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Yanling: nurturing characteristics of industrial clusters to build an upgraded version of the county economy

Published on:2013/12/11 15:20:23

Keyword:Luggage, market, leather, air conditioning, clothing, weaving, spinning, textile
Introduction:Lift Yanling, people will understand that it is "the first county of flowers." Over the years, the development of flowers and plants rely Yanling, out...

filed Yanling, people will understand that it is "the first county of flowers." Over the years, the development of flowers and plants rely Yanling, out of a "with flowers and trees to improve the ecological, ecological carrying tourism, eco-activated tertiary," the characteristics of the road, through this special way, the development of effective Yanling county economy, 600,000 acres of landscaped propped up half of the agricultural county, 650,000 people Yanling flowers in woodlands and enjoy happy times.

Currently, Yanling county picked up the flowers of the "characteristics" of the magic, pay close attention to characteristics of industrial clusters, industrial padded short board, promote economic restructuring, to build industrial parks, drive to upgrade the countys economic transformation development, in plain woodlands in to straighten a unique industrial forest.

Yanling County Committee, on behalf of the county Yiner Jun told reporters, Yanling specialty is the soul of industrial agglomeration area, we follow the "grow bigger, training leader, build brand, develop clusters" of ideas, leading industry continues to surround characteristic elongated chain promote the rapid development of industrial agglomeration area.

comparison with a number of textile county, Yanling moment more than 30 companies, 1.2 million of the scale perhaps not big enough, but enough Yanling textile industry cluster "special." A few years ago, relying on a good basis for the textile industry, through investment, Zhejiang ZhenDe Group have invested in Yanling 1.1 billion yuan to build a textile, medical dressings, medical supplies three projects, not only led to the rapid development of the county more than 20 textile enterprises and the textile industry chain extension to spinning, weaving, clothing, medical dressings, such as end-consumer. Only Zhende a business, in 2012 the output value of 20 billion on exports worth $ 30 million, profits of 250 million yuan for three consecutive years in the domestic textile industry ranked the top three medical dressing - Yanling has become an important medical dressings production base.

luggage characteristics of industrial clusters is reflected Yanling human innovative spirit. Yanling County Deputy Magistrate Yang Fugen, said a few years ago or even ten years ago, people in the field in the luggage Yanling produced five or six million people, was founded more than 1,000 enterprises, which is to see the advantages with the potential, through the multi- expedition demonstration, selected as Yanling luggage industrys dominant industry, to take "the government to take the stage for enterprises, market leader," the development of ideas to develop, so a large number of goods production, design, sales professionals have "phoenix Nest. "

2008, the county government to finance 180 million yuan to start to build industrial park luggage, and through the operation of the market, the introduction of Zhejiang Sunshine Group completed the transfer of assets as a whole, the establishment of Xuchang Jinbo Li luggage Corporation; company has invested 1.16 billion yuan build standardized production workshop, leather bags business city, with e-commerce platform development center and other facilities, the cumulative production and sales enterprises settled in more than 400 bags, produce bags at home and abroad with OEM brand 121, the annual production capacity of 300 million boxes (pieces ), products are exported to over 30 countries with the region, with an annual turnover of 3 billion yuan and exports worth $ 20 million, profits of 350 million yuan. Since April this year, 210 million yuan investment in 50,000 square meters of the city into operation fur bags, not only make the luggage industry improved, and also outside the province received more than 30 travel agencies shopping tour to Yanling, as of the moment, tourists reached 100,000 passengers, turnover of 76 million yuan.

Currently, hundreds of companies get together Yanling luggage Park gathering, through production, logistics, sales, research and integration, the formation of industrial clusters. 2011, Yanling luggage industry has been included in the "1025" period the provincial government focus on supporting the development of special industries, 2012, Yanling leather goods market has also become one of the "four characteristics of the professional market," Henan Province in September this year and was awarded the title of Chinas Light Industry Federation, Chinas Leather Association, "our luggage and leather goods industry base", the initial formation of the "Southern Guangdong Shiling, north baigou Hebei, Henan Yanling there," the luggage industry development pattern.

featured professional park to build on the positive training equipment manufacturing industry cluster with food drinks industry cluster. Moment, industrial parks in China has initially formed a Department of transformers, lifting off, the golden eagle as the leading lifting equipment manufacturing industry cluster, the dragon away food, Xinyuan food, good surface Merrell industry as a leader in the food industry cluster . In 2012, a letter from the Beijing Olympic Group invested 5 billion yuan to build the Austrian letter Henan saving equipment manufacturing industrial park, located in the industrial clustering technology Avenue East, covering nearly 2,000 acres, an investment of 1.6 billion yuan, covers an area of ​​500 acres, establishment period from March 2013 to October 2014. Main establish annual output of 600,000 kW triple for air source heat pump air-conditioning intelligent manufacturing projects, with an annual output of 60,000 tons of copper precision manufacturing projects, multi-plate type super blue film solar manufacturing projects, LED lighting products and display manufacturing projects saving modular substation manufacturing projects with a total construction area of ​​400,000 square meters, is a cluster of related industries with the introduction of ancillary equipment manufacturing enterprises laid a foundation.

cut flowers are deep processing industry cluster has been reflected. Reporters also learned that a few years ago in the development of thousands of acres of Yanling Serenade Rose planting base in Henan Industrial Company, ready to be launched in the rose oil industry cluster projects, mainly engaged rose hydrosol, essential oils, cosmetics, health food and family development, production with sales. The current project has been signed with a total investment planned 650 million yuan. Flowers county landscaped industrial chain has also been extended with the expansion.

"We will seize the eighth session of the Third Plenary comprehensively deepen reforms, Zhengzhou Airport Economic comprehensive experimental zone, such as a huge opportunity to build, based on the construction of the one carrier, three systems, with plenty of features to play Yanling advantage efforts to implement the ecological county, industrial Fu County, to the city Xingxian development strategy, to build an upgraded version of the countys economy. "county party secretary Yuan BY confident with the determination of root words.


Keyword:Luggage, market, leather, air conditioning, clothing, weaving, spinning, textile

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