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Yarn of new material of group of day black silk ribbon is developed

Published on:2014/3/17 13:26:24

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Introduction:-- fiber of ion of copper of cupreous ion fiber: It is one kind contains a lot ofcupreous ion the tall hygroscopic acrylic fibbers of 5% . In level of...

-- cupreous ion fiber

Cupreous ion fiber: It is one kind contains a lot ofcupreous ion the tall hygroscopic acrylic fibbers of 5% . In level of former oar group, technology of use graft copolymerization is in acrylic fibbers macromolecule on side catenary, respectively grafting organic copper catenary follows to kiss water radical group high, again classics is wet filature technology and become new-style acrylic fibbers, non-conductive n fiber. Belong to coloured fiber, original fine shows pickles green, show bronze-coloured through catching whole processing. Principle of bacterium of curb of cupreous ion fiber: When the carries negaive electricity cell film with the microbial bring into contact with of minim copper ion that should contain positive electrical charge, produce coulomb gravitation to make metallic ion penetrable cell film.

March inside bacterial body, the Qiu that goes up with the protein inside the bacterium base amino happening reaction, destroy a cell to protein causes microbial death or lose disrupt hyperplasia ability. Need to contain the Long Jineng blocking general of 5% to achieve curb bacterium only in fabric from clean function.

Cupreous ion fights the research development of yarn of sex of bacterium curb bacterium

1, SL: 93/07 32S of fiber of Bamboo/ copper ion plans to popularize a client: Socks kind client.

2, SL: Knitted piece goods of plan of 93/07 40S of fiber of Bamboo/ copper ion follows without seam underwear client.

3, CM: Briefs of underwear of knitting of plan of 95/05 40S of fiber of MODAL/ copper ion kind with without seam kind of client.

the thread that has the lasting effect that fight bacterium fiber following bamboo follows Mu Daier yarn to combine, the functional sex that one angle adds terminal product another angle also made last what original Mudaier follows bamboo fiber product is former by soft, comfortable breathe freely with moisture absorption function; Raise the series of yarn of company function sex at the same time, with benefit at socks kind, underwear, briefs kind the application that the client gets on in breed of yarn of bacterium of the curb that fight bacterium.

2013 end, my company undertakes developing to cupreous ion fiber, spinning experience is great, accord with downstream treatment finally into gauze index.

What this breed form needs to notice into batch production is, with the mixture means of blending of other raw material, cupreous ion fiber belongs to coloured fiber to mix must even, lest appear,exterior of finished product of off color influence or chromatin are measured.

Cupreous ion fiber is product of a kind of science and technology fiber that fight bacterium, it is had puissant and bacterium of abiding the curb that fight bacterium, eliminate the peculiar smell, function that nurses from clean, the inhibition to fungus effect blame beautiful. Its outstanding curb bacterium function can be used at making towel, knit socks, underwear, catharsis things, medical nurse things, kit, home spins the much territory such as things.