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Disorder of webby printing market prints craft irregular not poor

Published on:2014/2/11 13:21:40

Keyword:Printing, fabrics, fabric, fiber, dress, printing machine, textile, polyester fibber, bombazine, sock
Introduction:10 kinds of webby printing often can see technology one, technology of printing of oar of water of technology of water oar printing is a kind of the b...

10 kinds of webby printing often can see technology one, technology of printing of oar of water of technology of water oar printing is a kind of the basiccest printing technology in webby printing industry, its can be waited a moment in cotton, dacron, hemp, almost the printing on all shallow impression fabrics, application is very wide. Its working principle is similar at coloring, place is different is his it is the some area fabrics " catch " into the color that spends a place need. Accordingly, this kind of craft cannot apply on deep impression fabrics. The advantage with the biggest technology of water oar printing is application extensive, spend a prison to spend first-rate, can imprint with relatively cheap price a better effect. The limitation of technology of water oar printing is cannot apply on all brunet fabrics.

2, technology of rubber cement printing

The chemical gel with special application of technology of rubber cement printing is not had with dye height seam mix. Dye carries the medium action of gel, adhere to stably go up in fabrics, technology of rubber cement printing overcame the limitation of water oar printing. Its characteristic is the printing that gets used to all sorts of color to reach material greatly to pledge, it can be in cotton, hemp, stick glue, dacron, polyamide fibber, polypropylene fibber, polyvinyl chloride fibber to reach the printing on all sorts of fibrous blending fabric, also can wait for the printing on material in leather, leatheroid, can have the printing technology such as fluorescent printing, ink jet printing, sodden beautiful printing, electrostatic flocking printing with it. The advantage with the biggest technology of rubber cement printing is application extensive, colour is beautiful beautiful, reductive degree tall, but its print craft to want relative to technology of water oar printing complex, cost wants relatively tall.

The occurrence of rubber cement is with wide application after water oar, it is very good to enclothe a gender because of it, make also can imprint on brunet dress on any light color, and have certain glossiness follow stereo move, make hand-me-down looks more high-grade, accordingly it is able to gain ground quickly, it can be used on each printing T-shirt almost. But because it has certain hardness, because this does not fit the on-the-spot pattern of large area, the design of large area still had better use water oar to imprint, adorn some of rubber cement next, can solve the problem with large area hard rubber cement already so, the administrative levels that can highlight design again feels; Still having a kind of method is the on-the-spot design snatch a moment that accumulates bedding face, the effect with sodden make it, but wear from beginning to end rise a bit hard hard, the issue that because this still had better be water, rubber cement,union solves large area printing is better.

3, epispastic printing technology

Epispastic printing weighs stereo printing again, epispastic printing technology develops on the foundation of technology of rubber cement printing and come, its principle is the chemical substance that adds a few kinds of certain proportional expensive coefficient of expansion in dye of rubber cement printing, place printing the high temperature that spends with 200-300 after classics drying is bubbly, finish similar " anaglyph " stereo effect, epispastic printing technology can be inspected bear imprint the requirement of content does high school small epispastic effect is very dazzing. The advantage with the biggest technology of epispastic printing printing is stereo feeling very strong, presswork the face is outstanding, expand. Extensive use is on the material such as cloth of cotton cloth, nylon.

Epispastic printing oar already developed to send bubble oar to follow chemical and epispastic oar for physics two old series, physics sends bubble oar advocate if contain the preparation of small capsule, in small capsule preparation lay aside has the organic dissolvent of low boiling point, when temperature is elevatory, the organic dissolvent in small bag preparation is rapid aerification, will small bag is bouffant, swelled small bag squashs each other, cause irregular jackknife to distributing, the surface is so rugged, what friend also says is gigging printing. Chemical and epispastic oar has two kinds of kinds: One kind is thermoplastic model the lubricious oar that colophony adds the place such as foaming agent to comprise, another kind is the lubricious oar that polyurethane comprises with solvent thickener. But the dissolvent in lubricious oar of the printing on latter fabric should reclaim, bring certain difficulty to printing plant, reason is adopted commonly at present former.

