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"Twelfth Five Textiles Development Plan" inventory interim results

Published on:2013/12/25 13:30:00

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Introduction:Product upgrades to increase the size of the full completion of the purpose of accounting for the processing stage the proportion of total textile fib...

larger scale upgrades

full completion of Phase purposes

textile fibers accounting processing volume ratio exceeds 22%

2015 years of industry output will reach 1.0226 trillion yuan

2012, the total industrial textile fiber processing was 10.1 million tons, the proportion of the total textile fiber processing more than 22%, the pace of development here, in 2015 to achieve industrial textile fiber processing volume share reached 25% "planning" purposes. 2010 to 2012, the total industrial textile fiber processing an average annual growth of 10.9%, and if this rate of development, industrial textile fiber processing volume in 2015 will reach 13.78 million tons, 12.9 million tons of over-achieve "planning" purposes; the vast majority of high-performance fibers for use in the field of industrial textiles, in 2012 China High-performance fiber production capacity of over 120,000 tons (including high strength and high modulus polyvinyl alcohol fiber production capacity of about 50,000 tons), the total amount of high performance fiber over 70,000 tons. According to the Association estimated that in 2012 the industry total industrial output value of about 728 billion yuan, an average annual growth from 2010 to 2012 by 12%, according to this growth is expected in 2015, industry output will reach 1.0226 trillion yuan, to achieve one trillion yuan in "planning" purposes.

corporate R & D expenses accounted for 0.5 percentage points upgrade

industry-wide existing 15 provincial-level enterprise technical centers

According to association statistics, during 2012 the industry backbone enterprises in research and development costs 110% of sales revenue ratio was 3.23%, up 0.5 percentage points over 2010, 2015 to reach about 4%, to ensure the completion of the above-scale enterprises reached 1.5% for development purposes. At the end of 2012, more than 20 industry-wide existing provincial enterprise technology center, involving Geo textiles, transportation textiles, separated by filtration with textiles, medical textiles with health, Punta sail categories of textiles, nonwovens equipment fields. Expected by "five" with the second half of foster development, to achieve the purpose built three to five state-level enterprise technical centers. As of 2012, the labor productivity of enterprises above designated size greater than 10% annual growth is expected to "five" is ended, to achieve the "Plan" increased by more than 10% of middle-aged purpose.

the moment, China has reached a high temperature gas filtration material 1 ~ 2mg/m3 filtering accuracy, spunbond meltblown nonwovens completed "three anti" effect, Geo textiles has been completed in the form of products with overseas projects exports, three have basically reached the international advanced level, to achieve a "planning" purposes.

Shandong Ling into the industry to start a ten billion industry cluster

Hubei, Fujian Youxi Peng market value now with the Chaobaiyi

At the end of 2012, industry sales of more than 10 billion yuan enterprises have six, more than 20 billion yuan of enterprise has three. Expected "five" is ended, to achieve "planning" nurtured with international competitiveness, selling more than 50 billion scale backbone enterprise of 3 to 5 purposes. 2012, Shandong Lingxian geotextile textile materials industry output value reached 13.2 billion yuan cluster, becoming first a ten billion industry cluster; 2015, Hubei Peng farm products, non-woven fabric and leather fabric cluster with Fujian Youxi industrial clusters will be more than 10 billion yuan output value, the initial formation of the East Midwest complementary industrial structure.

spunbond spunlace technology improvements to achieve energy saving effect

100 tons recycled fibers have been used in the industrial field

wide range of applications for the industry and has a large potential for energy saving technology with spunbond spunlace technology in recent years, to achieve energy saving effect through technology improvements, has now completed the main added value of industrial textiles unit energy consumption reduced by about 15%; 2012, China recycled fiber production was 5.3 million tons, of which the field of textiles used in industrial production of nearly 100 million tons of recycled fiber in the year accounted for the total industrial textile fiber processing of more than 15% ; the current domestic adoption of advanced spunlace non-woven fabric production process water recycling rate has been able to reach 95%.

