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Polypropylene dress: Softness gets the better of real silk

Published on:2014/3/17 13:26:21

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Introduction:Polypropylene, english name calls Polypropylene, abbreviation PP, be a kind of half crystallization is thermoplastic plastic. The textile bag that use...

Polypropylene, english name calls Polypropylene, abbreviation PP, be a kind of half crystallization is thermoplastic plastic. The textile bag that uses from the industry, bale bag what reach a television to equipment of electric equipment, telegraphic, lamp act the role ofing, lighting is flame retardant component, the figure of polypropylene often is seen in the life, australian person made coin with it even. More magical is, the material science of Dong Hua university uses this to plant with Zhu Meifang of engineering courtyard dean original and coarse " gunny-bag fiber " the dress that development went to return softness than real silk.

PP fine day turns a project " settle " Dong Hua

A good clothing affirms should speak of from good fabrics, and good fabrics is destined to want to set out from fiber. The story of this softer than real silk dress is done from PP fibrous namely fine begin.

Science of material of Dong Hua university follows Zhu Meifang of engineering courtyard dean to say to the reporter in the phone: "Leave school hind, professor of my model of directive teacher Chen Yan makes known his position jointly with domestic and international partner polypropylene (the tentative plan that PP) fiber fine day changes, I have good fortune as young teacher direct ginseng followed project bid to start research. I have good fortune as young teacher direct ginseng followed project bid to start research..

Zhu Meifang has pursued education scientific research 20 old, make polypropylene fiber fine be her research most first a project, and be done be 10 years. Looking forward to in one's childhood have " dacron " she, the persistence that uses oneself overcame many tribulation with effort, if the row comes up against a fiber attenuate to need to have fold of very tall filature fuse-element drawing in studying fine day turns experience, but the tall viscosity of PP, tall crystallization is spent make filature stress very great, filature is carried out hard; The treatment after spin of fine day fiber is done not have comfortable the machines equipment problem that compound; The color atlas in can catching a gender to consider is not wide, coloring deepness follows prison degree not the problem of beautiful; Fine day follows can catch the problem that unites hard to wait a moment.

Zhu Meifang tells a reporter, study as spin dress since all along " vane " fine to polypropylene fibrous day changes Dong Hua university the discipline that has oneself follows research foundation. Our country most first major of a chemical fiber was established in Dong Hua university 1954, bred talent of more than 10000 chemical fiber up to now, donghua built our country 1992 most first key laboratory of state of a chemical fiber, to " Dong Huazi younger brother " will tell, they are accountability stare at accurate international forward position, the fiber base that has development with industrial demand development in the light of the market follows applied research.

The big environment that develops tendercy to need with the market from spin dress development will tell, accept obligation of environment of energy natural resources, industrial group hopes dress develops to light qualitative, economic direction, common people hopes with the market dress dress is comfortable and have all sorts of functions, polypropylene dress can satisfy people not merely the demand of light to dress softness, and have the function that many common dress place do not have, broke " only silk alone honour " situation, let people have closer understanding to chemical fiber.

Soft, guide sweat adds cent for dress of fine day polypropylene

Fine day polypropylene (PP) fibrous considers to start at 20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time, process fine day changes PP fibrous, fine day + high speed of fibrous of PP of coloured, fine day spends production, fine day + can catch, fine day + function, fine day + can catch + 6 phase such as the function, already marched at present the research and development of the 6th acting product. In fact, polypropylene can be used before fine day is changed make clothing, but can catch polypropylene dress with fine day more inferior many.

It is latter asks fibrous monofilament is fineness above all (Dpf) is less than 1 cent spy (Dtex) , namely fiber of 10 thousand meters long odd root PP is not worth 1 gram to weigh, but monofilament of common PP fiber is fineness (Dpf) is in 2.5dtex above. It is next but coloring sex, latter can undertake dispersive dye coloring, coloring is achieved in slant brunet, lubricious prison is spent in 4 above, former do not get with coloring; The feel that having again is fabric is different, the yarn spin of similar quality of work becomes the fabric of similar structure, dress of fine day polypropylene because monofilament is fine, feel softness luster, and feel of common polypropylene dress is rough little luster; And the comprehensive assessment of fabric is different, latter exterior is like silk with feel, special suit close-fitting dress, former feel endure with all one's might, take property not beautiful.

The principle of dress of sodden of respecting gunny-bag fiber, zhu Meifang cited a such case: If shower bibcock does not add shower nozzle, current is hit on the body to feel very ache, and added shower nozzle hydraulic be dispersed, current turned each into brooklet, did not have sick feeling. A crude fibre becomes many fine fibre to make made-up clothing, also be same argument.

Zhu Meifang says: "Use knit the staple that how the PP fiber of the belt becomes the comfortable softness that can wear at doing gunny-bag to follow, core is to make PP fiber fine day is changed, special it is PP monofilament fineness decrescent is reached especially to 1 minute the following. This difficulty is very great, we are passed not the teenager's effort, solved this problem. Solved this problem..

"As to why the dress of make it of fiber of fine day PP is more comfortable than real silk, result from fine day changes PP fibrous to guide sweat and do not suck sweat, and real silk is to suck sweat fast, guide sweat is slow, because fiber of fine day PP has special core to absorb effect,this is. " Zhu Meifang complement says.

Polypropylene fiber is in in the future the application of textile

Fiber of fine day polypropylene already made the wonderful material of kit of sex of the function that make, underwear, sock and high-grade dress, follow a technology to tackle key problem through old basic research, china in PP fibrous fine day is changed, can catch change, high speed is changed wait for research angle to occupy world front row, developed more than kinds of 100 fabric to follow clothing products, here has the support of spin and chemical fibber guild, the collaboration that has the academy of sciences, relevant company more follows to be advanced actively. But the share that PP fiber holds property of whole chemical fibber is not large still, instantly Europe market is had rate want Yuan Chao our country, because fiber of this China PP is used,have significant progress space at the application development of spin dress angle.

"Polypropylene fiber is used have at spin dress qualitative light (density is polyester fibber 2/3) , soft, comfortable, real silk is qualitative the advantage such as feeling, but also exist to be not held out not draw together, high temperature resistant iron color atlas of very hot, coloring is not quite wide wait for inadequacy. Accordingly, our all along devotes oneself to research and development already the fine day with the coloring wide color atlas that softness has certain framework again like silk, can catch the PP fiber that learns function with Gao Li, already scored lab success now. " Zhu Meifang says.

In addition, as we have learned, use newest miscellaneous change a technology to having fine day + can catch + function + the research of intelligent unifinication, pass with spin, catch rectify the alternate collaboration that reachs dress course to follow a technology compositive, development is comfortable use lie fallow at civil, for military use, sports with and even aerospace uses special dress.

Increase further to dimensions of PP fibrous industry, zhu Meifang gave suggested at 4 o'clock: It is to strengthen basic research to change development research with applied basic research and its project further; 2 it is to swim up and down the compositive development of industrial catenary; The great strength of the 3 terminal products that are contented market demand is developed; 4 be industrial policy tilt support.