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Wisdom Manufacturing: Dongguan shoe upgrade new samples

Published on:2013/12/20 11:29:15

Keyword:Automation, shoes, market, price, sewing, research, clothing, women, dynamic situation
Introduction:As a product of the integration of information technology with a high degree of industrialization, the term "smart manufacturing" is becoming governme...

As a product of the integration of information technology with a high degree of industrialization, the term "smart manufacturing" is becoming government documents made public with high-frequency words. Recently, Guangdong province held two seminars came news of the depth of integration, a provincial "smart manufacturing" special action documents ready. In Dongguan Songshan Lake robotics industry base and other projects have also been government support.
Recent newspaper launched the "wisdom made" a series of reports found that, although not the only "equipment industry, the depth of the integration of two intelligent manufacturing-cum-pilot" aura Shunde against the Ministry, but has now set off a new round of Dongguan manufacturing revolution .
Industrial robots, information software systems, networking technology and other advanced technology, is the "Dongguan" taken from a labor-intensive era of "smart manufacturing" era, production management with the competitive landscape changed dramatically so.
Robot "invasion" accelerated
To say 2008, 2009 many companies to "labor shortage" still waiting to see, so the recent years, many companies have resolutely choose through technological innovation, large-scale application of industrial robots.
Recently, questionnaires Dongguan Bureau of Foreign Trade for the import and export of a 500 companies showed that companies reflect rising production costs amounted to 14.1%. Among the largest labor costs rise by 9%.
The face of soaring labor costs, Dongguan Xu mind food company finally decided to replace part of the re-introduction of competitive products equipment Hsu Fu Chi Shaqima workers on the production line. Moment, this production line 18 process has been completed 17 full automation.
"Liu Cheng workers in the last part of the big package, we are commissioning a device, and then replace most of the real man is fully automated. "Hsu Fu Chi Shaqima workshop leader Jia Bin said.
From the beginning of 2003 small-scale plant construction machines substitutions, to accelerate the technological transformation after 2008, the average annual reduction in each process three or four people, this production line in output and employment while increasing the number dropped to 700 from 1,300.
In stark contrast, since 2006, Hsu Fu Chi tier wages margin of about 15% per year growth from slightly thousand monthly salary (excluding social security fund with bonus) to more than 2600 yuan.
Employment is not just expensive, equally serious problems of recruitment difficulties. In Dongguan, furniture, paint, metal polishing and grinding work in a variety of handling stacking, dust, harmful gases, high labor intensity against the ever-present health of workers. When young workers demanded a more comfortable working environment, business owners struggling to cope with often only pay a single significant hidden costs other than wages.
More entrepreneurs to change the perception of Dongguan labor easy to get started buying a lot of automation equipment, which in the "Knitwear Capital of the World" Dalang Town, has also been confirmed.
In 2005, "labor shortage" horizon of Dalang wool enterprises began to encourage the introduction of CNC machinery to replace the traditional weaving looms to reduce employment. That time, the total amount of Dalang Town, NC loom less than 1,000 units. 2008 to 4800 units, while present, Dalang CNC machine tools has soared to over 40,000 units.
It is estimated that a CNC loom to replace eight workers, a worker can control 6-8 machines. In this calculation, Dalang NC loom on the liberation of the nearly 300,000 industrial workers. After the "master of the monthly salary of a looping still go up as high as 3000-5000, the introduction of CNC loom, weaving pieces of this procedure only saves eighty percent of labor costs. "There textile business people said.
In the general manager of the leading enterprises in Dongguan Alfa automated machinery company Junqin eyes, Dongguan past two years has begun a third round robot boom. Among the first wave of machines for the crowd is a "labor shortage" in the early 21st century, some additional equipment to reduce labor-intensive enterprises start position, followed by a second wave of the financial crisis in the current 2008.
Junqin that, with continued advances in technology with robotic average price fell by an annual rate of 4%, industrial robots to replace human in spraying, welding, palletizing, and the role of high-risk work environments increasingly obvious, its precise discipline, recognition and strong induction , high efficiency, long working hours and low cost operation and other features more and more enterprises are welcome.
It also makes equipment manufacturers such as Alfa thriving business. Dongguan in 2001 into the beginning, more than 30 customers of this company but only to the 2007 there were 1500, and is now soared to more than 4,000 customers, most of which are increased in recent years. 2011, Alfa sales revenue reached 217 million yuan, an increase of 47.81%.