key tasks on schedule

highlights the potential development of the industry

focus on strengthening basic research technology industry

strong support products and technology upgrades

research institutions, universities and research cooperation with enterprises in scientific research with practical production experience, further strengthening the basic technology research and industrial textiles. Melt spinning technology to complete diversification of raw materials, except the polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) other than polyethylene (PE), polylactic acid (PLA), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) materials are raw materials for use as a spinning ; media production field of application of high-density surface layer, gradient structure, spunbond, spunlace and other design with processing technologies, research using high temperature baghouse filter failure mechanism for the development of new high temperature, corrosion composite filter to give a foundation basis; cellulosic biomass as raw material, the adoption of meltblown - Wet coupling process technology, to develop a high-security biomass retardant composite lithium battery separator, electrolyte infiltration has good properties, heat resistance with flame retardant and reach pilot production scale; in carded angle, parallel networks of speeds of up to 90m/min, cross-lapping a speed of up to 60m/min, width up to 3.75m; electrospinning raw materials continue to expand fineness can be less than 500nm, and the initial formation of industrial capacity.

molding technology and equipment to develop faster

part of the huge technology has completed industrialization

molding technology with equipment levels continue to increase, there is greater progress in the production speed with width, such as China independently developed breakthrough SMS spunbond production line speed 400m/min, width up to 7m, needling machine Needle frequency up to 2000rpm, 2500rpm is developing a high-speed needle machine; in media processing point of view, the media broke the spunbond equipment with spunlace felt filter material processing equipment. Gripper Loom special suitable for ultra wide, high-density, heavy woven fabrics, made super-wide gripper loom as industrial textile production equipment support given to the effective width up to 7.4m, weight up to 1500gsm; meltblown / airlaid, spunbond / acupuncture with spunbond / spunlace, multi-layer composite molding technology, three-dimensional multi-axial warp knitting technology have been completed industrialization, improved equipment supporting capacity, level of automation with product quality.

After finishing

accelerate the development of technology and equipment

part of the special equipment to complete the localization

After several years of efforts, the industry in a single functional finishing, finishing equipment and chemical agents angle has accumulated some experience, some with independent intellectual property rights of non-woven fabric finishing equipment already has industrial capacity. PTFE foam coating equipment with dynamic processing technology to the filter surface to form a dense coating PTFE microporous structure, improve filtering accuracy, prevent fine dust filter into the interior, reducing the pressure to reduce energy consumption; Guoneishoutai 5500mm ultra- Wide intelligent setting machine has high wind, heat transfer capacity, spray wind, heat evenly, etc., to solve the large temperature difference between the fabric industry wide technical problems; domestic efficient foam generator with applicator, to ensure uniformity of the applied foam and achieve precise liquid injection effect; aid research and development capabilities continue to improve the overall performance of products anti-alcohol, anti-leakage, fire-retardant, antibacterial improved.

dedicated fiber textiles rapid development

fiber domestic industrialization achieve significant breakthroughs

recent years, with the strong support of the state, domestic, industrial development of Chinas high-performance fibers gained significant breakthrough, not only to enhance the level of research and development with production capacity dedicated fiber textiles, and breaking the foreign companies technology with market monopoly, dramatically reducing the price of imports, a strong impetus to the progress of the industry. In the import substitution angle fibers, in 2012, China PPS fiber production capacity of over 15,000 tons; PI fiber production capacity of approximately 3,000 tons; PTFE membrane split fiber, cable, film products, production capacity has reached kiloton level; Kevlar has been completed and stable quality automated production; ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber production capacity of approximately 20,000 tons; polysulfonamide fiber production capacity of 1000 tons; carbon fiber production capacity of over 10,000 tons; finished production 3.5um fine glass fibers, improving the product softness with wear and enhance the applicability of the product; temperature basalt microfiber has entered into industrial production with engineering application stage; biomass fiber has formed part of industrial production, the moment is actively expanding application areas; hydrophilic development with the production of anti-bacterial, flame retardant, high elasticity, low shrinkage, and other special fibers achieve significant progress, in part to meet the needs of the downstream sector of the breakdown products.

