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Dyeing and Finishing Machinery

Printing and dyeing industry, the development of a differentiated market space

Published on:2013/11/26 13:40:16

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Introduction:Not long ago, specializing in the production of cotton spinning color color Spinning Co., Ltd. Shaoxing pass the sights increasingly competitive print...

Not long ago, specializing in the production of cotton spinning color color Spinning Co., Ltd. Shaoxing pass the sights increasingly competitive printing industry, printing and dyeing enterprises to purchase in the form of license and sewage indicators will Fusheng, a printing company owned by the town for its.

With the expansion of environmental pressures, rising labor costs and soaring dyes, printing and dyeing industry, profit margins were repeatedly suppressed, as the "outsider" and "China-color spinning" broke into the printing industry has invested heavily Why?

Gathering place is hard to find specialty printing dyeing

In recent years, the concept of environmental protection with clothing consumption strengthened, "China-color spinning" color yarn sales has always been higher. However, the company chairman season seedlings in a pleasant country apart but encountered an embarrassing situation: because the materials are not the same with dyed fabric dyeing, dyeing cotton material was hard to find in a local factory, had to pull a truck raw Ningbo Shangyu queue processing such as dyeing factory. "In the field of dyeing factories processing fee from each other not only stained the final say, raw material transportation costs also expanded the companys costs. "JI Guo Miao said the company thousands of yuan each year in the local dyeing nowhere landed.

The same was dyeing "detour" theres Sian located Yangxunqiao retardant technology companies. The company specializes in the production of fire and other functional fabrics, especially in case of dyeing, Changshu, Jiangsu and other places only to processing. "Functional fabrics dyed angle must have special requirements, and meet the requirements difficult to find Shaoxing dyeing factory, we can not not sent overseas for processing. "General Manager Chen Haixing frustration.

Special staining considerable profit margins

How many special dyeing processing fee per meter? 12 yuan! Which is expensive stained fees Chen Hai Xing recently opened a fire-retardant fabric, enough to make many printing companies, "jealous", with the processing fee usually about 2 yuan per meter compared retardant fabric dyeing fees six times higher. "While there is a certain process retardant fabric dyeing and dye requirements, but CDW profit absolutely impressive. "Faced with such a high price, Shaoxing dyeing enterprises are unable to take orders, only watched Chenhai Xing materials sent to outward processing.

In fact, special staining "cake" is not small, even for its excellent technology, but also the surrounding areas to attract demand after another. Chenhai Xing engaged in entrepreneurial path functional fabrics retardant is the best introduction to the moment, "Sian technology" has attracted five international airlines to purchase flame retardant airline blanket, and also won many domestic and foreign customers admiring, the company completed sales of over 50 million yuan.

"Special staining profit margins. "JI Guo Miao said the company would have to pay only the cost of dyeing more than 10 million per year, of which the profit is difficult to compare the ordinary printing company, took a fancy to this point, it is hard to find a local processing enterprises, the season before the courage to enter the country seedlings specialty printing and dyeing industries.

Take the difference of road upgrade

CDW moment stained with dye fee charges 10 years ago to increase the number of comparisons? Recently, the price department will be visited on the understanding dyed price, printing and dyeing business operators answer is "essentially unchanged."

Dyes prices, rising labor costs, environmental pressures, the cost of upgrading the current cost of printing and dyeing enterprises involved are on the rise, but they basically did not dye fee rise, which means printing corporate profits increasingly squeezed. "From a market price transmission to the Rule, the costs rise, corporate parties more or less passed. "Price department official said, dyeing enterprises Why violate the law difficult to pass on price, because the industry overcapacity, intense competition led to homogenization, or even malicious price competition.

"Shaoxing dyeing industry do not seek bigger, you should spend this time in how to develop new products and enhance the value of angles. "Analysis of the industry, despite the launch of the National Development and Reform Commission," after the printing industry access "threshold dyeing industry has improved, but it had a larger capacity Shaoxing dyeing industry, nowadays the most important thing is not to expand, but how about improving quality, which is also a difference in production to improve the development of the road.