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Fabric Exhibition 2014 India, Asia Fabric Show, India yarn show

Published on:2013/12/31 11:50:40

Keyword:Fabric, market, yarn, textile, clothing, fibers, textiles, embroidery, rayon, cotton
Introduction:Fabric Exhibition 2014 India, Indian fabrics exhibition, Indian textile exhibition, India Fashion Show, Fabric Exhibition, International Fabric Show, ...

Fabric Exhibition 2014 India, Indian fabrics exhibition, Indian textile exhibition, India Fashion Show, Fabric Exhibition, International Fabric Show, Fashion Show, Fabric Exhibition in Asia, India and yarn show, yarn exhibition in 2014 in Bangalore, India International Textile fabrics and accessories, yarn and Textile Machinery Exhibition Show Time: May 2014 Venue: Surat International Exhibition Center Exhibition area: 10,000 square meters Organizers:.. SGCCI with Katon Events Pvt Ltd SGCCI founded in 1940, is Indias oldest with one of the largest non-profit trade organization, is responsible for promoting domestic and foreign trade in Gujarat. 6-7 national exhibition organized every year. Member diversified from trading businesses, cooperative organizations, line financial organizations, and experts are not the same group. Existing registered more than 6,000 direct members, and has 96 joint groups, totaling more than 55,000 members. Katon Events Pvt Ltd is a member of Kaviish group, founded 35 years Kaviish in India, our country, Africa, Europe, USA, Canada, with the Gulf countries have no small influence. As the exhibition organization operating company, Katon do the main thematic exhibition with activities. Over the past four years, has successfully organized more than 15 exhibitions, with a good reputation, has become the industry has the most innovative and most trustworthy companies. Show Description: This exhibition since 2009 in India Gu Ji La Te Bang Su Herat city held an annual, has been successfully held four sessions, this year is the 5th, has more than 150 exhibiting companies in India and abroad every year, this year Show attendees are expected to reach about 20,000 people. 5-7 October 2012, the reception of the exhibition for the first time exhibitors. The first exhibition of nearly 10 businesses were warmly welcomed by the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce director and arrange for someone to visit Surat accompanied with local yarn dyeing business, our exhibitors also show the effect of providing a high degree of recognition. 2013, should demand the development of the Indian market, F2F comprehensive upgrade to 5F show, exhibits by the FIBER (fiber) with FARIC (fabric), increased to Farm (cotton growers), Fiber, Fabrics, Fashion with Foreign. And also now extends to all kinds of textile printing and dyeing materials, covering the textile chain with each link, giving exhibitors showing many of the world-class exhibits to help exhibitors maximize the use of their expertise to consolidate the existing market, get a broader perspective get more and more buyers in the world. 5F (ie Farm, Fiber, Fabrics, Fashion, Foreign) is the exclusive platform for cotton growers, fibers, fabrics with the foreign trade. Textile companies showcase their products with the exclusive influence of branding and business opportunities to negotiate. This exhibition maximize their industry innovation, and create a greater awareness of the influence of professional buyers with the industry, but also give you a lot of business opportunities. More than 200 booths, more than 20,000 professional buyers, exhibitors and establish their own brands in India, a great opportunity to build their own raw material bases. In order to facilitate a better understanding of the Indian market exhibitors, the organizers will arrange local textile market specifically and corporate visits for our exhibitors. Data analysis: 2012 Total number of buyers F2F show about 15,000 people, mainly from India, local, including wholesalers, retailers, importers with manufacturers. According to previous commence situation, if the Indian domestic exhibitors primary producers with large international companies, mainly foreign exhibitors manufacturer with trading company. 2012 of a total of nearly 10 exhibitors are the effect of the exhibition stand was very desirable and even exceeded expectations. Market Analysis: Surat as one of the oldest cities in Gujarat, since the 14th century is thriving international trade center, is an important port city in Gujarat with the second largest city, is also the second West Indian after Mumbai large commercial center, famous for the textile industry, mainly related to man-made textiles, yarn, knitting and embroidery with the production, processing and trade with, there is Indias "textile, embroidery design with fiber," said. Which accounted for 65% of man-made fiber products in Indias total cotton yarn textile industry is extremely important in Surat. Surat is another major textile market in India, there are more than 150 wholesale textile market with more than 40,000 children gathered in the supply of various types of textile products for the Indian domestic market. Because small-scale textile enterprises in India, lack of investment and scattered, resulting in production equipment and production technology behind the demand for a very large share of textile machinery. Expected at the end of 2020, the Indian textile and apparel market with the reach $ 80 billion in fiscal year 2011, the Indian man-made fiber products to 1.281 billion kg, which accounted for more than 65% of Surat. Thanks to the Asian Development Bank projects in India every year, 10 million new housing units in 2014, India is expected to increase to 229 million urban residents, while a handful of Indian textile manufacturers, textile demand potential significance. Visible, India is one of the overseas markets Chinese textile, garment and textile enterprises worth pioneering. Display range: fiber, yarn, thread, technical textiles; various types of clothing; sofa table, furniture fabric, curtain fabric and other textile fabrics; textile products; water jet looms, knitting machines, embroidery machines, sewing machines, fabric shrinkage machine, envelope machine, lace engraving machine, material conveyors, garment hanging hook, button sewing machines, winding machines and other types of textile machinery and spare parts.


Keyword:Fabric, market, yarn, textile, clothing, fibers, textiles, embroidery, rayon, cotton

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