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Tai'an worker a dab hand seams a toy of big shop sign to bleach Europe of foreign fashionable crossing the sea

Published on:2014/3/17 13:25:40

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Introduction:There is the toy bear that has made on the machine, it but the automation line that passed composition of a few sewing machine. The machine cuts cloth...



There is the toy bear that has made on the machine, it but the automation line that passed composition of a few sewing machine.
The machine cuts cloth into parts automatically according to dimension.
Sewing machine has computer set function, arrive accurately each needle.
The do needlework skilfully on the nose that workingwoman is rebuking in the toy.


    You understand this issue > > >

  Small hang a toy Europe price 229 euro, our Tai'an is built

He Di abstruse, sweet Nai, LV extravagant brand exactly like, toy brand of Europe also drew the follow of numerous vermicelli made from bean starch on the world, great reputation is famous in in the center include Sweden well-known trademark BUKOWSKI (Chinese brand gal 100 benefit) , and 100 benefit only makes gal the site of factory is located at project of area of bridge of the Eight Immortals in the legend of Ning Yang county to collect an area.

In the gal that can contain more than 200 worker workshop of 100 benefit toy, there is hare of Tai Dixiong, antic, long side to wait on one side wall a few exceed large toy sample, let whole production workshop be full of Tong Qu. More than 200 sewing machine arranges whole workshop in order, a few sewing machine platoons form production line of a water into, be in charge of toy of cloth with soft nap of a wool make. In worker hand, the toy of cloth cloth with soft nap such as eider of hare of the Tai Dixiong of each lifelike, long side, wool, lucky horse is come out by production, be sold to go the world each district.

The reporter sees through cleaning out treasure net, gal 100 benefit fair young of 25 centimeters cloth with soft nap of brown Taidi bear hair buys on sb's behalf valence 189 yuan, the 35 centimeters hare that wear skirt buys on sb's behalf valence 269 yuan, 40 centimeters Little Bear brushs mouth towel to buy on sb's behalf valence 410 yuan, hare of 89 centimeters baby of wool cloth with soft nap is highest buy on sb's behalf valence 619 yuan.

100 benefit play Ning Yangga embrace Ding Jianan of limited company general manager to tell a reporter, gal 100 benefit are by the initiate of toy stylist MRS.Barbara Bukowski with famous Sweden, 20 will had made Europe's famous Tai Dixiong brand for years, toy price wants 229 euro at least in Europe. 2002, gal 100 benefit begin production formally from Qingdao, because Qingdao is made, 2007, sweden is noted jointly with Qingdao manufacturer endowment 100 benefit play Ning Yangga have limited company, went to the site of factory from Qingdao change Ning Yang. The toy of all finished product that production of peaceful in relief factory gives can carry past Sweden via Qingdao, swedish company delivers goods his again the country such as flower beauty. On one year of second half of the year, gal wears home on 100 benefit toy extravagant taste bazaar.

   The > > > that toy bear does how

  Choose high grade fabrics, the sutural amount of place of each joining together wants to unite

In last few years the developed country such as the European Union continues to publish the new regulation of toy safety angle, the developed country is higher and higher to exporting the safety factor of the toy to ask, this became the challenge with toy newest business. Ding Jianan tells a reporter, want to march the international market makes money, must make good toy attentively. The cloth of the toy should be used best, every detail cannot invite person winkle trouble. The sewing machine that at present the worker uses also has computer set function, the sutural amount density of place of every joining together should unite the toy.

In gal the laser decide workshop of 100 benefit, ding Jianan tells a reporter, because the infant loves to holding a toy in the arms to be bitten again,gnaw again, because this major abroad parent is right the fabrics requirement of toy of wool cloth with soft nap is strict all the more, requirement toy cannot catch hair easily, also cannot contain element of chemical heavy metal, the toy factory that exports a toy to production so, the cloth with the most high grade look for is first job. The material that produces a toy is the price the most expensive high grade article, need an import even, because this cloth decide rises,save all the more.

The reporter sees, decide cloth is already at present complete automation, a worker can control 45 machines, the meeting on every machine hangs a corresponding toy, no matter be cut cat ear or Little Bear palm, the worker needs to input stylist to devise good scale measure on computer only, the machine can be automatic on pieces of whole cloth undertake decide, leftover pieces is very little.

To save manpower material resources, the factory invented machine of a grain independently, the worker should take small staff bag only, machine can self-help is spat outside those who use toy of fill wool cloth with soft nap is plastic bead. “ is depended on completely go holding plastic grain take time artificially arduous, achieve hard again be able to bear or endure the effect of tear at. These inventions can avoid many problems. ” Ding Jianan says.

