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Stone lion textile is deduced promising another village

Published on:2014/3/18 13:19:52

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Introduction:"Big and do not actor or actress "   mentions stone lion, think of dress easily. Drive car marchs stone lion urban district, everywhere is visible, it...

"Big and do not actor or actress "

Mention stone lion, think of dress easily. Drive car marchs stone lion urban district, everywhere is visible, it is the relevant billboard such as dress of mark of full of beautiful things in eyes, fabrics, spin, too many things to see letting a person.

In stone lion, the textile dimensions that regards garment industry advanced position as the industry is giant, on one year, this city only dimensions textile year industrial production value closes one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan greatly with respect to the breakthrough, it is ten billion and twenty-three million yuan,

According to armrest working lane develops the stone lion textile that rise, at present not merely stand firm the market austral Fujian, it is radiation whole nation and even whole southeast Asia more. Be in especially recreational fabrics domain, already became the throughout the country's biggest production base to follow exit base.

However, with home other tradition makes a trade exactly like, after all previous develops via 30 old high speed, in recent years, the textile of stone lion marchs in the round small profit period, greeted labor pains to follow transition period.

"Before need not saying 10 years, it is 5 years ago, spin of cotton spinning, chemical fibber is being done in stone lion is pretty good, industry profit margin is in 10% above. Current, profit margin can last 5% , very god-given. " Tian Qiming of chairman of association of clothing of spin of stone lion city says.

Originally why does the industry predestined relationship of scene lose competition ability? Look in Tian Qiming, what the textile place of stone lion counts on is cheap the traditional advantage of cost of labour force, low financing is chasing scumble, the take turns that those who replace is of all kinds factor of production rises in price, and produce can superfluous, economy low it is difficult to confuse brought sale. Be these elements rise integratedly, comprehensive depress the average profit margin of stone lion textile.

In deputy director general of Bureau of Economics of stone lion city Lin Jin field looks, since a paragraph of period, sex of the look up before the spin enterprise of stone lion is lacked generally, blindly augment is produced can, in order to estimate gain profit, in the meantime, profit margin does lower more.

"In order to measure score a success, cause produce can large area

Superfluous, eagerly Jew, form ' big and do not actor or actress ' inferior position situation. " Lin Jin field says.

With " new " get victory

Old profit pattern goes to the end, the stone lion textile below a lot of challenge, this how break out of an encirclement?

Tian Qiming tells a reporter, under predicament, industrial, sea promotes roc Cheng, the enterprise of a batch of bibcock such as grand of 3 standing grain, stage, bright and beautiful benefit goes against federal situation hair force, enlarge investment to follow research and development in succession, march the new material domain of fractionize, with " new " get victory.

The company is started in stone lion sea, the textile that president Ouyang Wenxian showed a new-style powerful elastic force to the reporter -- easy elater. This is a new-style raw material fiber, you Haixing company followed American Du Bang company to develop a success jointly 2012, it is the raw material that the whole world obtains industrialization one kind exclusively to produce a standard bounce short staple. 2013, this textile shows extensive go into operation in Hai Xingshi.

Be in roc Cheng industrial company, after the Spring Festival passes, much money is new-style production line of low carbon function textile in succession put into production. President Wu Xinmin says, these a few new-style textile, mix by bamboo fiber, corn fiber, chemical fibber build and become, the exterior follows easy measurable and superexcellent. Because intervene early, market demand is exuberant, these new-style textile become 7 wolves,

The first selection of the enterprise of fontal state brand such as interest bully, instantly product demands exceeds supply.

Since going up one year, in stone lion, the company that chooses to send force in new material domain is remarkable grow in quantity.

"With respect to the state that I master, the new material of this kind of spin such as easy elater, profit margin is in 25% above, more traditional cotton spinning follows chemical fibber textile, profit margin tower above is multiple, the feature with additional high cost is very striking. " Tian Qiming says, on one year production value of textile industry of above of stone lion dimensions exceeds 10 billion yuan, new material domain comes from in the center occupy more remarkable than rising, amount to 30% the left and right sides.

Tian Qiming tells a reporter, although our country is spin big country, but 70% above depend on high-end spin fabrics the country such as Japan, Korea, Italy is imported. These two years, enterprise of spin of stone lion share sends domain of force new material, finished on certain level " homebred replace " , reduced high-end textile to be spent to the dependence of the entrance thereby.

These with " new " the enterprise of get victory, propped up the old standard that transition upgrades, for stone lion textile entire industry break out of an encirclement opened new space.

Policy leads a way

Stone lion textile is begged " new " , also having the sign of local government rear.

Gather together in view of many spin enterprise in in

Low end domain, eagerly of Jew and partial enterprise " new " wet, local government gives stone lion city gold of policy, investment, guide company change train of thought, own innovation energetically, accelerate transition to upgrade.

2013, stone lion municipal government, guild throws those who exceed several yuan to lead fund, encourage spin enterprise accelerates ability to change, research and development follows innovation step, drive place to count enterprise of spin of a hunderd schools to throw capital of research and development to exceed 5 billion yuan.

Strengthen produce learn to grind effective butt joint. On one year, stone lion organized butt joint of technology of look forward to of much field officer to meet, many 20 relevant university such as Dong Hua university, Wuhan spin university, Tianjin university follows place of scientific research courtyard to follow enterprise of spin of stone lion close a hunderd schools to finish technical butt joint.

Enlarge financing support. Restrict to the bank credit of traditional textile in view of local commercial bank, since going up one year, stone lion holds butt joint of many silver-colored look forward to to meet, conduct policy of credit of commercial bank fine tuning, undertake in the project of new material domain to spin enterprise one-way give aid to with the credit that decide a dot.

"Although the enterprise is the main body that market economy competes with the market, but the policy that comes from stone lion government gives aid to, had first-rate encourage effect, more produced vane effect, point to clear direction for transition of company of spin of city of numerous stone lion. " Tian Qiming says.

Keyword:Textile, dress, fiber, the market, chemical fibber, the home is spun, cotton spinning, fabrics, spin fabrics, textile industry

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