end product collaborative development with customers to strengthen

together to solve practical problems expanding industry application market

industry enterprises actively with the design units, end customer cooperation, and promote the collaborative development of industrial textiles with terminal products. For water diversion project experience, because of lack of geomembrane interface friction cause the decline, the problem can not be construction, together with downstream customers geotextile rough overcome the technical problems; vehicles cooperation with textile manufacturers with vehicle manufacturers, based on the end product the specific needs of customers with product design production; cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises to overcome the lack of natural fiber composite material strength of technical problems, it should be used successfully in the field of transport; filter, filter bag production enterprises, with the downstream filter equipment enterprises, through the selection of high-performance fibers, conduct media design, etc., have developed efficient, low resistance with PM2.5 control effects of new products; collaborative development of multi-axial fabric reinforced thermoplastic molding disposable products, with excellent mechanical properties with corrosion-resistant, mildew, green, recyclable, etc., may be used to replace metal transport lightweight; development with applications highway guardrail, flexible tube cans and other terminal products, are also expanding structural reinforcement areas of application textiles.

terminal with engineering capabilities to enhance customer service

extend the industrial chain, focus on improving the level of corporate profits

recent years, baghouse technology has been very good application in the power, cement, steel and metallurgical industry and other industries, the backbone of some bag manufacturers began to actively cooperate with the user, such as power plants, in bag design, use with Replace the experience to give a full engineering services, engineering services not only enhance the level of efficiency, but also improve the profitability of enterprises. Geo textile industry, some key manufacturing enterprises, relying on its own technology with product advantages established engineering company, in the form of undertaking turnkey highway, railway, water conservancy and other geotechnical engineering establishment, through the extension of the industrial chain to improve the level of service capabilities with corporate profits .

actively promote the development of testing and certification services with a platform to build

enhance product quality detection with the use of security safeguards

the past two years, in actively promoting trade association has set up a "Chinas industrial textiles Applied Research Center", "Chinas industrial textiles CNC cutting technology research and development center" as a platform for research use, with the formation of Linkage of the downstream business development model, to improve the quality of the product with the device basis. Actively promote the development of testing and certification services with a platform to build, strengthen quality supervision with product testing to ensure product safety use. Relying on local testing center with research institutes, national distribution of multiple "Chinas industrial textiles industry testing center" for product quality levels with the use of security given detection support. Established by the end of 2012 industrial textiles industry technology innovation strategic alliance is to establish an important channel for innovative completed an important part of the national strategy with national technology innovation project for the scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces, leading the industry with the development of support will play active role. Expert Committee of Chinas industrial textiles industry association established in 2011, for technological development direction of the industry carried out checks, and given the overall industrial textiles technical support platform.

construction of multi-level networks with multiple forms of information services

downstream close contact and actively promote international exchanges

building with multiple forms of multi-level network information service for business investment, product development, market expansion, etc. now give a scientific basis; through the introduction and improvement journals, websites, mobile news show with published technical reports, timely delivery of policy, market , technology, exhibition and other information; strengthen the industrys hot issues special investigations, combined with the National Bureau of Customs data, the formation of industry-quarter run analysis reports; according to the needs of the local parks, economic development zones with the enterprise development, given its positive development of the park planning, consultation with industry research reports economic analysis and other services. Upstream activities jointly organized with the Association now, downstream users, Chinas Academy of Engineering, Institute of foreign companies, showing the overall image of the industry, upstream and downstream close contact, and increase industrial influence. Strengthen international exchanges between industries, has signed a co-operation with the U.S. Nonwovens Association, the European Nonwovens Association, American International Industrial Textiles Association, the German Textile and Apparel Industry Association, Taiwan Nonwoven Industry Association, Korea Association of Industrial Textiles agreement, information sharing, cooperation standards, forums exhibition, technical training and other angles are reached on cooperation, improved international status with the influence of the industry, enhance the service capabilities of the industry association.

standard management system gradually improved standards established to strengthen

revision of 35 industry-wide standards to make up for lagging development

strengthen the standardization bodies established to achieve the national textile industry, textiles Standardization Technical Committee and adjusted with the addition of the general branch of work, composed of the Third Technical Committee. Members of the new standard committee composed of representatives of research institutes, testing organizations, universities, industry associations now composed of angles, covering all areas of the industry. The first half of "planning" implemented a total revision of the industry standard 35, to make up for the missing part of the standard with the rapid development of industry experience lag issues. Industrial Textiles Association launched a study of textiles products and applications standards, commitment and realized MIIT "industrial textile products and applications using standard system research" project. Commission accepted the General Armament Department, organizational experts, business-related units in the textile industry with centralized management of military targets rectification work 50, the moment has passed expert review stage, is organizing the material submitted.

