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Awkward cotton purchasing and storage: domestic cotton who received who lose money

Published on:2013/10/30 11:27:25

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Introduction:Social business Oct. 29 hearing into October, the new cotton market, it is the buyers acquired a large number of seed cotton processing, when the proc...

business community on October 29 hearing into October, the new cotton market, it is the buyers acquired a large number of seed cotton processing, when the processed lint, part of the cross at the State Reserve and partly to the market. But reporters in the main cotton producing areas in Shandong interview, they noticed that the new cotton market this year has been no post processing enterprises qualified reserves almost all downtime and almost no flow to the local cotton market.

see around of golden corn, we may be hard to imagine I was in a venue where the cotton processing enterprises. This enterprise storage because there is no cross-qualification, without the acquisition of cotton, cotton should have been this stacked venue currently only basking in corn.

Song, general manager of Shandong Fortune cotton industry Ruisheng said before this time can receive up to twenty or thirty kilograms of one day, the car is basically a number next to endure the closing of this year that are confiscated.

open the locked factory gate, the reporter saw the inside of the device to the workshop is very clean, Qu Rui Chan told us that this is his year, just on the device, several partners wanted expansion, did not expect the current has turned out completely discontinued.

Fortune Shandong Cotton Shui Sang Song, general manager, said, can not dry, so idle.

According to Qu Ruisheng that, when the market price of seed cotton is catty four four to four five, according to this acquisition comes processed into lint prices, the cost per ton of lint no difference how much you want to reach nineteen thousand eight hundred million. Even according to the cost price of such sales, Shandong textile enterprises do not want to accept.

Fortune Shandong Cotton Shui Sang Song, general manager, said: "sell, Spinners not accept, simply Spinners nobody come to, you lose money than to recover from."

Shandong Liming Li Zhou, general manager, said the cotton industry, how much money received also lose money to sell more than a thousand, who received who lose money.

moment Shandong has nearly 800 cotton processing enterprises, so far has not started accounted for 55%, and these companies have a common characteristic, that is, do not pay storage qualification. Three years ago, the state launched the cotton purchasing and storage system, provides qualified enterprises, in accordance turned over to the state purchasing and storage price of lint. But not qualified enterprises, lint are all market-oriented. This year, because the market is always hovering in the low lint prices, which led to expect all marketed almost all the cotton processing enterprises have been difficulties.

cotton analyst Sunli Wu Zhuo record information that did not (pay storage) qualified enterprises, not even 1% operating rate to Shandong Tianhong Textile Co., Ltd. Chairman Liu thick that there is simply some of the cotton plant, close up lose money, but only to pay the State Reserve, so the cotton to the current one oclock liquidity are not, in previous years, one hundred percent here in the open, but only three two at present.

domestic cotton price gap between domestic cotton textile enterprises to give up

Shandong, more than half of the cotton processing enterprises shut down, which means that domestic cotton to the market this year will be significantly reduced, and that living in the downstream textile enterprises, their raw materials come from it? Those textile enterprises to survive the current situation and how it?

reporter visited a number of textile enterprises in Shandong, found that their warehouses are stocked with a lot of cotton, and the companies also are produced in accordance with the normal rhythm of procurement, one asked, in fact they are purchasing imported cotton.

Shandong Textile Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhou Lifeng Ona said the Lord if Australia upland cotton and U.S. cotton is a very small part of the real estate do not cotton.

estate cotton basic need

companies tell us that the current price per ton of imported cotton to Hong Kong but only over fifteen thousand dollars, while the cost of domestic cotton price reached only nineteen thousand eight hundred or more, and the quality is not as good as imported cotton. Current cotton market is very sluggish, prices always remain low, even if the use of cheap imported cotton production, they are also almost at the edge of loss, not to mention the use of expensive domestic cotton.

