use dry goods, the government is necessary to be in what technical textile level has on extensive base to make, for example medical treatment uses textile to wait.
In the meantime, chatterji emphasizes, of technical textile apply limits to still answer to use textile direction stride to product of prevent or control flood, road and building gradually.
As global technology textile consumption expands the development of tendercy, the consumption of Indian market will exceed a developed country far, but this needs India in standard limits make reach superintendency angle to obtain materiality to make progress. The expert points out, standardization is the premise that the industry grows, of standardization be short of break will bring about inferior product to march home market, harm the development of Indian technology textile.
So, zhejiang desolate hill examines the spin company that attestation limited company warns broad exit India: Should take textile seriously of immanent quality detect, cannot ask by importer constituent production; is cogent blindly enhance quality risk consciousness, real time pays close attention to the newest progress of foreign code, communicate with local client beforehand check relative standard, lest textile nots agree with because of the standard,be imported country close the door on.
India ever was country of consumption of gold of global number one, but because go up one year,governmental general gold is moved to the historical perch of 10% on import tariff, dozen control this country demand drops in temperature considerably, hold this build finally on submissively released one year of demand to behave driving our country.
But, the gold inlet tube with too strict India makes incessantly of complain of suffering of supplier of your country gold, still bring about gold to contraband an amount to jump for a time, below various strong demand, indian government near future already allowed 5 private banks of domestic to import gold.
Other, india will celebrate Gudi Padwa New Year on May 31, the gold that occupies India trades business says, in this one festival, indian people can buy gold act the role ofing to taste in an attempt to to bring prosperity for annual. The gold of instantly India trades business people the gold demand that has begun to be festal season makes preparation.
Gudi Padwa New Year of on one year, although Indian consumable demand is decreased greatly, but sales volume of golden act the role ofing increased however about 30% .
In addition, still have the Bengali New Year that India of the eastpart part celebrates next month, also be the good chance that buys gold likewise, and the Vishu red-letter day that southern area next month celebrates can prompt gold demand as much.