raw power products with high technology advancement structured

most critical enterprise competitiveness within the industry significantly enhanced

promote the use of technology advancement

with high-performance fibers, and promote the industrial textiles completed some high structured products, which, with the health of medical textiles from simple personal hygiene materials, gradual development of medical dressings, surgical hole single, gowns, surgical kits and other high-tech products; filtration textiles with separation from the traditional temperature air filtration, water filtration, and gradually developed into a rich high temperature, corrosion media field; geotextile with textiles from simple building water drainage features, rich to the high-speed rail, water projects, highway embankment reinforcement materials with special anti-leak materials; transport with increasing emphasis on environmentally friendly textiles, recyclable energy savings with promoting a lightweight process with fuel economy ; safe with protective textiles by a simple function after finishing, and gradually developed into a high-performance fiber materials, weaving, finishing and integrated design to meet the multi-functional complex protection requirements; structural reinforcement textiles from simple small prefabricated parts, development the field of the wind blade, bridge repair, and other structural components.

backbone enterprises significantly enhance the overall strength of

3 companies more than 20 billion sales revenue

"Plan" implemented two years ago, some of the industry key enterprises to overcome the adverse situation after the financial crisis, through the introduction of technology with independent research and development, technology innovation is completed, reduce production costs and improve value-added products, and actively explore new projects, develop new economic growth points, finished with enterprise-scale blasting strength development. In 2012, industry sales of more than $ 2 billion enterprise has three sales income of more than $ 1 billion in business has six. Industry enterprises through public financing, in order to increase the size of the industry with the technological upgrading of products to give financial support; temperature filtration, geotechnical construction enterprises in some key areas, through merger, reorganization, joint venture and other forms, extending the industry, has formed the raw material development, materials production, the production of end products with engineering services for the integration of industrial chain of integrated enterprise.

characteristics of industrial clusters flourish

effectively promote regional economic growth

2011 years, the number of clusters in the industry by the five industrial development to 9, the newly added cluster is mainly engaged in geotechnical, filtration, waterproofing membrane lining with other production, making the structure more reasonable industrial clusters. Various industrial clusters are a key backbone enterprises, the initial formation of a number of specialized training, sophisticated, special, new specialized production enterprises, and gradually improve the industrial chain, not only to promote the industrial cluster development, and promote the growth of the clusters total economic output also effectively promote the economic development of the cluster location. 2012, the total nine industry clusters economy reached 43.2 billion yuan, an increase of 1 times more than in 2010. Meanwhile, a variety of public service platform testing, information, training, research and development with the establishment of industrial clusters within the larger progress significantly enhance service capabilities further enhance the clusters research and innovation capacity backbone enterprise with scale industrial clusters brand awareness with radiation capacity has been strengthened.

industry is becoming more rational regional distribution

industry has increased the proportion of the Midwest

other areas in eastern coastal areas have an unparalleled location advantage, economic advantages with industrial chain advantage, therefore, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, Shanghai with Chinese textiles are still the most concentrated areas, a These products focus on the proportion in the eastern coastal region has exceeded 70%. "Twelve Five" last half, relatively few cases of industry to the Midwest, but Geo textiles, transportation textiles producers, with the cost based on market and other factors, has started in the Midwest some investment so now the Midwest Nonwovens Textiles proportion has improved.

actively promote energy conservation to promote resource recycling

advanced spunlace process water recycling rate can reach 95%

In recent years, China realized the direct production of waste polyester topic polyester filament, polyester staple fiber used in polyester production level has been significantly improved technology products, has formed a recovery from waste PET bottles, bottle-cleaning process, one-stop spinning to weaving textile industrial chain of circular economy to recover pieces of bottle production of environmentally friendly renewable raw staple fiber to achieve health grading standard, widely applied to the non-woven fabric, automotive textiles and other fields; recycled polyester filament widely applied to many areas with civilian industries such as the textile industry to save resources, given the circular economy model. In the field of automotive textiles with construction noise damping material, geotextile material, etc., have begun to adopt recycled fibers.