4, flocking printing technology

Technology of electrostatic flocking printing is one of stereo printing technology. Its principle is the agglutinate of colophony of medicine made of two or more ingredients high strenth bright agent is used include place to want a flower silk screen turns imprint bear imprint content apparently, the high-pressured static electric field that makes fiber downy pass several 100 thousand bend over again is electrified. Make nap perpendicular and even the ground is flying " bump " go up to adhesive, in fabrics surface " spread " a nap, shape via high temperature solidify again. It is answered extensively to use Yu Sha to send parts of an apparatus of report of decorate of fabrics of the fabrics, box that pack, shoe, adornment, toy, industry to protect isogon to spend. Will downy Fu is worn in the object apparently, do not suffer by the limitation of plant appearance, size, the product that flocking craft prints is stereo sense is strong, color Ming Yan, feel is soft with, do not take off wear-resisting of cloth with soft nap to brush. All sorts of cloth of hemp of cotton cloth, silk, leather, nylon, PVC, jean, balata, sponge, metal, bubble, plastic, colophony is not had prevent cloth to be able to be printed etc.

The adhesive that flocking place chooses is having main effect to trade is being processed after printing and dyeing. Commonly used adhesive divides the cross-linking outside be adhesive to follow from cross-linking adhesive. Diplomatic couplet adhesive contains carboxyl group in its element (- C00H) or acyl amine base (- C-NH2) , amino (- the NH3) luscious group that can follow adscititious cross-linking medicine produces cross-linking to react base round. Into agent of couplet of the glue outside can following when film reaction forms meshy skin film, secure nap in thereby base on cloth.

Choice adhesive should notice the following commonly: 1, to grey and downy cohere muscularity; 2, the feel after flocking is soft, the surface becomes velar sex proper, with benefit at flocking; 3, viscosity moderate, with benefit at be on grey gush, besmear, blow; 4, chemical stability is good, good weatherability follows be able to bear or endure catharsis sex; 5, the operation is convenient, a few viscosity are joined to adjust an agent to be able to adjust viscosity when applying; 6, avirulent and harmless, burn not easily

5, photosensitive becomes angry printing photosensitive becomes angry printing also says sensitization becomes angry printing, inchoate photosensitive becomes angry printing is consumed changes dye, in the dye below ultraviolet illuminate structural happening changes, present different colour and lustre. For example, dye A is achromatic, after illuminate of classics ultraviolet ray, molecular open loop turns the dye of Jing structure into B, show blue, expose again when dye B at be being met again in visible light new change is achromatic dye A.

Adopt small capsule technology to change light at present dye wraps Fu in capsule, general bead diameter is 1-10 micron, the light after wrapping Fu with small capsule goes dye, its are able to bear or endure smooth prison is spent promote greatly. Instantly light goes dye already developed to have 4 primary quality: Purple, blue, yellow, gules, these 4 kinds of light go dye its are initiative the structure all is closed circuit model, imprint on fabric to do not have colour and lustre namely, but purple, blue, yellow, red can become below illuminate of ultraviolet light line. Alleged photosensitive becomes angry turn into from a kind of colour and lustre another kind of colour and lustre, be change light in printing lubricious oar dye goes all out with general lubricious paint after mixing, remove revenue stamp. For example consumed changes dye is red with coating blue spell the printing after mixing, blue appears in fabric surface, turn into below ultraviolet light illuminate La Zi is lubricious.

6, heat quick becomes angry printing

Heat quick becomes angry printing also says to feel lukewarm become angry printing, inchoate heat quick become angry printing already adopted heat quick to become angry after dye machines Cheng Wei capsule, print fabric to go up, it has reversible follow to must not go against two kinds. The heat that must not go against quick become angry dye detects as temperature commonly directive. Use it is commonly on textile reversible. By its the structure can be divided follow for inorganic organic two kinds, organic heat quick become angry dye is used extensively at textile, it is by concealed color dye, color developing agent follows intensifier (decrease quick agent) 3 person what comprise.

Concealed lubricious dye is proton of a few union can the material of colour developing, resemble inside fat kind, the compound such as amine of gold of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem, becoming angry serve as in the system for electronic part. Color developing agent is one kind can release a proton commentate acerbity compound, resemble phenol kind, carboxylic acid kind, bittern Dai Chun, it is namely suck electronic compound. Concealed lubricious dye follows color developing agent become angry the system wants to be achieved in the ability inside special dissolvent become angry the effect, the melt body of this kind of dissolvent follows color developing agent to have good solvency to dye, can enhance a system to be opposite hot sensitivity, reason calls intensifier (decrease quick agent) . Intensifier is commonly but the advanced and adipose alcohol of melt, fatty acid and its ester, aromatic hydrocarbon and its aether close matter with ester apperception, immediate decision becomes colour temperature to spend.

