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"Printing and dyeing enterprises Environmental Compliance Guide" issued

Published on:2013/12/16 13:20:16

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Introduction:Environmental Protection Department recently issued "Guidelines for Environmental Compliance and dyeing enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as "Guid...

Environmental Protection Department recently issued "Guidelines for Environmental Compliance and dyeing enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as "Guidelines"). "Guidelines" for the country new, revision, and expansion of existing textile enterprises from the daily management of the project to build the whole experience to guide environmental management with standardized printing company with infection control standards.

"Guidelines" requirements, the new expansion dyeing projects must comply with national industrial planning with industrial policy, in line with the regions ecological planning of land use planning requirements. In the scenic area, the new printing project can not be in a nature reserve, with drinking water protection areas outside the boundaries of the main rivers specified range; lack of water or poor water quality printing area in principle to create a new project.

In addition, the "Guidelines" also stand, the new expansion project to adopt advanced printing technology, the adoption of a small infection intensity, energy saving equipment, major equipment parameters to complete the on-line monitoring with automatic control. Prohibit the choice included in the "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment" restricted category, backward production technology with equipment out of class, limiting the adoption and use of more than 5 years of age is less than the required energy saving Used pre-treatment, dyeing equipment. Requirements of the existing textile enterprises to expand technological innovation to support the adoption of advanced technologies to improve existing equipment and technology level, where a backward production technology with equipment business, must be combined with the elimination of obsolete equipment in order to allow the new expansion.

Meanwhile, the "Guidelines" encourage textile enterprises to develop production low consumption, low infection, in line with market demand, adoption of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials developed with independent intellectual property rights, high value-added textile products. Textile enterprises should implement three energy, water metering management, set up specialized agencies or personnel for energy, water, sewage situation supervision and construction management appraisal system with statistical systems.