In recent years, companies continue to increase the size of the industry continue to increase investment, multi-enterprise adoption of high-speed, wide, low-power, high-performance advanced equipment, promote technological progress with equipment upgrades, eliminated a number of small single-line capacity , not high-tech equipment; advanced spunlace nonwovens process water recycling rate of 95 percent, significantly reducing energy consumption per unit, the average water consumption per ton of product in 15 tons to 20 tons, with the adoption of advanced process equipment water treatment system spunlace lines, water consumption per ton of product can be up to 8 tons to 10 tons.

six areas off together

annual growth rate of optimism

2012 Nian Yiwei textiles annual growth 13.5%

industrial textiles industry became the largest field

2012 Chinas production of medical textiles with hygiene was 90.6 million tons, up 28.82% compared to 2010, an average annual increase of 13.5%. Medical textiles with health industrial textiles industry is the largest in the field, used in the production of non-woven web of medical and public health matter sorted output growth is one of the industrys focus on investment.

breaking the long melt spun composite nonwovens equipment and technology problems, to create a 3200mm width of SMXS equipment, part of which can be melt-blown online / offline composite, after finishing with the technology should be used in the "Three Anti" the field of high-end medical gowns, gowns, etc.; chitosan, silk fiber made into a skin wound healing feminine hygiene materials and high-end textiles, with the promotion of wound healing, bleeding good performance with comfortable, high antibacterial properties; utilize online access graft polymerization technique, completed the industrialization of antimicrobial polyolefin resin production, has a good bactericidal effect made into non-woven fabric, is difficult to overcome the hydrophobic polyolefin textile bactericidal function of both technical problems; developed a controllable biodegradation rate of tussah three-dimensional silk fibroin material used in the production of silk protein wound healing dressings, to fill the vacancy; non-woven gauze cotton lint does not wear off, does not cause wound contamination, soft, and has good absorbency.

2012 Nian filtration textiles with an average annual growth of 15.05%

high temperature filter material with liquid filtration sustained high growth rate

2012, China now separated by filtration textiles production was 740,000 tons, an increase of 32.35% over 2010, with an average annual growth of 15.05%. In the field of solid-liquid filtration, the market is relatively stable compared with the mature, basically in full with the state, compared to the slow growth; in the field of air filtration, with the gradual upgrading relevant national environmental emission requirements, new projects with existing projects filtration filter Bag industry continues to change so that a higher growth rate.

high temperature filtration angle to follow the progress of the manufacturing process to support the upgrading of equipment, the focus around the "microfiber", "density gradient", "fine filter" and other technical direction to develop a lot of new filter materials, including ultra- thin surface layer gradient filter, spunlace felt with foam coating filter media, etc., and the application.

liquid filtration angle, developed a large flux, high stain resistance function of membrane materials with components of the problem is difficult to trace heavy metal ions with organic film processing, fast adsorption and desorption regeneration function with prepared fibers, the municipal sewage, industrial wastewater and water recycling processing.

2012 Nian Geo textiles average annual growth of 11.92%


industry with product quality have been enhanced

2012 China Geo textiles annual capacity for 597,000 tons, an increase of 25.27% over 2010, with an average annual growth of 11.92%. Because the national response to the financial crisis four trillion investment project to build a basic rate slowed sharply to an end with the high-speed rail and other factors affected by the accident, "five" in the first half, Chinas infrastructure investment growth decelerated to Geo textiles areas with buildings bring greater development impact, but through the South and other key national projects with other markets to develop new applications, with the concentration of the industry in product quality have been enhanced.

Geo textiles angle, high strength, resistance to bursting, abrasion, acid and alkali resistant polypropylene geotextile should be used in high-speed rail sliding layer material; high strength, resistance to environmental polyester filament spunbond geotextile should be used in landfill; Yangtze River Deep Water Channel dredging project, the use of geotextiles in engineering design to build a dike, to get good results, the other, the Three Gorges hydropower project, so a lot of water diversion project adopted geotextile.

architectural textiles angle, newly developed PET filament spunbond non-woven fabric waterproof tire group, the moment has to enter volume production promotion phase, with the original product comparison PET staple fiber needle in a substantial increase in performance under the same weight conditions and flame retardant waterproof membrane, salinity waterproof membrane, cryogenic flexible waterproof membrane, also have good functional applicability.