Instantly, heat quick becomes angry dye already developed 15 kinds of primary color, and of all kinds can go all out each other mix, color atlas is all ready, also can go all out each other with lubricious coating mix, so heat quick becomes angry dye can turn into by coloured not merely colorless, also can turn into by a kind of colour and lustre another kind of colour and lustre, the temperature retention period that become angry is more and more acute also, by become angry so keep temperature to be more than 10 ℃ , development keeps temperature to be less than 5 ℃ to what become angry at present.

7, water changes printing technology

Water changes printing technology is a kind of newest printing technology. Used a variety of physics to follow actinic principle, make the product that make with this kind of craft. When fabrics enters water, the raw material on fabrics produces complex change of the instant with water, appear beforehand the rich design of set, after the water of fabrics surface evaporates, show primitive pattern again. This kind of craft but extensive use arrives beach pants, swimsuit, raincoat, umbrella, large shop sign, in the design of numerous intermediary printing such as advertisement, make " magical become angry swimsuit " . "Magical become angry umbrella " wait for a series of change multiterminal, click of the tongue making a person says to become angry strangely product. Have extremely broad market.

8, fluorescent printing technology

Fluorescent printing technology is technology of a kind of new-style special type printing, the principle is to use special technology, confluence of the will smooth light that send harbour initiative glossy material arrives in fabrics, fulfil automatic glow function through absorbing all sorts of visible light, its characteristic is but infinite second loop is applied. The product does not contain any radioelements, can make all sorts of use, distributing equably in all sorts of transparent medium, plastic, pottery and porcelain, glass, the initiative smooth function of the medium that finish, can show the bright color that this painty place has, appear good low spend lash-up illume, demonstrative label follows adornment beautification result.

Tell from craft, can have: The printing technology of fluorescent coating, fluorescent coating follows common paint collective and direct printing, fluorescent coating follows active dye Jing of printing of discharge of color of ground of collective and direct printing, active dye, phthalein resist printing. Affect solar and fluorescent coating to glimmering the element of luminosity has: ① the whiteness of printed fabric: Fabric is whiter, cloth cover is more bright and clean, smooth reflex is better, dazzled luminosity is better also, it is good to imprint on calico to glimmering luminosity wants colorimetric cloth, imprint in the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics to blanch poplin to go up, fluorescence spends adhesive of better; ② : The diaphaneity after adhesive becomes film is better, dazzled luminosity also has been jumped over. In the molecular structure of adhesive constituent, electronic vibration follows the electronic vibration in structure of fluorescent coating element to suit, dazzled luminosity is good; Dosage of ③ fluorescent coating: The promotion of dosage, be helpful for the promotion of dazzled luminosity, optical coating dosage achieves Dan Ying 30% when, dazzled luminosity is achieved full with; ④ spells color: If fluorescent coating goes all out with common coating mix will adjust shade, glimmering luminosity can be reduced greatly.

All sorts of glow product that fluorescent printing technology makes, should use surely absolutely at daily expense consumable, be like: Cap of dress, shoe, stationery, horological, switch, sign, fishing gear, handicraft follows a sporting goods in. Be like,building system of lash-up of establishment of adornment, carriage tool, military affairs, fire control: Mark of imports and exports, flee for one's life, the demonstrative system of lifesaving course has favorable effect.

Fluorescent printing is one of traditional methods of textile printing, want to popularize fluorescent coating printing further, still should try hard from the following angle: ① promotes fluorescence the tinting strength of coating, use fluorescent coating dosage now taller, cause the depth administrative levels that prints decorative pattern to be pulled open very hard; ② develops the color atlas of fluorescent coating ceaselessly; ③ needs to promote dazzled luminosity, the fluorescence that solves sapphire blue, green, Qing Lian spends inferior still question; ④ can develop fluorescent coating special adhesive follows thickener, promotion printing prison is spent with colour and lustre Ming Yan is spent.

