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Milk fiber in spinning, weaving and measures

Published on:2012/8/23 16:57:38

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Introduction:Material handling processes milk protein fiber is larger than the resistance, electrostatic phenomenon is serious, and the coefficient of friction between the fibers in the spinning process prone around the cylinder, suction spend, it is to ……

Spinning process and technical measures
    Material handling processes milk protein fiber is larger than the resistance, electrostatic phenomenon is serious, and the coefficient of friction between the fibers in the spinning process prone around the cylinder, suction spend, it is to be put into operation before the milk protein fiber necessary health treatment, adding an appropriate amount of antistatic agent and oil, which is the key to good milk protein fiber yarn, while ensuring that the milk protein fibers on moisture regain in 13% to 15% is appropriate. In addition, to ensure that the relative humidity of each production step, while making moisturizing protective work the semi-finished products of each step, to avoid electrostatic phenomena occur in the production process after the semi-finished wet bulk production inconvenience.
    Blowroom process for milk protein fiber with good uniformity, impurities less severe electrostatic Blowroom process, a short process, less grasping grasping handling, multi loose less playing process principle. Appropriate to reduce the ministries the thugs speed, SFA035C, mixed the opener only parallel thugs, skip the porcupine thugs, at the same time FA106B opener comb beater to reduce the damage to the fiber. To reduce water and oil in the lap of the volatile, rolls lap use plastic film wrapping bags, and asked to do do first before production.
    Carding severe milk protein fiber electrostatic phenomena and poor cohesion between the fibers in the carding process in the production process prone wound cylinder, doffer, aprons, and other phenomena, so low to control the various components running speed, as well as improve the transfer of the fiber, reducing neps, ministries should be reasonable preferred gauge. More expensive, the price of milk protein fiber carding rear of the craft to less drop or not to drop the main enterprises to adopt a fully enclosed rear process, while reducing the flat speed to reduce noil improve product rate.
    Carding of the production of the varieties the control humidity should be large, generally about 70% relative humidity control. In order to improve the quality of the sliver, using the principle of "light quantity, slow speed, tight gauge" process. In addition, the pressure of the pressure roller to small control, to reduce the damage to the fibers. And strip process in order to ensure uniform fiber mixed, and two are 8 and close way. Serious electrostatic milk protein fiber in the production process, and process should be addressed to the winding roller, rubber roller, especially 1,2 Rolla the following suction spend between phenomena do this and strip process should be to maintain a reasonable temperature and humidity, the varieties with a separate isolation humidification measures to ensure smooth production.
    For milk protein fiber characteristics, and the process should be "re-pressurized, the principle of light quantity, gauge, slow speed" process, to improve the familiar roads lead to dry, the head and the the larger back draft multiples, The end of the Road centralized draft to improve the fiber straight and parallel and sliver evenness.
    The roving process milk protein fiber surface friction coefficient is small, poor cohesion, fiber tends to curl roving twist factor should be too large to grasp. The roving tension to small control to reduce the roving accident elongation, improve the spun yarn evenness and the yarn unevenness. Improve roving dry after roving zone draft multiple small control while roving area gauge should be appropriate to enlarge. And a rough process the humidity than the production of cotton increased by about 5%, in order to ensure smooth production, steam humidification measures.
    Spinning process spinning process with a large front area and after the district roller gauge small after drafting multiple, small jaw gauge "process to improve the yarn quality, improve yarn evenness reduce the yarn faults principles. In addition, in order to ensure that the workshop life to do good, workshops with local humidification measures to control the production of the varieties of relative humidity of about 68%, to reduce due to electrostatic phenomena caused by the winding roller, rubber roller and thus give rise to a lot of yarn faults.
    Weaving process and technical measures
    Warping process due to the powerful lower milk protein fiber, in order to ensure the elastic yarn original, improve the quality of cloth warping process in speed, tension, low elongation "principle, variable frequency motor direct drive Ram Pressure disc adjustable tension means to obtain a constant winding speed and tension constant, thereby reducing the decapitation in the warping process and the weaving process, and twisted top phenomenon.
    Sizing process due to milk protein fiber yarn number smaller, lower strength, the sizing process speed should not be too high, generally 40r/min. Sizing machine commonly used process in speed, tension, low viscosity, low temperature "principle. In the case of the normal operation of the sizing machine, the tension of the various components to be reduced as much as possible, and use of lighter squeezing force to reduce the elongation of the sizing, the while preventing sizing caused by excessive yarn brittle fracture, solid content should not be too high. In the development of the slurry formulation to take into account not only help to soak and must have good film-forming process principles. The high concentration and low viscosity slurry, mainly modified starch, PVA, acrylic slurry supplemented slurry formulation, in order to improve the flexibility of the yarn, the abrasion resistance and hairiness appressed, so that the yarn surface flexibility and smooth serosa, while avoiding the phenomenon of brittle fracture.
    The weaving process in accordance with the characteristics of the milk protein fiber, combined with the warp and weft weaving varieties density the yarn finer loom should be used "small tension, a small opening, the high rear spar weaving process configuration. Small tension, helps to reduce the warp breakage due to friction caused small opening. However, due to the small opening, the poor clarity of the shed, while the rear beam position to partial order to ensure opening clarity to minimize the difference of the tension of the upper and lower warp yarns, the warp stop position to low, in order to reduce the tension of the lower warp yarn; high master.
    For plain weave fabrics generally use the same opening time, or earlier opening and Beating to reduce the warp tension, is conducive to the weft to normal operation, thereby reducing the zonal blocking stoppage phenomenon ensure the fullness formation of the canvas. It can also reduce the friction of the reed on the warp yarns, so warp breakage can be significantly reduced, thus greatly reducing the number of generated defect caused by the car due to parking marks and other cloth.