"Before we focus on injection molding robot and peripheral automation equipment, substitutions on the lines now part of more production lines, we can not not change the universal application, listed as ready Agency of Japan advanced robots. "Junqin said in the past, but only in high-end electronics and automobile industries industrial robots with greater demand, the current low price of metal products also began to introduce industrial robots, which makes them somewhat by surprise.
Competitive mode has changed
With customers on product quality and consistency with standardized increasingly high demand, coupled with the vagaries of the market, the introduction of industrial robots can seize the opportunities ahead to reduce costs and improve quality. Thus, also led to changes in the competitive mode of inter-enterprise.
Whether the introduction of robotic production lines, manufacturing enterprises are changing the competitive landscape and even life and death decisions. In this regard, the general manager of Dongguan shoe Wanda Lam Yin Xiaolin deep.
May this year, he bought more than 40 sets of certain types of sewing robot, despite a price of 12,000 yuan six times more expensive than ordinary sewing machine, I did not expect, in the same hand, the cost of the same status, monthly factory production from more than 50,000 pairs soared to 90,000 pairs per month profits rose from 200,000 to 40 million.
This makes him overjoyed. As a small shoe factory owner, past all day thinking about how to keep his own customers, how to dig others customers, but everyones technology, raw materials, labor costs did much worse, hard to break the deadlock.
Because the robot sewing stitch is made out of the product specification, thread is gone, high-quality, low-price products to impress the customer, more than a month to help him rob the 30,000 pairs of the order of 50 million yuan investment in three months to recover all .
"Both companies also make shoes, and if there is a result of the reform of the technology to reduce the price of two dollars, tourists will be able to put firmly in hand, another would be no market it. "Yin Xiaolin this interpretation changes technology has brought competition.
In the electronics and other sophisticated manufacturing, advanced equipment and the benefits more significant.
Dongguan Shi Yuan Jiang Kui-liter plastic electronics is the deputy general manager, one of his tasks is received daily visits visitors. Since the beginning of 2008 the adoption of industrial robots, production of precision mold products greatly improved, many colleagues have come here to ask for help moments liter processing factory output accounted for one-third of this part.
After the huge rise tasted the sweetness is smashed 100 million yuan, the introduction of foreign equipment to develop a flexible manufacturing system intelligent precision molds, precision molds used in the manufacture of parts. Jiang Shi-yuan said proudly: "machining accuracy can be accurate to 3 microns, the error is also much smaller than a human hair. "
Immediately rose for the first time received a huge iPhone cable plug mold orders. "This small and high precision molds are generally sophisticated foreign firms with domestic companies rarely do, this is the first choice in Dongguan enterprises. "Jiang Shi-yuan note, when foreign manufacturers to visit, robot production line to increase the impression of high points.
The new production line also makes a huge rise began to enter the electronic medical equipment, LED mold and other fields, has won the domestic large customer orders. Jiang Shi Yuan said, the moment a huge rise just 30% to 40% of domestic orders, after three years is expected to reach 60% to 70%.
Moment, a huge rise Electronics plans to intelligent precision molds flexible manufacturing systems to more than 10 enterprises to promote to each system 100 million dollars, the output value of 10 million yuan or more. Selling products, but also became a huge rise technology exporter.
Control of the whole process of Viagra
In addition to replacing the machine hardware substitutions outside information means can accomplish the same effect, especially strong support for enterprises in Dongguan from "global design, manufacture in Dongguan" to Dongguan design, global manufacturing. "
Dongguan shoe Gangster Huajian Group is among the typical. It is envisaged Jian Hua Zhang Huarong, chairman of Dongguan shoe processing production processes to be transferred to the mainland or overseas, and orders, research and development, procurement, stayed in Dongguan. Moment, with Dongguan Jian Hua Warburg, Tai Lung, Ganzhou, Ethiopia four production bases.
Rely on a set of information management systems, Huajian completed Collaborative away thousands of miles away in the design, manufacture, business management, and can be synchronized processing. "The ability to say, from the pre-sale customer consultation, to product development, raw material procurement to final goods collection, management headquarters on the phone, iPad can control the entire production of each batch of orders, late delivery and so no longer did not appear. "Liu Jian Hua Group subsidiary in charge of information sources Warburg Footwear said.
