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Yiwu Knitting and Garment Machinery Exhibition grand opening automation

Published on:2013/11/21 13:19:57

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Introduction:"Fourteenth country (Yiwu) International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Exhibition" (YiWu Hosiery & Knitting) with the ...

"Fourteenth country (Yiwu) International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Exhibition" (YiWu Hosiery & Knitting) with the "third country (Yiwu) International Garment Machinery and sewing automation System Equipment Exhibition "(YiWu Garment & Sewing) (abbreviation: 2013 Yiwu Knitting and Garment Machinery Exhibition automation) yesterday in Zhejiang Yiwu International Expo Center opened.

The four-day exhibition (until November 22) attracting visitors from 11 countries and regions, more than 200 knitting and garment machinery automation and quality leader in enterprise collective debut, an exhibition area of ​​15,000 square m. The exhibition is expected to have more than 12,000 professional buyers and visitors at home and abroad more than 10 associations and enterprises at home and abroad to visit the procurement visiting groups, show a more specialized, market-oriented, branded exhibition policy, committed to creating the most Strong knitted garment machinery and automation-commerce platform.

first collaboration with the Government of Zhejiang Province

exhibition for the first time this year with the Zhejiang provincial government cooperation is the "country Yiwu International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition" in which a forum to share information with the resources, both in size and specifications have been significantly improved. Meanwhile, the exhibition with their own brand of influence once again from home and abroad with the appeal of knitting, socks, seamless underwear, automated garment machinery industry with the active participation of enterprises, they will showcase the latest products with the technology, reflecting the development of the industry new developments.

in underwear mechanical angle, get the enthusiastic support of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including: Santoni (Santoni), Chee Sing (Cixing), Heng Shun Heng Sheng, etc., leading lingerie industry, to meet the new demands of the market development.

round machine, socks perspective brings together the industrys top companies, columns, such as: Italy, Rhone ground (Lonati), Taiwan, Roland (Taiwan Dakong), Taiwans Luo bump, Bao Holdings, Austrian gong Pull (Aurora), etc., bring their latest products unveiled for enterprise transformation and upgrading services.

also printing and dyeing machinery Italy Flainox, Japan Union Industry, Italy Conti Complett, Italy Cubotex, Italy Tonello exhibited on behalf of companies and other industries.

In addition, the yarn companies Fulgar, Lurex, Singtex, Pele cool, Scafe, etc., will show the audience their knitwear and clothing sector in the latest application of new products; sewing area showcasing the latest moment sewing machines, such as the major exhibitors: Omori, Shu Pute, Toyama, the Czech Republic, Pegasus, standards, Jack holding, Kingland etc. They are innovations in the field to display their models; spinning machinery there were also Switzerland SSM, Italy Fadis other hand showcase new energy saving products, energy saving power companies; Tajima embroidery machines from Japan angle portrait of joining; Ribbon enterprises Jakob Mueller, Taiwan Wei Seiki, Zhejiang Jiayi, Pingyang to Le, Kingland other exciting show.

supporting activities held in conjunction with a series of professional

exhibition this year, in addition to high-tech display industry equipment, in order to attract more and more professionals in the industry to come to observe, understand industry trends with the latest information, the pursuit of more and more opportunities for cooperation and development, help with the transformation and upgrading of technological transformation of enterprises, the exhibition held a series of professional and high-level, targeted with effective and strong supporting activities. Including: November 20 of the "2014 ~ 2015 lingerie design trend developments cum", "clothing enterprise network marketing and how to expand the use of e-commerce platform," and "energy saving --- Garment Finishing Innovation and Technology" and other forums ; 21 November to "create a new era of environmental protection garment dyeing, printing and dyeing green, green washing", "functional fabrics in sportswear and underwear application and development trends" and other forums; November 20 to 21, "the third session of the new technology of Chinas international knitting Forum ".

In addition, since its inception in 2010, the highly acclaimed "knitting boutique fashion gallery" continue to show, as well as by Adsale Exhibition (Adsale) with Hong Kong Zhongda Industrial (Chemtax) jointly organized the "Fashion? knitted garments show" national tour of this exhibition is also on stage again for the audience to bring visual gluttonous feast.

buyers is to ensure the quality of the results of the core elements of the show. Through this exhibition before the exhibition SMS, direct mail, e-mail, telephone, and other forms of associations comprehensive invite industry professional buyers to visit and purchase, complete precision docking, both supply and demand through the exhibition platform for face to face negotiations, reached a cooperation with trading orders.

exhibition always get the support of the majority of visitors, attracted more than 10 key industry trade association group member companies with the notification to be visited, including: initial support Jiangsu Textile Fashion Color Association , Shanghai Textile Association, Haimen garment industry associations, chambers of commerce, Putian, Yiwu, Hangzhou Textile Industry Association, Pujiang leggings Industry Association, Northeast Socks Industrial Park, Chinas Oriental Silk Market, Chinas textile trade associations lingerie Professional Committee; well for many years Supported Haining Hosiery Association, Wenzhou Women Chamber of Commerce, Zhuji Socks Industry Association, Pujiang County Knitting, Dyeing Association.

Meanwhile, the exhibition also received numerous industry with the active participation of well-known enterprises, including: Langsha Knitting, Fenli Group, Po Lady Group, Wan Yu knitting, knitting Blum, green knitting, Chia Meng By socks, red pepper Hosiery, Socks Man pose to peak Hosiery, Mengna, Timi socks, knitwear divine, Lima knitting, Lida knitting, dyeing and finishing company Dragon, Chinese knitted socks Marguerite industry, Poseidon clothing, Wella knitting, Tin Shui knitting, Dina Si knitting, Yiting Knitting, extraordinary garments, Wing Lee apparel, Huinongsi knitted underwear, Yan Cheung clothing, Iraq Tong apparel, clothing and Mongolia, proud Levin Clothing, Chrestensen costumes, Jinhua Ran ni Clothing, Zhejiang Garment CROSS etc. will certainly come to the site visit and purchase.

"2013 Yiwu Knitting and Garment Machinery Automation Exhibition" organized by the Peoples Government of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Economic and Information Technology Commission with the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, municipal peoples government, Yiwu Municipal People Government, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, jointly sponsored by the Chamber of International Chamber of Commerce Yiwu, Yiwu City Hosiery Industry Association, Yiwu City Braiding Industry Association, Yiwu City Seamless Knitting Industry Association, Yiwu City Zipper Industry Association, Yiwu City Garment Industry Association, Yiwu City Glove Industry Association, Pujiang County Knitting, Printing and Dyeing Industry Association utmost co.


Keyword:Knitting, socks, apparel, automotive, garment machinery, clothing, printing and dyeing, socks, market, textile

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