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Its high-end smart way to go into the era of intelligent textile equipment revolution

Published on:2013/11/13 12:05:44

Keyword:Automation, cotton, spinning, research, condition, roving machine, chemical fiber, yarn, yarn winding machine
Introduction:In the 12th Asia Textile Conference and 2013 Annual Meeting of Chinas textile and textile equipment branch of the court, "Kang Pinna Cup" modern texti...

in the 12th Asia Textile Conference and 2013 Annual Meeting of Chinas textile and textile equipment branch of the court, "Kang Pinna Cup" modern textile technology and equipment technology seminar attracted participants from industry associations, universities, research institutions and enterprises Many experts. The theme of this seminar is to surround equipment automation and intelligence to carry out.

its high-end smart way to go

The idea that a new round of industrial revolution is upon us, and its direction is the virtual network will be combined with the physical entity, the future will be the era of digital, networked, intelligent era.

moment, some domestic textile enterprises in the automation and intelligence establishment perspective has gained some results. Chinese Textile Machinery Equipment Industry Association, vice chairman Zhu Xianmin by analyzing current trends in the development of a new industrial revolution that digital, networked, intelligent era is coming, so to continue to promote Chinas textile equipment, automation, intelligent technology to a higher level of development. According to Zhu Xianmin description, and some have completed the carding spinning enterprises, joint thickness, thin envelope Union, through the process of connecting dramatically reduce labor, reduce manpower costs, improve product margins. If in the direction of deepening the development of this child, the adoption of more and more intelligent technology, the future will be expected to build domestic fewer people, no cotton factory or workshop.

Some chemical fiber production enterprises through the control system to complete the filament winding, inspection, packing. In addition to reducing labor outside, through the intelligent recognition system able to continue on the basis of the original production, improve the quality of goods supplied to customers, improve value-added products, increase corporate profits. In the future, the control system will communicate product information to keep up with downstream processes to help companies build the product to become intelligent products, so that every one can understand that it is silk pie when the production, in which the spinning position production, will go where available what processes to handle other information. In the digital, networked, intelligent situation, textiles, clothing can also be done from mass production to mass production methods to produce customized products.

Zhu Xianmin believe, however, the moment of automation, intelligent technology level is still low compared to the future will enter the high-speed development period. He notes that in the spinning process, for example, in the future we can continue to complete the device, in order to reduce human intervention. In angle spinning equipment, electric spindle technology can be further promoted. Moment, when the spindle yarn breakage is still running, still roving feed, so consumed with raw energy. Electric spindle technology can accomplish without breakage sensor single spindle automatic stop with roving stop feeding. Coupled with advanced control system, companies can control one thousand when the breakage rate, thus completing the night unattended.

Jingwei Textile Machinery Company Limited Chief Engineer Lin Jianwang statement, the new unmanned cotton digital factory has perception, decision-making, executive function, consistent with national focus on high-end equipment manufacturing industry development direction, with the industrialization of information technology is an important manifestation of the depth of integration . Establish a new unmanned digital plant cotton, cotton spinning enterprises will accelerate the transformation and upgrading, improve production efficiency, technological level with product quality, reduce energy and resource consumption, saving labor costs, the completion of spinning experience digital, intelligent and network to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises play an important role to deal with international challenges. He believes that through the promotion of intelligent textile technology, the integration of new ideas, new technologies, create new unmanned cotton digital factory will become current with the coming period the main task of textile equipment enterprises.

domestic intelligence development speed

moment, the domestic textile and equipped with new automation, intelligent technology development has entered the fast lane. Workshop was attended by representatives of a number of enterprises stand, their new technology, new equipment, new systems have been widely applied. These new technologies have not only the concept of innovation, better to solve practical problems in production. The audience also conducted exchanges with the experts, some enterprises through expert user instructions, a better understanding of the status of these technologies.

Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry Automation Automation Technology Engineering Research Center Logistics with automatic doffing machine should be used in chemical production enterprises, can be completed automatically drop from the wire winding machine, drum machine from falling into the automatic loading trolley cars, auto print small labels with craft cards, automatically stores each wire cake production experienced information technology experience without human intervention, ensuring tail wire in the same direction.

Dorset Global Machinery (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. joint thickness of intelligent automatic roving machine automatic doffing system as the center or roving machines launching point, to complete the automatic spinning, air-filled tube exchange roving, yarn storage library , roving into yarn intelligent transportation, spinning tail yarn automatic online clearing, air traffic control automation configuration, yarn tail yarn screening, roving species identification and other functions, the final completion of the roving spun with conveyor automation, continuous, digital control, spinning mills producing many varieties to meet automation requirements.

In addition to cotton spinning equipment with intelligent continuous spinning process outside the system, Jingwei Textile Machinery Company Limited further statement of intelligent logistics and warehousing system with flexible new unmanned cotton digital factory concept. Intelligent use of flexible logistics and warehousing systems barrels intelligent transportation system, intelligent transportation systems combed cotton roll, Cheese intelligent sorting conveyor packaging system that allows flexible connection between the spinning process, to avoid contact damage yarn to enhance the production of continuous level of automation.

LIN Jian Wang believes that smart cotton spinning equipment with high-speed, high-yield, high-performance, can greatly improve yarn quality with value-added products. Combined machine with the AGV system based on logistics and warehousing system to complete the spinning process with flexible connection between rigid to ensure that the whole process of running stability, reliability, continuity, greatly improved production efficiency. Big Data with cloud computing technology will help cotton spinning equipment with network monitoring management systems, ERP systems, to enhance the level of information cotton plant.

Pacific Mechatronic (Group) Co., Ltd., Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute of Mechanical Technology, Shaoxing Sheng Pu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and other units of intelligent, digital electric mule, cheese dyeing digital, intelligent Twister control systems and many other automation, intelligent technology also reflects the high level of domestic textile equipment.

equipment revolutionary opportunity approaching

an angle of textile equipment manufacturing enterprises in the automation and intelligence breakthroughs in technology continue to receive; an angle in terms of cost pressures, the user enterprise hopes new technology to reduce labor costs and improve product quality. Chinese automation and intelligence equipment levels continue to improve, continue to increase the scale of production, continued to authorized users at home and abroad, these conditions can be seen at the workshop.


Keyword:Automation, cotton, spinning, research, condition, roving machine, chemical fiber, yarn, yarn winding machine

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