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Shoe aircraft company carries out machine substitution to break through talent difficult problem

Published on:2014/3/17 13:23:51

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Introduction:An article arrangement carries out municipal Party committee of Dongguan of the current year 12 million yuan ” of “ machine substitution, ...

  An article arrangement carries out municipal Party committee of Dongguan of the current year 12 million yuan ” of “ machine substitution, operation detailed rules has not come out. Labor is concentrated model enterprise already too impatient to wait: Move brings about sale in domestic market of equipment of type of production to glide, the technology becomes the growth bottleneck of automation industry with the talent, ” of initiative “ machine substitution has implemented scale quite. Media reports last week, because the RMB appreciates, labor cost rises wait for a reason, many shoemaking enterprise is undertaking intelligence is changed upgrade, the amplitude of for sale abroad or in another part of the country of shoe aircraft company that drives large market exceeds 30% .
   But, canvass is another appearance however. “ export is in add, sale in domestic market is in however fall, some falling more than 50% . Speak bluntly of article of essence of king of chairman of chamber of commerce of machine of shoe of ” Dongguan city, labor is concentrated model the enterprise transfers southeast Asia to wait, bringing about domestic order for goods glide considerably. In addition, the technology is restricting the development of whole industry with the talent. He beforehand appraise, the outbreak with real estate of machine of large market shoe grows to wait 5 years again even.
   The automation after financial crisis is shown at the beginning of growth momentum
  The growth symptom of a trend of Dongguan automation industry is at the beginning of 2011 show. With big bright for exemple, after financial crisis, the government begins allowance enterprise to buy numerical control loom, loom of each numerical control can be replaced 6 to 8 specialized worker. This one policy goes against force growth with respect to what drove many 3000 wool to knit an enterprise, also “ inserted willow ” to accomplish big Lang Yinlang involuntarily the “ millionaire of the road ” of a street.
   As we have learned, 2011, big bright the measure that uses numerical control loom exceeds 20 thousand, the business that numerical control loom sells on Yin Lang road also 5 from before cruel add many 100, the money that spends half proprietor of an enterprise already exceeded 1 million.
   Company of aircraft of large market shoe also is benefited. Media reports last week, because the cost such as labour force rises, many shoemaking enterprise begins from make turn to “ wisdom build ” , export amplitude of on company of aircraft of a few high grade shoes one year exceeds 30% . Be like limited company of science and technology of automation of industry of water chestnut of large market name, the sewing machine of double lubricious double needle of new research and development is held in both hands by heat, amplitude of on one year of sale is close 30% , advocate if suffer exit,drive.
   Labor is concentrated model industrial move reduces domestic order
  It is auspicious that the situation looks, wang Jingwen of general manager of industry of water chestnut of chairman of chamber of commerce of machine of Dongguan city shoe, name is not relaxed however: “ export is in add, sale in domestic market is in however fall, some companies lower more than 50% . ” looks in Wang Jingwen, the growth of export market is the prediction of a person's luck in a given year as a result of domestic order for goods, the client of industry of renown water chestnut group in, have most probably look forward to of foreign capital shoe had transferred abroad.
   To maintain market proportion, begin from the year before last year, they in India, Vietnam, Kampuchea 3 countries established a branch, the current year still will be entered Burmese, Indonesian. We need not mix “ the client is moved, can be after service want and go up ” . Yesterday, firm from Burmese the Wang Jingwen that go back to the motherland one face is tired.
   This disappear those grows domestic and international market, integral amplitude is not big. Wang Jingwen speak bluntly, the development of industry of machine of Dongguan whole shoe is not hopeful. “ automation production is not a new machine, can cut down 300 to use worker worker with labour from 1000, decrease first however 900, arrive again 800, 700…… should spend several years of ” . Wang Jingwen explains, after shoemaking enterprise bought machine of a shoe, still need to introduce the machine of form a complete set such as mechanical arm to follow corresponding technical qualified personnel, each manufacturing process also want readjust to suit, very difficult get effect instantly. Contrary, transfer southeast Asia, can cut labour cost directly. Company of domestic many shoemaking is not willing to spend money to buy costly equipment so, transition upgrades.
   Children teachs hard automation talent not to stay
  Authority is clear in the future the development tendercy of automation, turning toward this angle, but the most difficult is the ability that lack a person. The current year in January, an article follows Dongguan municipal Party committee governmental working report makes known his position substitution of encourage company machine, if the row arranges 12 million yuan of allowance to transform the company of numerical control equipment. But, these 12 million are “ cup water saves firewood ” , more the support that expects talent policy level. The crucial technology backbone of the enterprise is in 30 to 40 years old, they most of consideration is filial education issue, would rather earn a dot less to also want return to one's native place last good schools, government but in order to solve?
   Wages has not risen so that let a person be overcome
  Liang Xiangchao of general manager of limited company of robot of Hong Kong rich well also thinks, domestic market had be notted arouse. Feng Gang of rich well take root, according to its statistic, 5 years ago, feng Gang has 20 enterprises to be in with project scope the least 5000 people above, arrived on one year, drop to be less than 5. A large number of enterprises are in outward move, alone a few foreign capital companies that have actual strength upgraded workshop, use worker worker through introducing intelligent equipment to cut down.
   His proprietor of an enterprise should produce manipulator, the order that the current year comes to grew 34 to become compared to the same period, come from Shenzhen more. The minimum wage of “ Shenzhen 1808 yuan, add of all kinds welfare, want to send 4500 yuan or so. The worker pay of Dongguan instantly 3000 multivariate, wages has not risen to be overcome. ” bridge wants to exceed speak bluntly, the market of Dongguan is very weak, outback city order is fewer.
   And, much business even if should cut Dongguan automation age, still face many obstacles. The row if, what many enterprises apply still is the pattern that buys 34 years ago, cannot follow new automation equipment butt joint, change entirely expenditure is major, the enterprise is “ put up with is worn more with ” .

Keyword:Automation, shoe, shoe look forward to, the market, statistic, sewing machine, sell on

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