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Near future of group of Chinese supply and marketing holds cotton to run meeting of have an informal discussion

Published on:2014/2/13 13:15:47

Keyword:Cotton, the market, in cotton, business affairs serves, cotton spinning, the home is spun
Introduction:Adjust brought new change to answer policy of national cotton industry better, promotion business market grinds sentence a level, do cotton of very ne...

Adjust brought new change to answer policy of national cotton industry better, promotion business market grinds sentence a level, do cotton of very new year to manage the job, on January 22, group of our country supply and marketing organizes industry of 3 experience cotton to hold cotton to manage an informal discussion. Luo Lin of vice director of total company board, Gu Guoxin attends the meeting, national hair changes appoint classics trade department concerns a comrade to be opposite with bureau of total company linen-cotton the pily purpose system that at present situation of domestic cotton production, country will pursue undertook analytic following unscrambling. Group of supply and marketing and in cotton of cotton company, whole nation trades the market, medium member of 3 industries leading group enters cotton industry the conference.
Comrade Luo Lin asks, industry of 3 experience cotton should carry out 18 when fulfil a party seriously 3 in in the center of conference of job of conference of plenary meeting, central economy, central country and the current year a series of important meetings such as a file follow file drive, insist to deepen reform, advance steadily, drive transition to upgrade hard, continue to expand in market competition oneself actual strength, promote integrated benefit to follow service quality, enough play cotton manages the belt of bibcock enterprise to move action, fulfil national cotton industry to carry out policy of macroscopical adjusting control make larger contribution.
Comrade Gu Guoxin points out, through analysing a situation, unscramble policy, authority's immense to issueing a pace to managed development to make known one's position opinion suggests. 3 enterprises want development study to comprehend, carry out seriously implement policy of the concerned industry central, one angle should strive for national policy actively to support, for oneself reform development creates increasing advantage, more important is to want strategy of camp of warping of seasonable and active attune, continue to reform innovation, the transition that does very traditional business truly hard through oneself upgrades, complete development of better faster land.
With meeting comrade the adjusts industry of change, cotton to be faced with new condition with respect to policy of industry of cotton of country of the current year, new issue undertook thorough delibrate, union carries out central near future how do a series of important meeting spirit seize an opportunity to industry of 3 experience cotton, meet a challenge, had done next paces to manage reach drove transition development to make known his position to work train of thought suggests with the opinion. Cotton company declares where one stands in, hold to the development strategy of industrialization, internationalization, exert oneself “ to on the west, outward, inward ” develops, advance resource base to build for the key with Xinjiang, perfect layout of domestic natural resources, make progress of good country industry; Quicken pace, compose establishs international resource channel, palm of resource of aggrandizement international skill accuses strength; Spin actively homeward at the same time, the industrial catenary such as cotton spinning is downstream and outspread, additional cost follows promotion industry resist market risk ability. Trade the market declares where one stands, will rely on business, technology to spend an advantage with the triangle such as the service, advance energetically trade platform gives business comprehensive transition to integrated service; Develop international business actively, construction imports cotton to follow the butt joint channel of home market; Raise content to spread superintendency service level, stimulative cotton market is current; Build the electronic business affairs that faces industry, system and whole society to serve platform, promote condition of traditional line of business to upgrade. Cotton industry declares where one stands in, will get used to national industry policy actively to adjust with the market development develops tendency, adopt “ to on the west, the development strategy of outward ” , the science and technology that makes cotton machine whole journey is propped up, active argumentation is tasted only with promotion spin special cotton project to flow with storage content only deserve to send information bar code the item, strive for sectional project approving is concerned in the country, in science and technology at the same time business of innovation, international is developed, agriculture machinery business is extended, strive for policy to support isogon to spend enlarge working strength further.

Keyword:Cotton, the market, in cotton, business affairs serves, cotton spinning, the home is spun

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