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The rising cost of cotton spinning enterprises to transition

Published on:2013/12/20 11:29:06

Keyword:Fiber, spinning, yarn, cotton, automation, cotton, market, textile, chemical fiber, wool
Introduction:With the rapid growth of labor costs, costs continue to rise in cotton, cotton products more expensive, and the countrys cotton existing regulatory po...

With the rapid growth of labor costs, costs continue to rise in cotton, cotton products more expensive, and the countrys cotton existing regulatory policies, so that cotton growing enterprise development space is limited. No matter which model of development can be sure that the textile industry reached a resonance in the future direction of development, actively pursuing the transformation and upgrading, efforts to pursue the development of differentiation is the fundamental way out.
But the differences in the development of enterprises, should not only be limited to the application of new fibers, technical improvements, equipment updates, product quality improvement, or focus on a particular area to continue to improve, both textile companies to complete the development of differentiated areas. Insiders position, take the road of differentiation, not to say that is enough to make a new product, but multi-angle. Such as the application of new fibers blended with cotton fiber is completed by the new equipment, the completion of a low-carbon production process improvements, cost savings and so on. For enterprises, the "one" is to complete the development of differentiation medicine.
New spinning broaden the market
The rapid development of new technologies spinning, rotor spinning them with its own advantages, has become the main force of the new spinning technology. Rotor spinning at high speed, joints automation, multi-spindle of the machine, suitable for diverse varieties of spinning, spinning quality automatic monitoring and control equipment, such as stability and reliability point of view angle to get a very big step forward. Ring spinning is the "improved version." In hairiness, gloss, strength, abrasion resistance, anti-pilling, of yarn quality and production cost advantages stem angle, so that the compact yarn has the characteristics of high-end products, and gradually replace ordinary ring, is increasingly being recognized by the industry. Moment, Chinas spinning penetration is only about 8%, while India has reached 30%, spinning in China there are very large development space. Vortex spinning has high speed, large package, simplifying the process, saving labor with wide adaptability, comparison with conventional ring spinning, vortex spinning can reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment of the workshop, greatly enhance the productivity of labor, and no air vortex spinning technology and water infections, environmental protection is very high.
The emergence of these new spinning methods with technology, breaking the traditional mechanism of spinning yarn, making the upgrade spinning speed, roll increases as possible, so that greatly enhance labor productivity, but also for the textile industry completion of the differences in development given favorable conditions. Combined with the application of new fibers with new spinning technology, allowing differences in the development of enterprises even more powerful.
Dezhou Huayuan Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. can be described as the new spinning technology combined with new fiber head. Huayuan company in product innovation not only benefited from widespread application of new materials, more and more are due to ordinary spinning, spinning, spinning Siro, Siro spinning, vortex spinning, vortex core yarn , slub yarn and other modern technologies and Huayuan company developed a dense spinning technology Kam, Kam comb spinning technology, brocade velvet spinning technology and other technology use. Only use high-end equipment to ensure a stable yarn quality, while also reducing labor, improving product quality and angles played a very big role.
The new fiber is still the protagonist
For production-oriented enterprises, all the technological improvements, equipment upgrades, all services in the product produced. Applications, the ultimate goal of all kinds of new spinning technology make the product even better. Therefore, the application of new fibers are still differences in the development of the companies to complete the core steps. With the development of the textile industry with product upgrades, a variety of new fibers with functional fibers have been widely applied to the textile sector, which also makes the diversification of the traditional single from the past trend textiles. In addition, with the accumulation of experience with a breakthrough technology, a combination of various fibers between each other using the mashup can be done to optimize the industrial structure.
"Science and technology, ecology, environmental, functional" is the product positioning Dezhou Huayuan Eco-Technology Co., Ltd.. Venture will produce high value-added products focused on. The company is now used in the production of fiber types cover many types of plant fibers, animal fibers, synthetic fibers, inorganic fibers such as more than 500 kinds of fibers. Application of these fibers, the company produced a single component, including spinning, multi-component blended with pure worsted including, blended yarn. Companies use Modal, Tencel, bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber, moisture wicking fiber, cashmere, wool, milk protein fiber, soybean fiber, corn fiber, Kevlar, industrial fibers, organic cotton and other natural fibers to produce 12 series 6000 varieties. General Manager Zhang Lanfeng that enterprise applications and therefore so much fiber, is to allow companies to continue to develop new varieties continue to optimize the product structure. His stance is to continue to take the path of development of differentiated depth, continue to improve, continue to innovate the experience, business does not meet the current "differences", but focus on the future of "differences" so that enterprises always one step ahead.
At present, Chinas non-cotton textiles of significant developments in the future will be the development of functional, differentiated and have a comfortable, environmentally friendly features of the new fiber yarn as the main direction of the broad application of new fiber spinning, blended, adequate play a variety of Characteristics of the new fiber in order to achieve complementarity and improve fabric wearability, broaden the application areas to maximize new fiber yarn.
Hongyang Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a rotor spinning enterprises in Zhejiang Province in the crowd, rotor spinning raw material resources is very rich, silk reeling scraps, finishing off the plant tops and short hair wool, ramie textile factory finishing off linen, cotton, chemical fiber sub-rabbit and so can be used as raw material, rotor spinning difference in the length of these large, multi-impurity materials have good adaptability. And is suitable for the production of rotor spinning coarse yarn, and carded yarn, ramie yarn yarn number, just right for rotor spinning coarse yarn range, and number the thicker the number, the higher the yield, the greater the economic benefits. Dong Guan Dong Hongyang Group engineer position, rotor spinning companies to complete the development of differentiation is a good choice.
Focus on professional achievements Enterprise
In the ever-changing field of modern spinning enterprises through various means want to get market recognition. And some companies only focus on a particular point of view may continue to break, formed its own characteristics, thereby gaining industry recognition. There are professionals in the industry position, which is a complementary relationship, if doing business in a particular point of view, continue to improve, then the corresponding angle other naturally increases.
Dezhou Huayuan Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. can be said to have become synonymous with "differentiated fiber" Whenever the Texas Huayuan Textile, people always think it is the first to make differential fiber products. Huayuan company "specializing in new product, not the usual product" concept, relying on new equipment, application of new technology, such as fiber spinning using a variety of scientific development concept, the current proportion of new products has reached 100%, the product excellent quality have reached the level of internal control indicators.
Another distinctive feature of the enterprise to have is a cotton mill in Wuxi, its 10,000 employment of 20 people, has become a textile spinning mill catch all purposes. According to instructions, Wuxi YGM a cotton spinning workshop 135,000, capacity of about 270 people, an average of 10,000 employment of about 20 people, the whole labor Wuxi least one cotton plant. According to Wuxi, a description of the person in charge of cotton, the company YGM important process of spinning workshop on the introduction of advanced imported equipment, extensive use of sensor equipment, information technology equipment to enhance automation. Automated operations increase the workers see table, large package reduces the frequency of the daily work of workers, thereby reducing the labor. Wuxi has always been committed to technological innovation a cotton equipment only if the equipment can do, as far as possible to prevent workers commitments.
At present, the Chinese change the growth mode, complete the economic development of the transition period can be maintained, low-cost Gone are the days of cheap labor, and how to complete the development of differentiation, characteristics of the road out of a part of their business is in the core Period question worth pondering. "One" is certainly an effective way to differentiate companies to complete, but "multi-area" is also a good idea.

Keyword:Fiber, spinning, yarn, cotton, automation, cotton, market, textile, chemical fiber, wool

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