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Four thousand dollars per ton of poor domestic cotton prices, cotton spinning enterprises focused their attention on imported cotton

Published on:2013/11/26 13:40:15

Keyword:Cotton prices, market conditions, statistics, surveys, cotton yarn, cotton
Introduction: "moment, India, Pakistan and other major cotton producing countries emerging domestic seed cot

"moment, India, Pakistan and other major cotton producing countries emerging domestic seed cotton purchase price is very low, Indian cotton CIF only 15,000 yuan / ton, Australia and the U.S. cotton one ton of cotton are between 15,000 -1.6 million . "Provincial Cotton Association executive vice president Yang Shanxing description, the price advantage of imported cotton textile enterprises make purchases eyes firmly fixed on the country cast storage of cotton, imported cotton with cotton yarn, cotton prices of domestic goods is no advantage.


"imported cotton is not only the lowest, the quality is better than the domestic cotton." interview, many textile enterprises reflect, though since last year the company sold the storage of cotton in the national reserve cotton -1.8 19,800 yuan / ton , but still higher than the 3000-4000 yuan / ton than imported cotton, lint and abroad because of the difference is large, resulting in large and medium-sized textile enterprises choose imported cotton as raw material, the domestic cotton goods are basically no market price.


get the message from the Provincial Bureau Xianjian province after acceptance of 400 cotton purchasing and processing enterprises have 259. As of November 1, 2013 the National Cotton temporary storage auction cumulative annual turnover of 1.34 million tons, about 60,000 tons of Hebei turnover, accounting for 4.6%. Hebei turnover ratio, is not commensurate with the production of cotton and some cotton province status.


"expand the floating range of seed cotton purchase price, increased risk." Talking reserves the province this year to pay a small reason, King County Yinhua company chairman Ge Wenming told reporters that the company early to 4.35 yuan / kg of seed cotton acquired 2,000,000 pounds, a loss of 200,000 yuan to pay storage after processing, the latter to 4.25 yuan per catty acquired 300 kilograms of seed cotton, overall flat afterwards. Ge Wenming afterwards, according to the current 4.2 yuan per kilogram of seed cotton, lint acquisition of 36 to break even. To reduce losses, the moment they received only 500 kilograms of seed cotton in previous years, this time, to the acquisition of more than 2,000 kilograms.


"If by 4.3 yuan / kg, 35 acquisition of seed cotton lint, the price will be processed upside down." Granville County, supply and marketing cooperatives main Ren Gao Cheng soldier explained, Granville County cotton processing plant this year generally considered dangerous, low efficiency, acquisition is not active, some cotton processing plant has not started, companies want to be low cotton prices.


in cotton compared to low efficiency, the province has five consecutive years cotton area decrease


recently, when King County saw large cotton oil mill village Zhigang, he was put into a cotton bag to idle Westinghouse stacked nearly 30 square meters room, shining white cotton occupied the most space.


"Why not sell cotton stood so much?" the reporter asked.


"long ago to 4.35 yuan / kg price to sell 1,000 pounds, these days the price is down 4.1 to 4.2 yuan / kg, good quality cotton year on year, the production also fell, prices should This higher, I would like to wait and see. "Zhigang told reporters that he contracted 30 acres of land growing cotton, yield about 460 pounds an acre of land cost is about 1,200 yuan, the therefore reluctant to sell because of an acre Some uneconomical to make five or six hundred.


"our county more than 100 million acres of arable land, 80 acres of growing cotton, good quality cotton this year, three are basically white cotton, farmers generally improved expectations on prices, some of the seed cotton farmers stand less than 4.5 yuan / pounds do not sell, and some even stand 5 yuan / kg requirements. "in Granville County cotton producing county, high into the soldier explained, in previous years, this season, the county has sold about half of the cotton, and this year, but only 1/3.