   Toy of the high-quality goods that make depends on handiwork, mouth follows nose is embroider go up

“ the machine is one day OK perhaps modernization arrives to make a toy alone, but affirm at present,still not be moment. ” Ding Jianan is analysed to the reporter, many “ artificial fare is lower than the machine still, at present many factories are in westerly ministry area to transfer, some the site of factory return change to go to Vietnam, Korea, it is the labor with cheap covet. 2007, qingdao worker searchs harder and harder, we just choose settle peaceful this world, a worker needs every months to pay hundreds of yuan of cash only at that time, but at present worker pay has taken 3000 yuan of two money. At present the cost using worker worker of Shandong also is becoming high. ”

Although artificial expenses rises, but the toy made medium partial process also do not cast off handiwork. “ is current pure handmade thing more and more be very popular, the toy also is. Gal the nose that one of toy characteristic of 100 benefit are manual and inwrought toy, mouth, let each toy be become unique, this is plastic fittings impracticable, because of this gal 100 benefit all along gets foreign client reception. ” Ding Jianan says.

In production the workshop is in before working proposal desk, ten workingwoman are taking the do needlework skilfully on the nose that a needle rebukes in the toy. Worker Chang Chuangong of 41 years old tells a reporter, nose of embroider of toy of cloth with soft nap giving hair is a the hardest work, even if a skilled worker worker also needs 89 minutes even embroider of ten minutes of ability is over. Before embroider nose, everybody should take sample experienced hand first, for convenient take out stitches, carapace of a piece of hard paper must be worn on toy nose when the exercise, heavy embroider was torn open again after embroider is over, was opposite till the feeling, embroider has been gotten.

“ average worker will learn 3 months first, reckon by the piece of the ability after passing gets pay. ” Chang Chuangong says.

A toy examines 3 times to just enter case at least, sampling observation has even later

Of the factory examine link is very firm, chang Chuangong tells a reporter, a toy needs to examine 3 times to just can pack box in the future at least.

Discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau also sets technical laboratory to undertake examining to exporting a product, every batch also can undertake toy of wool cloth with soft nap sampling observation. Discrepancy condition examines the staff member tells quarantine bureau the reporter, exit product affirms should pass close check.

In the lab, can carry the item such as the physical pulling force of instrumental inspection toy, burning behavior and small part. Physical pulling force is to detect of the toy be able to bear or endure tear at degree, ensure the toy won't be torn off to cause safe hidden trouble by the child, the installs plastic grain pouch that an infuse inside body plays in the center also wants to check, avoid grain to scatter to be fed by accident by the child; Burning behavior is to undertake the experiment comes experimenting burning the anti-flammability of exam toy; The fittings such as the clothings that the examination such as small part is pair of toys, cap undertakes examining, look solid.

   Sales volume how > > >

  On one year more than 190 toy bleachs ocean to cross the sea dynamoelectric toy is development development tendercy

Doing more in jumping over toy of exquisite cloth cloth with soft nap, tai'an product got international is approbated, the country such as Sweden, United States, England became the main commerce state of Tai'an. The reporter examines from Tai'an discrepancy condition quarantine bureau understands, 2010, tai'an area under administration just begins to the enterprise produces toy product outcome, to 2012, exit amount increases gradually, the way corp is growing is the fiercest 2013, compared to the same period batch increases 84.4% , money worth increases 71.5% , the amount increases 81.6% .

Discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau is light industrial spin examines division the staff member tells a reporter, affect as international banking crisis abate, consumptive demand of abroad begins to pick up. Toy manufacturing industry serves as labor concentrated model industry, cheap labor cost attracted capital of toy manufacturing industry to flow into. Regard advantage of labor natural resources as province, shandong has become a toy to export big province, tai'an toy exports a quantity also increase sharply of in successive years. Data shows, on one year Tai'an area under administration examines exit toy 59 batches 1917347, goods is worth 3.155 million dollar, in the center gal 100 benefit brand is occupational the exit forehead of one.

Besides toy exit, tai'an area under administration exports vegetable product measure to grow 4 years quickly continuously, become our city characteristic to export a project. Exit is vegetable according to different treatment craft can be divided to last be soiled of vegetable, refrigerant vegetable, dehydration vegetable, salt is vegetable 4 kinds, with refrigerant vegetable exit is fixed eyes upon most in 4 kinds of vegetable products of our city. On one year, our city annual exports of all kinds and vegetable product to had finished foreign trade income in all sixty million seven hundred and seventy-eight thousand dollar.

Export toy whole current situation in the light of instantly Tai'an market, discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau the staff member makes known his position, product of toy of exit of instantly of Tai'an area under administration is much still with in cheap product is given priority to, product characteristic is not bright. At present area of Guangzhou and other places been producinging dynamoelectric toy, wait like cycle racing model, emulation animal, technical content is high, the value of creation is greater also. The enterprise wants to do strong, answer this continues to improve manufacturing technology, improve product quality.

   Original title: Tai'an seams an Europe of fashionable of toy of big shop sign 

Keyword:Sewing machine, fittings, fabrics, the market, clothings, inwrought, automation, the price, the current situation, cap

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