9, fragrance printing technology

Fragrance printing technology is to use special technology, make its print the product that give to spend a special technology that has sweet smell. The treatment craft of fragrance printing follows normally printing technology is similar, it is good preparation essence only when small capsule follows appropriate adhesive oar to expect interblend closes, want look of printing of essence small capsule, adhesive only oar makings follows bear imprint fabric tripartite has better consistence to be able to be applied. The method that adopts webby printing brings to bear on printing oar at fabric apparently, next stoving can come true. It makes the person obtains beautiful enjoyment on the vision not merely, and happy satisfaction gets on smell. This kind of product begins apply on allover of be confined to only, because welcome by consumer, develop to be applied to a variety of textile such as dress, sheet, handkerchief, sock, scarf gradually. Instantly, the concept of fragrance printing, already pushed as the elapse of time exhibit for " breath printing " , because be pure not only,seek the result that produces fragrance. There also is the breath that produces a variety of natures in the center. The breath that spends like silvan breath, turpentine breath, pea. The characteristic of these breath follows nature breath likeness, body and mind of generation making a person is happy, return to the feeling of nature.

Principle of fragrance printing technology is the organic solution that adopts liquid essence or other, the printing coating oar that makes its essence can follow coloured undertakes mixing dissolve equably and the action of the adhesive in coating of have the aid of is originallying to be on fabric. Because essence is medium contained organic part is much easy volatilize, chemistry is extremely flabby decided compound composition, essence part is very complex, in apply during following keep in storage, easy command diverge is broken or decompose metamorphism. Accordingly, to essence save handle the key issue that became research development with control. Avoid the effect that suffers outside ambient element to protect essence, control or lengthen its commentate sweet deadline achieves people to flavor use an end, best method undertakes essence small capsule is changed namely, small capsule technology is one kind is used into velar stuff to make solid or liquid bag Fu form the technology of tiny particle. 10, bronzing irons silver-colored craft

The method of beautification of binding and layout that bronzing irons silver is a tradition, often use mount is wrapped in many paper, and silk imprints bronzing very hot silver is a kind of new-style craft however, its principle is special chemical preparation is joined in printing oar, make spend appear piece special beautiful beautiful bullion color, and lubricious appearance is abiding, do not fade, can planting not less print on cloth, cost is lower than conventional technology than wanting, the printing that is a kind of special ideal decorates craft.

Crystal wraps the oar of golden light printing of Fu material to be a key with special crystal, layer of the add lustre to that wrap Fu, titanium film layer follows layer of metallic burnish deposit, can expose for a long time won't send in air dark, have be able to bear or endure first-rately await a gender to follow high temperature resistant quality, the feel after printing is first-rate. And the Yin Guangyin that instantly includes Fu system with mica spends an oar, improved the wear of aluminium powder, oar of smooth printing of silver of body of micaceous bag Fu basically follows mica oar of titanium bead smooth printing is similar, wrap the temperature when Fu to promote ceaselessly in titanium film namely, can obtain like silver exactly like ray, the ply of Fu of bag of titanium film layer is different, can diffractive piece different the Yin Guang of colour and lustre. Smooth printing oar follows silver of body of micaceous bag Fu chemical consistence is first-rate, after imprinting to fabric, each prison is spent first-rate also, can last long argent ray.

The machine that edits machine of this printing of Duan Si net to follow machine of printing of silk screen of webby printing mould to undertake webby printing namely follows common printing machine, digital printing machine different. In the meantime, because webby printing is used,make at the factory in, scale of production is big and norms standardization is remarkable, because this is webby to arising,printing mould regards promotion as a method of work efficiency.

Editor printing of paragraph of dress silk screen is webby printing technological process: Original scanning → poors forest → of output → plate making pressworks product of → dry → examines → repairs → to leave factory. Or: Design source file → → of plate making of → of phenanthrene forest output pressworks product of → dry → examines → repairs → to leave factory.

Be aimed at different fabrics breed, different fabrics color, right now silk imprints method fractionize is: Printing of ability in swimming, oily printing.

Printing of ability in swimming, fractionize is: Water oar printing, rubber cement printing, unplug lubricious printing, rubber cement is epispastic printing, Sa Jinfen, bronzing, encounter water to become angry printing, feeling is lukewarm become angry the craft such as printing.