Li Xiaobing is a cotton buyers Granville County, thought enjoys late this year, farmers will sell faster, who knows what with willing to violate, farmers generally reluctant to sell. Li Xiaobing told reporters, because the quality is generally better with cotton this year, farmers purchase price expectations have increased dramatically, with cotton processing enterprises have been out of the purchase price was essentially flat, which leads to brokers almost unprofitable. In order to make money, buyers can only lower prices, which in turn led to the acquisition of the difficulty of expanding.


municipalities Cotton Association survey summary data show that the main producing province of Cotton picking basically ended, as of the moment, the provinces new cotton to sell less than 30% in some places sell only about 10%.


benefit because cotton production started to decline compared to the preliminary statistics, in 2013 the province of cotton acreage 780 acres, a decrease of 10.2% over the previous year, the province has five consecutive years cotton area decrease.


variable subsidy processing enterprises as "subsidies" farmers, or unlock the sale "Sikou"


In recent years, the state grain subsidies on food, more grain, cotton preferential intensity is small, just a seed subsidies, wheat, corn and autumn the resulting amount of subsidy of 20 yuan / mu, 15 yuan more than the cotton season / acres, as well as subsidies for food and other staple agricultural subsidies with subsidies. Large cotton Zhigang said: "not in cotton subsidies, resulting in cotton with grain fell compared with the same efficiency, technical complexity of cotton production and management, in addition to planting, the majority did not complete mechanization of production processes, production and employment. more time and labor, pest control, pruning pruning, harvesting, etc., to spend a lot of labor, the current cotton pickers fee has risen to 0.8-1 yuan / kg, in particular for large cotton unfavorable. "


It is understood that in order to stabilize domestic cotton production, farmers break the high cost of production, increase the bottleneck is difficult to protect the interests of farmers, since 2011, the state implemented a three-year temporary storage policies, subsidies for cotton processing enterprises, State Reserve cotton purchase price this year has been raised to 20,400 yuan / ton, push down cotton processing enterprises purchase price in accordance with the State Reserve cotton purchase price, but the effect is not ideal, under the impact of imported cotton farmers income still appears difficult year processing cost of doing business upside down "dilemma" situation. To protect the interests of farmers and promote the healthy development of the cotton industry, the experts recommended that the government should learn from the experience of developed countries, the implementation in cotton "subsidy" policy, the development of the cotton industry subsidies directly to farmers growing cotton in reducing benefit farmers policy in the middle part of the loss.


experts believe that the current backward province of planting cotton production methods, small-scale, low level of mechanization, planting high cost factors also cause the above phenomenon. So, to change the traditional way of planting backward to enhance scientific and technological content with the level of mechanization of cotton production is imperative.


limited upside late seed


experts recommend farmers to choose the sales


WASHINGTON (Reporter Zhao Hongmei) analysts believe that this year the late seed cotton purchase price upside is limited. There are three main reasons :2013-2014 annual cotton purchasing and storage policy adjustments to the grade of cotton, cotton acquisition requires the State Reserve tighter; textile enterprises are still in the doldrums this year survival environment, product sales situation is not optimistic, greater financial pressure; cheap imported cotton for the domestic cotton market continues to suppress, so many domestic cotton prices have given up or reduced seed acquisition plans.


industry sources, the listing is more concentrated pre-seed this year, but far below the expected delivery schedule storage, storage space pressure forced the majority of seed cotton ginning factories can not be acquired without reducing the amount. Decrease in market demand, and constantly rising price of seed cotton natural space is limited. Experts recommend farmers to choose the sales, so as not to affect revenue.


American farmers subsidy policy


production subsidies: direct supply of cotton growers, including direct subsidies with anti-crisis subsidies. Direct subsidies to cotton production price has nothing to do with. To get direct subsidies to cotton growers, annual planting agreement must be signed with the government, and clearly their base acreage and yield subsidies.


sales subsidies: farmers can directly sell cotton at higher cotton prices, the government can choose to sell at a low price in order to get a loan when. After rising cotton prices, farmers can choose to repay the loan redemption cotton re-sold in the market; future market prices remain in the doldrums, cotton farmers will be able to remain in the hands of the government directly by the government unified the auction.


Keyword:Cotton prices, market conditions, statistics, surveys, cotton yarn, cotton

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