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Printing treatment is gloomy

Published on:2014/3/17 13:24:49

Keyword:Printing, printing and dyeing, the price, printing machine, fabrics, state, complete cotton, textile, the market
Introduction:Also received the hottest time in a year in order to make treatment of these flowery colorific printing in March. Be early spring season, air temperat...

Also received the hottest time in a year in order to make treatment of these flowery colorific printing in March. Be early spring season, air temperature get warm again after a cold spell, people is about to shuck off thick winter dress, change gorgeous spring clothing. But, the market is spun gently in our country inside, a lot of manage door complain, at present printing processes a business too “ ox ” , urged urge again, waited to wait for …… again

  Printing treatment, queue up at least a month

The date that “ delivers the goods was gotten on for, still do not have treatment however, really urgent the dead the fabrics of French Paris Frankfurt of ……”2 month the last ten-day of a month is exhibited on, mr Lv that pursues trade of textile foreign trade in Ke Qiao received order of fabrics of printing of brushstroke complete cotton. On March 1, he looks for seaside instantly treatment of a printing and dyeing mill. “ originally 56 days can shipment, however many days 10 went to had been not discharged actually. ” Mr Lv says, company clerk goes seaside caught a factory to be urged 3 times two, the accused knows shipment of base of the sharpest month.

What Mr Lv encounters is vexed, the reporter got confirming in the printing and dyeing mill. Yesterday morning, on road of Xing Bin of seaside industrial district, the stack such as doorway of plant area of a printing and dyeing mill, parking space white grey. “ these await printing treatment. This company controller says ” , from March begin first, printing treatment marchs generally busy season, treatment of a lot of printing already queued up April. According to explaining, this enterprise has two printing workshop, day printing process capability amounts to 250 thousand meters, full load of instantly printing workshop is produced, but the white grey that awaits treatment queueing up still stack plant area.

  Although be busy season, industry mood is not happy however

It is a treatment such as the client at the same time, it is full load production at the same time, demand exceeds supply so phenomenon, each enterprise is longed for day and night. However, the person that printing of area of bridge stalking or branch processes run of already of look forward to people the smile is without on the face. Since the current year, outside catching a factory to wait for the pressure that must not avoid except environmental protection, catch change makings price to break up times go up, labor cost rises wait for adverse element, catching a factory to be pressed so that pant to come can be.

“ has order to do not have profit however, li Chuanhai of chairman of association of printing and dyeing of area of ” Ke Qiao discloses, on one year first half of the year, printing treatment cost is made a bit after adjusting, be in to instantly all along former, and dye, salary rise in price, originally meager gain is extinct. The reporter obtains an information in interview, interpose at at present cost pressure reachs state of supply and demand, the part acquires a plant will timely adjust printing to machine the price.

   Do not see gain, printing treatment remains to rise

Produce busy season mediumly one year, treatment company plaints not to see gain however, so strange elephant makes a person thoughtful. The personage inside course of study is analysed, what pile up printing as number is arisen, area of bridge stalking or branch is very much enterprise of printing and dyeing tilts to printing from coloring, printing is produced can cruel add, formed the bad business environment that low competes, and the price that waits for cost when dye, labour force fluctuates, feel pressure times add, bear hard even, for this, printing treatment is necessary to go raise development way.

Spring Festival around, the limited company of red green blue printing and dyeing that is located in seaside industrial district purchased 4 advanced digital printing aircraft from Japan. Regard Ke Qiao as the bibcock enterprise of division number printing, what on ” of “ Gong Lula one year foreign trade exit achieves nearly 100 million dollar is new tall. Since all along, red green blue ” pays attention to “ to start a design formerly, however, in recent years, to administering the technology such as sewage, waste gas investment becomes the heavy head of the enterprise. Company of “ printing and dyeing should grow, must face environmental protection to govern this bank. This company controller says ” , new Year beginning, company energy-saving the updating equipment that decreases a platoon is placed in the first, instantly already threw many yuan 1200 to purchase blowdown flow rate the Japanese number of feed inlet that small, specific power consumption saves piles up printing machine.

Keyword:Printing, printing and dyeing, the price, printing machine, fabrics, state, complete cotton, textile, the market

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