Hu Wei, general manager of Dongguan Kingdee management software company believes that the current medium-sized enterprises in Dongguan have completed the majority of the 1960s was born in financial management system as the representative of information management, are moving in the 1990s appeared ERP changes. (ERP is a set of basic data, human resources, hardware, software, integration with enterprise resource management platform.)
But let Hu Wei pity is that most SMEs in Dongguan still suffering the pain of the information is not sufficient: the backward mode of production planning and control, poor corporate resilience, inaccurate cost calculations and a series of long-precipitation ......
There is a Taiwanese and Hu Wei had complained that every company in the domestic and foreign exhibitors, you need to prepare at least six financial staff in the office on standby. When a customer inquiry, to discuss the intention of order, these six will receive the financial front of the phone work again: Theyve got to calculate the price range is how much one can take over these and more.
"When are you waiting for phone, handheld terminals others decide whether to pick a single minute of your customers, then would you choose?" Hu Wei asked.
Change the "wisdom made" not only in the factory floor, in addition to workshops, networking with the help of information technology, smart manufacturing methods are becoming a strong support for the new operating mode of the enterprise.
In the garment industry, found in the special, because urban beauty brands to focus on the "smile curve" at both ends and concern. Time since 2012, the garment industry inventory of the storm, "closed shop boom" Jin hit the store, but are urban women with "shops plan" high-speed expansion.
Urban Beauty vice president, chief information officer, said the cool sand, high inventory phenomenon describes the channel-based business model is now gradually decline, "under the guidance of this model, companies need quotas to be difficult to achieve, but to plan production quotas, but the products are only sold to franchisees, business is not clear whether the product is sold to the consumer. If the product can not sell, it will become channel inventory and consequent vicious cycle path next quarter will be blocked. "
Respected fashion brand goods on time fast, cheap and with tight fashion, cool sand that urban women flat channel model brought her advantage. Each time, a new style of urban women will be put on the market in small quantities, and then monitoring the market reaction, timely replenishment or adjustment. "Urban Beauty no concept of the so-called agents, store contact directly with the company, what goods need to fill what the company gave up the goods.
For urban women who have more than 5,000 stores, the seemingly trivial and easily able to complete the mammoth project. Since 2010, Urban Beauty spending huge sums to create a "network patrol shop" information management system, to turn on the computer in the company will be able to store real-time monitoring with feedback to all business data, weather conditions, merchandising and other information.
"There is no elaborate plans with timely feedback, adjust, and wind and other fast-fashion brand Zara to follow the pattern and shall not be taken, because the supply from demand to be very fast replenishment to the store no more than two weeks, which operate on the supply chain speed is very fast. "Sand Shuang said.
To this end, in May 2011, urban women spend ten million plan to introduce automatic sorting of goods WMS system, the adoption of RFID radio frequency electronic tags, finished goods out of the library sorting process standardization, automation technology with real-time information to track and reduce labor mistakes rate with labor costs while ensuring the smooth and efficient logistics.
Dongguan Things Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Lin Lixia think, application integration within the network staff, machinery, equipment with infrastructure, enterprise in a more sophisticated way with the dynamic management of production operations, respond to changing market situation to ease through things.
"Wisdom" made a stumbling block on the road
Dongguan enterprise information technology investment accounted for only 0.3% of GDP, while the figure was 7 percent in Shenzhen. This phenomenon first stumbling block is the cost inputs.
Walking in the "wisdom" of the road making enterprises continue to emerge. City Commission by letter Bureau data show that since 2009, total of more than 37 corporate projects selected province "fusion" 4 100 demonstration projects, representing the province of demonstration projects is very marked.
However, this is only the tip of the iceberg on. "Dongguan has a lot of foreign direct investment enterprises, they bring the worlds most advanced enterprise automation, information to establish the concept; while Dongguan, a large number of small and micro enterprises, and some have not even really automation, information technology applications. "Deputy director of the Municipal Council by letter Liu Jiongxian position.
Hu Wei also say, Dongguan enterprise information technology investment accounted for only 0.3% of GDP, while the figure was 7 percent in Shenzhen. This phenomenon first stumbling block is the cost inputs.
