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Changshan Textile Park II 150000 spinning production line test production

Published on:2014/1/15 15:52:09

Keyword:Spinning, textile industry, weaving, air looms, fabric, yarn
Introduction:Recently, two 150,000 Changshan Textile Park spinning production line put into operation a successful trial, the park presents "yarn flying, looms sin...

Recently, two 150,000 Changshan Textile Park spinning production line put into operation a successful trial, the park presents "yarn flying, looms singing" New picture, so Changshan shares "overall relocation, restructuring and upgrading," and then jump step.

established as a leading textile base in Shijiazhuang Army, Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd. Hebei Textile plenty to play a leading role, with the citys overall move to the old park definite opportunity to actively eliminate backward production capacity, and to create important new feature of the country Fabrics for the purpose of research and production base, high standard established Changshan Textile park.

a project - Changshan shares Glorious Branch, started production four years ago, the worlds most advanced production lines and 600 air-jet looms triumph, so Changshan Textile shares in the "winter" in the warmth concentrated thick. Good equipment should be in accordance with good efficiency requirements, the company strengthened profitability model analysis to "Chronicles of a stable" main line, with adjustments for structural transformation of species, expanding the amount of extended high margin species. 2013 was only the amount of orders Jacquard loom, an increase of nearly 600 percent and try to weave new varieties 226, through the depth of the dyed jacquard development with the promotion, "flowers", "Summer Sensation" two Our products were awarded money Cotton Textile Industry Associations 2013/14 annual yarn-dyed New Product "Best Design Award" with the "Best Innovation Award." Nearly three years, Changshan shares Glorious Branch Sales revenue of 15% annual increase, this is an important carrier in the transformation and upgrading, the main industry experience doing fine, and Changshan shares also continue to deepen the excellent performance management, benchmarking catch up, in 2013 awarded the "National Quality Award of the textile industry."

Changshan shares relevant person in charge explained that two 150,000 spinning production line adopted by domestic and international advanced production equipment and products will also take the "high road", take aim, the scale of production, high-yielding. The successful commissioning of production lines into operation, marking the transformation and upgrading of Changshan shares across to catch up to a new starting point.