Shandong Textile Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhou Lifeng Ona said the only flat, there are varieties reach the flat. Shandong Textile Co., Ltd. Chairman Cuifeng Jiang Yun, said the current price, we can protect our pretty good.

no profit there are many plants in the deficit

can buy imported cotton can barely not buy imported cotton base can only be discontinued collapse. Shandong Tianhong Textile is a huge second-hand textile equipment dealers, in this enterprise of the Treasury, the reporter saw seven gently used equipment neatly filled a room. Company official told us that this is a special year, a few years, people who come to them to sell more equipment, buy equipment, people are less and less.

Shandong Tianhong Textile Co., Ltd. Chairman Liu thick that tie these devices at this time for almost a year.

2009 2010 there will be such a long time to do? At that time, these devices first day here, no more than three days and went out, and now in this place more than a year.

current domestic veil is totally linked with the international prices, but other countries, the basic cost per ton of cotton fifteen thousand or so, so the high price of many domestic cotton textile enterprises in our country can not afford.

of Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong said that such a significant difference, which creates two problems, the first one is our cotton spinning enterprises operating losses, the current majority of cotton spinning enterprises, whether large or small, spinning pure cotton are losses, and therefore cause some small businesses closed down or stoppage 17:01 spun cotton yarn individual areas of expertise thirty thousand are small plants, about 30% to 50% of the cut, it should be said that compared to the situation grim.

post ChuBeiMian unprofitable cotton processing underemployment

significant price difference has been abandoned to the basic domestic cotton textile industry, which makes those who do not pay storage qualification cotton processing enterprises lost almost all tourists. Then those who have to pay storage qualification cotton processing enterprises, and whether they would be better than the day some of it?

in Shandong, one has to pay storage qualification cotton processing enterprises, the reporter saw factories were empty, and only the lazy dog ​​lying in the middle of the yard, do not see can not see to get more cotton cotton vehicles. Official told us that they enjoys ten days, the total amount of income not above a year more than a day.

Cotton Co., Ltd. Shandong Rui Xun Li, general manager, said, This is our cotton storage warehouses, before this whole warehouse full, before the top height of the beam, to come here full. And that warehouse, the previous year are seed cotton warehouses, idle all year, the estimates have to idle.

on the current market price of seed cotton has reached catty four five to four six, produced in accordance with the price per ton of lint will reach twenty thousand or so. The state purchasing and storage price per ton of cotton is three 20400, four cotton ton 19800. If coupled with transport and logistics costs, they did not pay storage profits may even want to lose money.

Cotton Co., Ltd., general manager of Shandong Rui Li Xun said the loss was at least 100 dollars, cotton, miscellaneous deduction if the deduction if the water can not reach twenty thousand four hundred, also nineteen thousand seventy-eight so. Shandong Ruifeng cotton industry manager Jyh Chang said, generally in about four four, nineteen thousand seventy-eight so.

State Reserve a profit you have made it?

no profit

Li Xun

plant opened, I saw all of the devices are off with a layer of ash. Switch on the electrical box, the machine has been covered with a spider web. Li Xun tells us that from August machine overhaul ready, even the people do not come here too, since the processing amount is too small, not worth the boot, and is not able to make money, simply discontinued.

Cotton Co., Ltd., general manager of Shandong Rui Li Xun said, I am currently at a loss, there is no intention to go step by step.

inspect the project up?


Which one?

Chemical piece.

do not intend to and detached the cotton?


Shandong Ruifeng cotton industry manager Jyh Chang said before this is difficult to dry also be able to buy cotton.

somewhat from profit?

now almost gone.

altered to produce?

In addition to production can not be changed


farmers reluctant to sell the price is still desirable

moment companies out of seed cotton purchase price generally in the four five to four six or so, but no one to sell cotton from the situation, the price for such farmers is obviously not desirable. Our survey also found that farmers were reluctant to sell the current grim, have higher expectations for the price. They based this expectation what is it? Then look at the report.

ZHENG Zi Guang, 59, all of life related to cotton on. First saw him, was he opened a small restaurant. More than one oclock, he was a restaurant in addition to nobody, two rest of the meal on the table, a table to eat the rest of the guests, a table to eat the rest of his own. His hotel just off the highway, this time in previous years, the restaurant often filled to collect cotton merchants, and this year is unusually deserted.

