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The clothing and other articles of daily use that sees you wear is poisonous buy green clothing 8 attentions

Published on:2014/3/17 13:23:59

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Introduction:Basic necessities of life, it is with the garment first. People follows dress very hard endanger this word to be contacted. In fact, the poisonous dre...

Basic necessities of life, it is with the garment first. People follows dress very hard endanger this word to be contacted. In fact, the poisonous dress harm to human body no less than poisonous food. A dress arrives from the figuration of dress material in the making experience of dress, "Take poison " good luck everywhere is visible.

Dress may contain some main toxin

Say objectively, dress infection follows indoor decorate infection cannot be the same as day and language, but contact directly with human body because of its, its endanger accumulate over a long period to also be not gotten small inspect.

(1) formaldehyde, namely formalin, basically use arrange an agent at coloring auxiliary and the colophony that promote dress anti-creasing and shrinkproof effect. The dry goods that contains formaldehyde is met in wearing experience gradually commentate go on a journey leaves formaldehyde, cause respiratory tract to follow cutaneous inflammation through human body respiratory tract and skin contact, still can produce stimulation to the eye. Formaldehyde can cause allergy, still can cause cancer.

(2) amine of acyl of 2 methylic armour, it is the organic dissolvent in experience of filature of chemical fibber cloth, stimulate with mucous membrane to the person's skin, eye bigger, skin contact can have coma bright keenly feel, some people still can appear the skin is aglow, rash, dry wait for hypersensitive shape; The meeting inside inspiratory body is caused have a headache, the toxic symptom such as giddy, lack of power, disgusting, vomiting, bellyacke, austere when still can hurt line of the bowel that reach a stomach, cause enteron to bleed; Easy still injury is hepatic, lack of power, appetite differs occurrence whole body, appear likely hepatomegaly rises advanced situation with transaminase.

(3) iodate of straight catenary alkyl, some dress material use synthetic detergent full, the alcohol that contains in the center, vitriolic wait for chemical composition with iodate of straight catenary alkyl, can absorb via the skin into military body, if full is not sordid, complete, wearing for long still can cause a woman infecund disease. (4) naphthalene, some wollens or silk dress are insect-resistant eat by moth, often undertake naphthalene is handled, naphthalene volatilizes easily, be absorbed very easily with subcutaneous tissue by mucous membrane, skin, also can cause to human body damage. In addition, the petty eider down fiber in eider down dress is contacted with human body skin or by inspiratory respiratory tract hind, can become a kind to cause quick cause, make human body blood capillary outspread, hemal wall is osmotic strong, serum albumen is divided with water oozy or a large number of marching the organization inside the skin, make the body appears different group of the red, rash of degree, wind, Sao is urticant wait for reaction. The times is called " green dress "   is some closer year come, "Green food " , " green is lived in " in the home that walked into ordinary common people already morely. Alleged " green " , its meaning is helpful for human body health namely, be helpful for environmental protection, be helpful for from the vivosphere that improves the mankind on the whole. Dress how " green " rise, become the subject that makes clothing company not less be shown loving care for with environmentalist place in last few years. North America follows in Europe a few countries, "Green environmental protection " standard photograph is compared strict, "Green dress " also relatively fashionable be current. Because of the limitation of a variety of conditions, at present of China " green dress " the industry is not arisen still, the chemical infection of finished product clothings still is compared austere. So, when clothings of consumer choose and buy, do not suffer enroach on in the health that assures his while, due also and certain " green is consumed " consciousness. The row if, choose natural fiber more (cotton, hemp, abb) clothings, buy chemical fiber dress material less; Build individual dress style, need not buy the latest fashion popular and blindly for vogue. Expert clew: Buy " green dress "   of 8 attentions   1, generally speaking, light color dress is compared brunet more environmental protection. The opportunity that in producing experience as a result of the fabrics of light color dress, is affected is less, special it is close-fitting underwear. From healthy respect for, more should this chooses light color. 2, dress of choose and buy when can choose to do not have liner. The suit suit product that must have liner, optional choose does not have product of technology sticking line. Because stick line to need to use glue, and glue contains the dissolvent such as formaldehyde normally. 3, many people love to buy foreign trade clothing, but caution should be added when buy, not redemptive be retreated as a result of environmental protection reason the product of goods. 4, the dress that carries attestation of green environmental protection is hanged sexual laser is once holographic the mark that prevent bogus, can use laser pen irradiation, face of on-the-job He Fang can see 10 link. 5, when buying the clothes, might as well hear, the taste that has mildewy flavour, kerosene, fishlike smell, benzene kind the dress of the peculiar smell such as odour mostly formaldehyde content exceeds bid, cannot buy. 6, do not buy as far as possible avoid iron. Special it is formaldehyde allergy person, cannot wear more avoid very hot dress. 7, just bought avoid iron, do not hang into chest instantly, had better make be worn again after enough full with clear water first, in order to reduce the formaldehyde content in dress. 8, after putting on new clothes to act the role of, like occurrence skin Sao the skin allergy such as dermatitis of sex of urticant, contact reacts, or mood uneasiness, food not when the symptom such as beautiful, successive cough, should consider whether clothings is unwell be caused by, all get on for hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment. By this token, zoology dress should open the market to still a paragraph of hard way wants.

Keyword:Dress, clothings, the dress, fiber, eider down, fabrics, the market, abb, dress, state

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