Dongguan, a small electronics business owners would complain, said: "Production is increasingly dependent on labor, do not want to introduce automation, but the cost is too high, automation equipment easily hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, a shop down the nearly complete million, the companies do not have a certain strength not even think. "
"The only part of the acquisition cost of the robot were late programming, alteration, maintenance, also spend a lot of money, some companies are still unable to believe that the balance between investment in labor costs with automated expense savings. "Junqin said.
Junqin explain the causes of the high price is due to a very large extent, the key to some of the core components remain dependent on imports, "an injection manipulator raw material costs, at least half should contribute to Japan and other countries. "
Is not just the machine, the information technology of the same or even hundreds of millions of millions. "Without a billion dollars in revenue, enterprise private cloud what you think about playing with other information, but SMEs can hire cheaper public cloud platform with other messaging software with services. "Hu Wei said.
But the problem is far more than that. "Column such as machine building a large-scale production orders on the basis of a stable past few orders of business can also give workers leave or layoffs, plant bought how you cut? Another out as the machine is often a problem node pipeline The whole system will be affected, the relevant technical non-compliance, lack of maintenance staff is also very deadly. "Junqin said.
However, Lin Lixia view, the concept of Entrepreneur with the talent pool problem is more worrisome. "Entrepreneurs should have a long-term arrangement, not the introduction of a single robot or develop a set of intelligent devices is intelligent production, the entire production process computers and production equipment to be effective convergence must be familiar with both production equipment and personnel familiar with the computer, This is a competition in the future is the most intense. "
"The current problem is the lack of talent is so, a lot of businesses and we reflect, even if they wanted to be launched after a number of projects, and received bids they simply do not understand, can not be inferred compared to good or bad. "Lin Lixia said.
These issues do not have to worry too much. They will be forced to go on the market, speaking in the end will have to see whether the corporate courage, determination, with long-term vision, and Hu Wei said.
Heli synergy "drive Tiger"
Wisdom needs to focus on the manufacturing industry to promote the town as a base with a professional with the starting point.
Although the enterprises as the mainstay, the application of new technologies always need to support the efforts of society, and how to promote the application of a breakthrough in the application side problems?
Deputy director of the Bureau of Dongguan City, the letter Liu Jiongxian think the next step needs to be focused on the wisdom of the manufacturing industry to promote the town as a base with a professional with the starting point. Since the moment of Dongguan in the electronics industry, mold manufacturing, wool and other industries, ERP system with automated robots, CNC machine compared to a wide range of applications; From a regional perspective, relying on special units in the industrial town of regional integration of the two features are Compared outstanding.
Lin Lixia also believes that there are a huge number of small and medium enterprises in Dongguan, Dalang Woolen like, Humen women that have "a town of a specialized industry," the characteristics of the specific needs of enterprises in Dongguan enterprises can now be developed in accordance with the characteristics of the various Towns services, through the whole town packed with professional cooperation, promote the use of smart manufacturing technology.
"Things are not the same force through the platform of the industry, cross-industry, cross-platform integration of resources, Dongguan able to use the advantages of professional town slowly cultured whole industry chain. "Lin Lixia said that based on the governments drive to promote the two angles now demands networking applications can be found in the professional town fulcrum public technical service platform.
In addition, government, research institutes, industry associations need to play to their respective functions and coordination.
Liu Jiong Xian statement to reporters, followed by the letter of reference bureau of Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Shunde, etc. experience, for many of the Intelligent Manufacturing tilt support from advanced manufacturing, technical innovation technology innovation, networking applications.
Thanks to government support, Dongguan gradually established a number of public innovation platform, wisdom has always been manufactured Combination angle forefront of the country. Among NC Central Industrial Technology Research Institute, Dongguan, including Dongguan hatched Xun Information Technology, Dongguan think Valley of digital technology, Dongguan easy step robots seven science and technology enterprises, completed nearly billion in economic benefits. And only in the Songshan Lake, similar to the institutes research platform Neutron Science Center have Dongguan, Guangdong Electronics Industry Institute, etc. 10.
Junqin think, to make a robot may need 100 to do systems integration business, after the capture of core technology research institutes can attract downstream related parts production, gathering a large number of application software companies, his company is also looking forward to Dongguan in completion of the core components to replace imports.

Keyword:Automation, shoes, market, price, sewing, research, clothing, women, dynamic situation

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