Oily printing, criterion fractionize is: Heat up printing of solid printing ink, silica gel printing, from printing of naphtha Chinese ink, imprint the craft such as gold.

Give when the client printing master when a dress or a cloth, want the character according to cloth of avery kind of, make quickly conclude this is chosen why to plant printing technology. If be knitting cloth, the color of this cloth is light color, when composition is given priority to with cotton, consider the factor of cost angle, can suggest the guest chooses means of water oar printing to print design for the client. This printing means, as long as the recipe is reasonable, the feel after imprinting is soft, lubricious prison spends beautiful. This printing technology, the operation is simple, low temperature of the classics after imprinting is earthed up red the lubricious prison with can achieve photograph comparing good is spent.

If be brunet fabrics, choose rubber cement printing commonly. Of course, when having, because the exquisite degree of printing design chooses printing of printing ink of 4 color separation consequently formerly,also meet.

Epispastic printing, the characteristic of epispastic printing: Stereo sense is strong, approximate at artificial embroidery, feel softness, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure bath, be full of flexibility, should use extensively at antependium, curtain, tea cloth, pillow towel, dress, box isogon of bag, sock is spent. It can wait for the application on natural fiber fabric in cotton, hemp, silk not merely, and return can apply on man-made fibre fabric. But also have some of drawback, if foaming agent adds excess, the lubricious prison of printing place is spent compare hard the palm accuses. If use oily and epispastic, criterion feel angle can suffer an effect a bit.

Discharge printing, also say vulture imprints, show with discharge the agent imprints on coloured fabric, already colored part pigment is destroyed, obtain the printing means of all sorts of decorative pattern, design consequently. Discharge agent is to be able to make coloring bottom achromatic a kind of chemical. Be like: Condole is white definitely, chloridize inferior stannum. This kind of method can divide decorative pattern to be white (unplug white) it is coloured with decorative pattern (unplug imprint) two kinds. Hind one kind catchs a law to make fabric figure fine, but technology is sophisticated, cost is higher. This printing method, be aimed at commonly with active colored complete cotton fabrics is most effective. [1]

The choice bombazine that compiles data of this printing of Duan Si net is webby: The uniformity of longitudinal, woof is very poor, mesh size is abhorrent, appearance each different, bombazine line surface is bright and clean degree poor also, tension force is very small. Because bombazine is webby made forme quality is not good, solution is poor like force, be able to bear or endure imprint the effect also fares badly, apply very less already so.

Real silk silk screen: The uniformity of longitudinal, woof, tensile strength, surface is bright and clean degree all relatively bombazine silk screen is tall, defect is outspread rate too big, easy ageing is degenerative, be able to bear or endure smooth result is bad, expose for a long time extremely changeful below illumination fragile.

Nylon silk screen: Be braided by polyamide fiber and become, it is a kind of synthetic fibre. In braid on the branch that many follow monofilament. The degree of finish of its warp, woof can undertake machining according to different requirement, the area of mesh and density are evener, wearability is better, outspread rate is lower than real silk also, the printing plate that at the same time nylon silk screen makes applies Shi Jing report is less, defect is acid-proof function is differred a bit.

Polyester silk screen: Call polyester fibber silk screen again, also be a kind of synthetic fibre. The degree of finish of longitudinal, woof also can be made according to the requirement, mesh area follows density evener also. Its be able to bear or endure chemical performance is stronger than nylon silk screen, outspread rate relatively nylon silk screen is small, defect is the generation when pressworking electrostatic, hydrous sex angle relatively nylon silk screen is poor.

The metal is webby: Those who point to is the silk screen that braids with stainless steel silk, copper silk, also can use phone plating metal nickel makes silk screen, its characteristic is intensity tall, wearability is good, be able to bear or endure chemical performance is good, the surface is bright and clean degree tall also, and electric performance is especially good, extremely agree with to need to add lukewarm webby printing ink or oar makings when presswork. The defect of wire network is stretch small, silk screen had crease to cannot regain flexibility, cause discard as useless.

Presswork in the net edition of instantly in, silk screen of general and commonly used nylon regards forme as base material, when but be in,making very accurate image printing plate, often also adopt polyester silk screen to serve as the base material of forme with wire network.

Keyword:Printing, fabrics, fabric, fiber, dress, printing machine, textile, polyester fibber, bombazine, sock

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