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Toshiba to expand high-current motor driver IC packaging lineup

Published on:2013/12/23 11:24:38

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Introduction: Toshiba Corporation (ToshibaCorporation) (TOKYO: 6502) today announced the expansion of its "T

Toshiba Corporation (ToshibaCorporation) (TOKYO: 6502) today announced the expansion of its "TB67S10xA" with "TB6600" absolute maximum ratings of 50V series high current stepper motor driver IC packaging lineup. With immediate effect the delivery of samples.

"TB67S10xA" series added "HZIP25" package with "HSOP28" before the package, which can complete a package power dissipation, the latter package will allow customers to use low cost welding current assembly. "TB6600" series of new high-heat "HQFP64" package.

package lineup expansion allows customers to better select high-voltage high-current motor driver IC that best meet the system requirements (including assembly methods) helps reduce equipment size with lower costs.

The main features of the new package


HZIP25 package (Model: TB67S101AHG, TB67S102AHG with TB67S109AHG)?

HZIP25 package to be completed 5W (single use) with 25W (infinite heat sink mounted on the panel) power dissipation can be used for cooling applications require stronger. This package includes applications require high current driver IC mount to the factory automation systems of high-density printed circuit board.

HSOP28 package? (Model: TB67S101AFG with TB67S102AFG)

HSOP28 package to support the flow of low-cost welding assembly. This package supports the use of single-layer printed circuit board to replace costly double-layer circuit board, can reduce system cost.

HQFP64? (Model: TB6600FG)

HQFP64 integrated on the substrate is encapsulated in the panel radiator, Surface mount, while preventing overheating. This package installed components suitable for use in highly constrained applications.


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