2012 TRAFFIC textiles annual growth 8.6%

aramid honeycomb structural materials in aerospace applications HSR

transport textile production in China in 2012 was 498,000 tons, an increase of 17.94% compared to 2010, an average annual increase of 8.6% growth rate over the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of significant slowdown, the main production increase if the car because China decline in two years to keep pace, resulting in aggregate demand growth is weak.

technological point of view, developed with high specific strength, high specific modulus, high impact resistance with long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics, play an important role in lightweight automotive applications; application of high-end areas continue to expand Kevlar material , aramid honeycomb core sandwich structure materials as high-speed trains, with a significant retardant, lightweight, energy-saving with the noise reduction effect, has been in the domestic high-speed trains volume applications; utilization of aircraft-grade honeycomb core with meta-aramid paper Production of honeycomb material, has been verified with test assessment, with the use of specially processed to meet the requirements of the aviation sector.

2012 Nian Security Textiles average annual growth of 7.9%

Police fabric fitted out and was included in the government procurement program

2012 with annual capacity Chinese security guard textiles was 26.4 million tons, up 16.42% compared to 2010, an average annual increase of 7.9%. Have a good performance fiber materials developed and completed production, as well as advances in processing technology have contributed to product upgrades security with protective textiles sector.

technological point of view, developed with flame-retardant, high temperature, high strength, anti-static, anti-oil-water repellent, anti-acid, moisture wicking properties of a new generation of high-performance combat SWAT training services, research and development of hundreds of species high performance fiber-based materials with raw fabrics new security products, all fabrics used in all appropriate areas of special protection, police fabric fitted out and was included in the government procurement plan. Developed PTFE film composite profiled fiber / cotton blended embedded anti-static fabrics, use of raw materials waterproof, windproof and breathable performance, and the performance of a combination of fabric shaped fiber wicking quick-drying, comfortable cotton fibers with conductive fibers Anti-static functions. The use of meta-aramid, para-aramid Kevlar base with conductive fibers, blended in a specific proportion of special protective Kevlar fabric, with high breaking strength, smoldering continued burning time is short and so on.

2012 Structural reinforcement textiles annual growth 6%

capture high-density high-strength glass fiber yarn woven puzzle

2012 Structural reinforcement textile production was 86.5 million tons, with an average annual growth of 6%. Chinas investment boom because the cost of carbon fiber with market development does not solve the problem, with the use of its actual production volume is still small compared; contemporary glass fiber fabric reinforced structural reinforcement material is still one of the main areas, but in recent years because of the wind power market remain in the doldrums, the growth rate slowed, but also led to the use of glass fiber reinforced body at warp knit production growth slowed.

technological point of view, the capture of high-strength glass fiber yarn woven high density problems, producing aerospace Used semi-rigid fiberglass battery windsurfing warp mesh material, dramatically reducing the weight of the battery wing, success should be used in the "Temple "Spacecraft; introduce technology to produce 3 MW wind turbine blades specifications, the main spar caps using carbon fiber composite material, significantly reducing blade weight and prolong blade life.

effectiveness of policy-oriented good

objective problems remains a concern

policy guidance to promote the development of the industry to maintain with product upgrades

"planning" for the industry pointed out the direction of development, boost the morale of the industry, which greatly promoted the healthy and rapid development of the industry. Implementation of various special projects, benefiting all major areas of industrial textiles industry, promoting technological progress with product upgrades, played a good role model.

apply customs duties to enhance the industry with products and equipment level grade

industries and enterprises to actively use the relevant favorable policies to meet the requirements of industrial textiles equipped with imported products, with VAT, customs duties and other applications to enhance the industrys level of equipment with the product level. In addition, there are many manufacturers of industrial textiles and high-tech enterprises, able to enjoy the tax reduction and exemption policies, encouraging the awareness of independent innovation of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises rely on key higher value added products with the power of determination .

urgent construction of multi-level inter-departmental co-ordination mechanism for promoting

urgent construction of multi-level inter-departmental coordination mechanism for promoting. Industrial textiles industry covers a wide area covering more content, its orderly development needs of various industrial sectors, development and reform, transportation, construction, health, environmental protection, quality control and other arrangements to promote coordination with co-ordination.

