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Refers to the strategic direction set Brother Group CEO Koike China

Published on:2013/12/25 13:31:13

Keyword:Sewing machines, the market situation
Introduction:December 12, 2013, Brother Group CEO Mr. Koike Lee with the first public meeting with the media in our country, but this is not the first time our CEO...

2013 Nian 12 Yue 12 Ri , Brother Group CEO Lee with Mr. Koike first public meeting in the country with the media, but this is not the first time our CEO Koike, in the past year, and this has been Mr. Koike in China for the third time.

in this media conference, Brother Lee told Mr. Koike Group CEO with the brothers (country) Commercial Co., Ltd. Chairman and Chief General Manager Masahiro Hashimoto Ann made a statement reviewing the Brother Groups development over the past 100 years, Koike CEO explained to the media, the Brother Groups existing business and future new business, while sharing the Brother Group Global ideal 21st century: a "spirit of giving excellent value to the global high-yield corporate system" as well as the purpose of corporate social responsibility : By 2020, reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Japan by 30%, overseas production bases to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20%.

Koike Brother Group CEO also released an interim strategy --- CS B2015, which is the five-year plan: the period from 2011 to 2015 to complete the sales growth of 1.5 times compared to 2012, even as the economic situation in a serious situation , the purpose of sustained expansion independent technology research and development, to complete the "inherent with outstanding technical achievements and create enterprise" and establish "at your side" of the corporate culture.

1908 year in Nagoya, Japan, Yasui Yasui real justice with a built the first home sewing machines, Brother Group opened the first wave of development, which is the professional era sewing machine, in subsequent decades, Brohther Group and network with a diverse course content era era era with mechanical mechatronics technology brings, and the ongoing process. From sewing machines, electric fans, washing machines, ink mechanical typewriters, dot matrix printers, telephones, fax machines, to the moment the main business of laser printers, dot matrix printers, label printers, sewing machines and other electronic products, in order to continuously sustained high growth, Brother Group is also actively develop new business in the future, including scanners, wearing a see-through display devices, web conferencing systems, industrial components and other new product lines, thus completing the development of the first wave of three development needs.

Koike CEO believes elements of success include: "Clarification build sales channels, business models aim to build the market, given the value of differentiation," according to these elements, Brother Group in the past 100 years have been completed rapid development, such as the development of the sewing machine out of the printer from the original typewriter develop into laser with inkjet, thermal technology as well as electronic stationery success. To the printer, for example, in the 2013 iF Design Awards, Brother Group has eight award-winning products, so much the number of rare in the industry.

Brothers (country) Ltd. Chairman and Managing Director Masahiro Hashimoto An overview of the brothers shared with our media business, the current fax machines, printers with multifunction machine is the main business, the proportion of up to 82.1%, 13.7% of label printers, sewing machines accounted for 4.2%. Sales plan for 2015 is to last more than 10-20% annual growth, increasing A4 monochrome laser printer with MFP market share, specifically black and white laser printer market share of 8 percent, monochrome laser multifunction One purpose machine reaches 17%, the overall number of units sold in 2012 to complete the scale than 2-fold increase.

1979 Brother Group Koike joined with Mr. Lee, along with the growth Brother maintain continuing challenge each destination, inherited Knowlton ideal entrepreneur, the challenge has always been the spirit of change into the work with which, as The proposal to develop persistent non-impact printer head, MFP; develop inkjet printers; force headquarters platoon strong opposition decisively established the foundation to support the establishment of a sharp increase in sales, etc., made president award for three consecutive years, In 2007, Mr. Koike became Brother Groups president.

Source: Zhongguancun online office printing Channel