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Beginning of spring during printing element sadly popular

Published on:2014/3/17 13:24:51

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Introduction:On the week of 2014-2015 Paris fashionable dress that just goes, besides each Lu Zhengji fights colourful star exert all over skill is played the part...

On the week of 2014-2015 Paris fashionable dress that just goes, besides each Lu Zhengji fights colourful star exert all over skill is played the part of beautiful let our feeling be like Mu Chunfeng, each stylist on T stage also from inspiration of the look for in artistic world, the key printing that lets audacious artistic printing make week of Parisian fashionable dress develops tendency. Will come with 2014 Chun Xia “ natural ” is macroscopical development tendercy photograph is consistent, the mark design of strength of the printing of brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy that canvas feels character, rich show is designed with bright color make a focal point.

If say the Italian is good at at handicraft, french essence at clipping, so the Englishman is printing necessarily is big win the home. Indicate for creation with printing in fashionable dress bound design Great Master comes from England mostly. London loves printing, special it is digital printing, this driving printing agitation sweeps across fashionable dress bound. And week of Parisian fashionable dress is the summit summit that performed a printing more right definitely, natural printing; connects the;Issa of printing of flyer of flowers printing;Giles of elegance of;Erdem of the natural printing of romance of dream of;Peter Pilotto of printing of doodle of Burberry Prorsum abstract, number printing Christopher Kane also uses revenue stamp this season work in oneself in.

Say normally, week of Parisian fashionable dress is annual the most important in development tendercy of Chun Xia paragraphic one of, printing, have a place it seems that too anxious. But the current year also is to see where tells originally, printing now already assemble so much picture, flat appear ahead of schedule, tell besides! Annual Chun Xia has printing, look to also appear gaudy, bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration, flower is not Hua Wu to be not mist ground …… of one Tuo Tuo but if canvass rises, printing follows printing between, it is greatly different indeed.

Let us speak of from the week of new York fashionable dress that begins the earliest first. New York people is realistic all the time, because this pair makes great efforts to study the slight change be related of design and color dead, not quite zealous. Accordingly normally for, the printing dress that can see on week of new York fashionable dress, it is to resemble the RebeccaMinkoff below be not being had flatly so mostly strange. If topic figure is full of so,the Mara Hoffman of ethical wind has calculated Yindian to go up strange flower. But, the new York of the current year gave an exception really, that is MarcJacobs. Pony brother comes two this years all along is said by bad-mouth new idea is insufficient, beautiful field does not have sth. worth seeing or reading, then the current year one cruel-hearted one stamp, overcome wind of elder brother spy, palace wind, friend wind, motion wind one boiler was carried, the printing that gets on even the dress is so bully gas.

Say new York, we fly to London. The classmates of London each disposition is bold, take scissors ruthless, the modelling with curious and eccentric what sees possibly in London. But the showing number of week of London fashionable dress of the current year is not much, before the occasion that Tian Lei coexists with window also becomes infrequent, have a place really regrettablly.

Tell London to design people printing complex, what cannot leak absolutely is MaryKatrantzou. Digital printing group at present can calls her home the big boss, clipping often not exceptionally, can be the imagination on printing design however all along makes a person acclaim as the peak of perfection, on one year that is full of the show of artistic conception of month of wind of water Chinese ink I up to now impressive. The MK of the current year, after the detail enlarge that follows all sorts of dress adornment magnifies again, imprint on the dress. Although fresh, but compare last time for, recall it seems that little many.

But, person of no less than has climax trough, it is not easy also that the height of this printing wants ascend to rise, always want concessional someone now and then decelerate footstep.

Keyword:Printing, fashionable dress week, the dress, dress, dress, research

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