urgent need to accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions to improve the review mechanism reorganization

urgent need to accelerate the pace of restructuring of mergers and acquisitions. Expanded support for enterprise mergers and acquisitions, and encouraged the industry or appropriate and timely upstream and downstream enterprises mergers and acquisitions, perfect industrial chain, continue to strengthen and expand. Meanwhile, mergers and acquisitions should strengthen the risk control, improve foreign acquisitions security review mechanism to ensure industrial safety.

accelerate the implementation of the relevant products in the field of government procurement policies

continue implementing government procurement policy. Industrial textiles industry in many important fields of medical and health products, security, aerospace, defense and security, the national economy, should speed up the implementation of these policies in the field of government procurement-related products, and promote healthy industrial textiles industry and downstream areas of focus development.

strengthen industry strength build

preparing for the "45"

private enterprises with foreign product ratio far

industrial structure is still relatively low structured remarkable lack of high-end products in international competitiveness. Domestic industry, textile industry, private enterprises as the mainstay, the foundation is weak, weak economic foundation, the key to competitiveness is not strong, with foreign industry comparison, the rate of production value far, still has to import a large number of high-end products annually to China.

raised the low end of the industry gathering capacity to run the risk of expanding

main methods of competition in the domestic market mainly to price competition, enterprise development to simple imitation-based, low capacity to run the risk of concentration will lead to expansion of the industry, the efficiency of capital investment fell, the market order is more complex.

seek economies of scale leading to new product development is weak

technological innovation "dilemma" issues outstanding. High-tech products is limited breakthrough, most companies are still seeking economies of scale. Because of falling profits, it is difficult to invest a lot of funds for research and development of new products is weak force, high-tech product development, slow high-end products.

lack of restraint of trade professionals and technological progress

basic research is weak, lack of independent brands, fine management, and other professional personnel is not the same degree. Compare the pace of development in the industry, the industry is weak in basic research capabilities, foster speed scale with professional and technical personnel with management still too small, too slow, limiting the industrys healthy development with science and technology.

supporting the weak end market is difficult to separate the face

lack of raw materials from a dedicated, specialized equipment with a complete supply chain engineering services, the ability to control the market with weak industrial chain. Most companies in the industry are supporting related industries, it is difficult to become independent full face final product market, subject to market behavior often complementary products, lower value added in the industrial chain links, which the nature of the industry with the technical value Characteristics of severe contrary.

weak market expansion and new applications incremental slow

expand the overall market weakness, slow incremental new application areas. Open up new markets with new applications industry, of course, need to push the policy level, but also the need to strengthen cooperation in upstream and downstream industries, breaking the boundaries of the industry, to accelerate product development process with the market, truly complete industrial textiles "unlimited replace" dream.

convergence insufficient coordination between the relevant standard has not been uniform

industrial textiles relevant standards are not unified, lack of convergence between the harmonized standards. Broad areas of application of industrial textiles, similar products in different applications have different technical requirements, design standards, the lack of overall system.

market with industry self-regulatory deficiencies spawned vicious competition

market with industry self-regulation is still insufficient. Part of the product homogeneity serious, product quality varies greatly, there occurs vicious market competition with unfair competition.

tightening macro-economic environment affect the growth rate of exports

domestic tightening macroeconomic environment. After the global financial crisis, the U.S. economy, Europe, Japan and other developed economies suffer severe impact, compared to the slow recovery; emerging economies with the development of our countrys economic development have also experienced a significant deceleration; Meanwhile, Chinas economic growth in the past two years significantly slow speed, it will enter a stable growth period compared. These will affect the global industrial demand in China and the development of the textile market, will significantly affect the growth rate of Chinese exports of related products.

future 3-year industrial fiber market demand significantly slow

overall market demand continued rapid growth, but the growth rate slowed. Areas of application of industrial textiles is very extensive, the United States, Japan and other countries industrial textiles fiber processing textile fiber processing volume accounted for more than 40%, while Chinas current industrial fiber proportion was only 22%, still significantly low, has significant room for growth. But with the world economy in recent years with Chinas economic growth slowed down with a slow recovery is expected in the future market demand for three-year growth rate will slow down significantly over the previous two years.

international corporate monopoly of high-end manufacturing and China blocked


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