Shandong Texas cotton growers ZHENG Zi Guang said, closing cotton gone (before) mainly cotton pull too much, eat with lunch to go, one day up to sell four or five hundred dollars.

ZHENG Zi Guang told us early October and the closing down of several waves of people, but most farmers are reluctant to sell, so the current vendors do not even come here. Cotton received fewer people, in addition to the restaurant business is affected, ZHENG Zi Guang cotton but also for their own concerns, this year he planted twenty acres of cotton, the current did not sell.

Shandong Texas cotton growers ZHENG Zi Guang said that did not sell

Our village has someone to sell it?

No, that did not sell, it is due to low prices, did not sell.

ZHENG Zi Guang to reporters just T account, the year he acre estate at 500 pounds of cotton, according to four thirty-four price to sell, but also be able to buy 2200 dollars. But the cost of planting nearly sixteen hundred yuan, hard year before earning an acre of land seven or eight hundred dollars, he thought it would be uneconomical. Because cotton work time-consuming, but if it is with wheat, corn, planting more than one can go out to work in the future, and an acre of land revenue to reach more than 1,000 yuan, even higher than cotton. So he was going to wait.

Shandong Texas cotton growers ZHENG Zi Guang said that we can not sell recapture year

no way, low unwilling to sell, to collect cotton came, one that low prices do not sell, sell you reach five money, the money has to sell more than four

purchasing and storage policy has resulted in a comprehensive industry chain plight experts recommend subsidies

State applies cotton purchasing and storage, in order to protect farmers incomes with the original motivation in cotton, (into) but the actual operation situation, so the price farmers are still not desirable. And also to a certain extent, the expansion of the domestic cotton spreads, leading to domestic cotton no one is willing to use. Therefore, insiders are calling for, in order to make the whole industry chain out of the woods, it is time to adjust the state purchasing and storage policy.

actually in the cotton-producing countries such as the U.S., the low price of cotton cultivation in addition to their use of large machinery, low cost, the more important is the national high subsidies to farmers. China started from 2010s cotton purchasing and storage system is actually a subsidy through the textile enterprises in the market downturn in cotton prices higher than the market acquisition of indirect subsidies to farmers. Experts believe that this indirect subsidy not only inefficient, and also led to the outside objective cotton spreads widened.

of Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong said it has executed two years of cotton purchasing and storage policy, the current situation is not keeping up 27:08 The first is a significant difference at home and abroad, directly harm the interests of our spinning enterprises the second is to get farmers despite some benefits, but the benefits may be more and more cotton processing enterprises with cotton marketing companies to get the

subsidies ineffective, but the state did not spend less money. For three consecutive years, the state acquired a large number of cotton every year, inventory peaked at 12 million tons, while production in our country, but also a year of less than 700 tons. Large reserve tying a major funding. In order to free up funds, the capacity constantly acquire new cotton, the state cotton reserves can only auction closing incoming cotton 19000 20400 sell, plus other costs, which all sold ten million tons of cotton, then, the state invested subsidies will reach hundreds of billions.

cotton analyst Sunli Wu Zhuo record information that the entire State Reserve from 2011 to the present use of funds in the amount of 200 billion or more.

of Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong said that the current price is now put savings from purchasing and storage price directly measure the state one ton to paste 1400 dollars, not counting transportation costs, storage costs, not counting the devaluation, So I estimate that if reunification count, then the state should subsidize 3,000 yuan a ton, that ten million tons to more than 300 one hundred million what is not.

end, Gao Yong recommend letting the market determine prices, narrowing the spread of cotton inside and outside, and then implemented by the state subsidies for cotton farmers, so not only guarantee farmers incomes also allow enterprises to have a living space.

of Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong said that, we believe, in fact, a way to take farmers subsidies, both less than the current subsidies, and more directly encourage the enthusiasm of cotton farmers, is in accordance with planned 80 million acre count, 100 dollars per acre subsidy, then, but also 80 million, than we currently more than 300 one hundred million annual subsidy to be cost-effective multi-


Keyword:Cotton, prices, markets, textile industry, condition, cotton yarn, cotton spinning, spinning, investigation, textile

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