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Contain processing technique of spin of fiber of protein of germanium health care milk

Published on:2014/2/11 13:22:16

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Introduction:As social continuity progress follows development, people follows means to advocating to the consumptive consciousness of textile comfortable sex foll...

As social continuity progress follows development, people follows means to advocating to the consumptive consciousness of textile comfortable sex follows sex of green environmental protection, the new-style fiber that a few differences change also appears subsequently, milk protein fiber is a kind in the center.

Milk protein fiber regards a kind of new-style spin as material, its are main component is protein, it is liquid state milk is being added knead make milk starch with the agent, be handled via the new technology such as dry filature again next and become. Milk protein fiber has natural fiber to follow chemical fibrous good point, its intensity is high, mouldproof and moth-proofing performance is good. The textile feel softness that uses make it of milk protein fiber, water imbibition can be as better as permeability, with its the dress of make it has good nutrition to follow protective action to human body skin, collect comfortable, beautiful, healthy, health care at an organic whole, special agree with do high-grade dress to follow underwear, so the development of fiber yarn produces milk protein to have wide perspective in spin industry.

Protein of the health care that contain germanium milk is compound fiber is to be in do not have groovily shrink the milk protein of formaldehyde polyvinyl alcohol fibber develops on compound fiber foundation more the fiber of functional sex health care of high-tech content, do not contain soja albumen fiber to follow what what a few milk protein that with shrinking formaldehyde polyvinyl alcohol fibber is carrier contain in compound fiber to use the part of polyvinyl alcohol fibber of formaldehyde condensation, more do not contain formaldehyde harmful carcinogen. Its contain germanium to measure is Japan fibrous of the health care that contain germanium is multiple. This fiber is because of its in fiber the affiliation of germanium material, make when the clothing that makes with its is sticking body dress, be in under temperature of human body surface (36 degrees) below the state, be in 32 degrees but of high emissive rate give out wave of Yuan Gong exterior line to promote blood to circulate, the electron that is stimulated to give out at the same time can follow water element to combine generation to lose anion of oxygen ion, hydroxyl to achieve with the oxygen all round the skin antiseptic be in with action of pure and fresh airy and the hydrogen in capturing skin same in all the situation that oxygen measures falls. And when dress cutaneous of press close to contains germanium protein the minim germanium element in compound fiber still can pass through the skin to absorb, march organic germanium is formed inside body, remove what rise to accepted organic germanium place to defend the cancer, action that fights the health inside the good system such as consenescence of cancer, precaution. Content of the germanium in fiber is more than 200ppm, solid content is more than protein of the milk in fiber 20% . Fiber is fineness the 1.5d, aleatoric length that can make short a rope for towing a boat. The price only 120 thousand / ton. Compound fiber is in protein of the intelligent temperature adjustment that new research and development gives health care that contain germanium milk on the base of property of temperature adjustment of fiber of intelligent temperature adjustment that the American Outlast company with well-known excel produces with space navigation technology (protein of this intelligent temperature adjustment health care that contain germanium milk is compound photograph of fibrous temperature adjustment changes, different still at composition of material of fibrous of temperature adjustment of Outlast company intelligence, material of fibrous of temperature adjustment of Outlast company intelligence advocate composition material composition by acrylic fibbers or composition sticking gum, and the fibrous data that Xue Lian, Heng Tianyan issues advocate composition material composition by do not contain shrink complex system material comprises the milk protein of composition of formaldehyde polyvinyl alcohol fibber, promoted fiber to kiss skin sex to follow comfortable sex, increased fiber to sell a site.

Milk fiber technological process

According to character of milk protein fibrous, in spinnability of promotion raw material while, be damaged to make sure fiber is little, opening scutching working procedure to adopt the producer form of shorter technological process, give priority to with opening a pine to mix, reduce blow point, whole technological process accepts the craft principle that falls less to comb more. Its are specific technological process is as follows:

Milk protein fiber (after preserve one's health) → Fa002d catchs Sfa035c of cotton machine → automatically to mix opener → Fa106b(to comb needle) box of cotton of vibration of opener → Fa161b gives hand of singles of 076f of cotton machine → to become a machine → Fa231a machine of drawing of card → Fa311f (two) → Fa423a.

Spinning experiences the problem of existence and technical measure

Material handling working procedure compares resistor because of milk protein fiber big, electrostatic phenomenon is austere, and the coefficient of friction between fiber is lesser, appear easily in spinning experience circle Xi Lin, suck the phenomenon such as the flower, reason wants to undertake to milk protein fiber necessary preserve one's health is handled before put into production, join right amount antistatic agent to wait with fat dose, this is the core place that becomes yarn of fiber of good milk protein, ensure regain of the machine on milk protein fibrous is in at the same time 13%~15% is advisable. Other the relative humidity that should make sure each produce working procedure, had made semi-manufactured goods of pair of each working procedure at the same time protect wet defend the job, the semi-manufactured goods in avoiding to produce experience comes loose wet hind occurrence electrostatic phenomenon brings inconvenience to production.

Open scutching working procedure to be had to milk protein fiber orderly the characteristic with degree of good, electrostatic and little, austere impurity, opening scutching process, adopt catch short circuit, less catch frequently, the craft principle that much pine lays less. Lower rate of departmental hatchet man appropriately, sfa035c mixes opener to apply parallel hatchet man only, jump over its hedgehog hatchet man, at the same time Fa106b opener is adopted comb needle hatchet man is injured to fibrous with decreasing. Divide those who follow fat dose to volatilize to reduce the water in lap, want to wrap a bag to had been wrapped with plastic film into the lap after coiling, and accomplish on demand production do first use first.

Comb cotton working procedure because milk protein fiber is electrostatic the phenomenon is austere and cohesion is poor between fiber, appear easily in combing cotton working procedure produces experience twine the phenomenon such as circle of husband of Xi Lin, path, skin, want on the low side to control rate of each component movement so, transfer to promote fibrous at the same time, reduce cotton tie, should reasonable actor is chosen departmental lie between be apart from. Because price of milk protein fiber is relatively high, card is hind craft is given priority to with fall less or falling, the enterprise adopted the hind technology of whole sealing type, lower cover board rate at the same time, fall in order to decrease cotton promotion makes consummate lead. Production combs the humidity of cotton should slant to be controlled greatly when this breed, control of general relative humidity is in 70% the left and right sides. To promote carded sliver quality, adopt " lie between light ration, slow rate, closely be apart from " craft principle. Other, the pressure that press roller should slant small control, in order to reduce pair of fibrous loss.