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Loom industry areas: open up the "needle" market

Published on:2012/8/23 16:45:43

Keyword:Loom, air looms, clothing, non-woven machine
Introduction:2012 and for the entire textile and textile machinery industry is not easy. Some companies believe that this year the situation is even even worse than the 2008 financial crisis.

2012 and for the entire textile and textile machinery industry is not easy. Some companies believe that this year the situation is even even worse than the 2008 financial crisis. The one hand, the supply and demand of the downstream textile and garment enterprises, cost multi prominent contradictions, the grim situation in the international market, the investment slowdown this year, reduced demand for equipment; the other hand, the entire machinery manufacturing, including textile machinery, including development cycle by the extent of the impact of the global economic boom of more far-reaching than the general manufacturing.
    Although the entire textile industry by the impact of the macro environment for the development of, entered a slowdown period of adjustment, However, the different types of textile machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises will also be differences due to the development of downstream industries in the market trends facing different choices.
    The report released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the front end of the industrial chain, cotton, chemical fiber industry losses increase this year. In addition, this year overseas loom increased market demand. For loom production enterprises, to the field of industrial textiles, textile products, "tip" (ie nichemarket, refers to a small but profitable basis segments, or targeted, highly specialized product areas ) extends equipment production, the parties to open up overseas markets, may be benign this year and for some time.
    Growth in overseas markets
    Decreased this year, China's textile industry production growth, the export volume decreased, the front end of the industrial chain, cotton, chemical fiber industry losses increase, which will largely affect the market demand for cotton, chemical fiber weaving equipment.
    The report released by the Ministry of Industry and Information January to May this year, the above-scale textile enterprises cloth production increased by 11.6%, down 4.1 percentage points higher than the growth rate over the same period last year; domestic textile investment growth slowed, the textile industry 500 The project's fixed asset investment growth in the million or more compared to the same period last year, a decrease of 17.7 percent, 1.6 percentage points lower than the same period the total fixed asset investment growth. Even from the import situation, loom needs of the domestic market is not optimistic. The data show that 1 to March 2012, China's imports loom $ 178.5 million, down 36.05%.
    The MIIT report is expected in the textile enterprises in the second half of the year will still be in a more difficult situation, the industry as a whole benefits growth will decline significantly over the previous year, This also means that the second half of the traditional loom market is unlikely to be significant turn for the better.
    However, the other hand looms markets overseas, especially the Southeast Asian market, this year's performance is in stark contrast to the domestic market. The data show that, 2012 to March, China loom exports of $ 049.5 million, an increase of 67.11%, not high loom export share of the total sales of the entire textile exports as well as China looms However, the substantial growth in exports has been released showed a rising trend in overseas markets on the loom needs a positive signal. China's textile machinery exports the largest market in India, for example, from January to March, China's exports to India loom $ 015.1 million, an increase of 53.23%, the increase of the degree after the dyeing and finishing machinery.
    Other evidence from Japan Textile Machinery Association official statistics. The data show that from January to April, Japan's exports loom for 14.238 billion yen, an increase of 68%. In our loom imports fell premise visible overseas markets loom demand is increasing rapidly.
    The loom demand differentiation
    In this year 2012 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition ITMA Asia exhibition, loom manufacturers overseas launch of differentiated loom to become one of the highlights of the show, which also shows that one of the trends of the loom market toward small-volume, high value-added new loom direction.
    German Dornier introduced in this exhibition dedicated to industrial fabrics and high-quality apparel fabrics, rapier and air-jet looms. The the P1 series PTS4/SC rapier nominal width of 220 cm, equipped with the industry, with a thick filter cloth; AWS8/SG air-jet looms, nominal width 220 cm for apparel fabrics production areas requirements of wool fabric; PTS16/JG rapier loom nominal width of 190 cm, high-quality textile jacquard fabric weaving. Several loom applications for industrial, high-end apparel and home textile field, meet the customization needs of high-end textile market.
    瑞士约科布 Muller flagship show of narrow loom, label loom loom products. Wherein, NH253 electronic control of narrow loom for weaving elastic and inelastic. Compared with the traditional shuttle machine, NH253 machines require fewer mechanical parts to reduce wear and energy consumption by about 35%. Compared with the the MBJ model before MBJ6 trademark loom, increasing the sixth group of the harnesses so that the machine's rated weaving width increased to 1380 mm, a yield higher than 20%. Jakob Muller new plant in Suzhou will be put into operation to meet the dramatic increase in the Malata shuttleless looms MüGRIP and MVC trademarks loom and more models needs.
    It is gratifying that some domestic textile enterprises increasingly value the the the loom "tip" the pace of exploration has taken the market to a niche market. Huzhou Modern Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited a S12 narrow range of high-speed trademarks, successfully during the exhibition Fujian Xin Li ordered. Trademark machine the Huzhou Modern Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. combined with the well-known Italian loom manufacturing company, designed for high-speed loom weaving design trademark is a model for the high-end market. Machine normal operation speed of 550 rev / min to 680 rev / min, rapid beating trademark high quality requirements can easily achieve a variety of three-dimensional effect. The whole machine to achieve full electrical automation control and eliminate all the clutch, to achieve high-speed operation; the Italian electrical control system to achieve efficient, high-standard full machine control.
    Textile machinery industry, "second five" development guidance, during the "12th Five-Year looms scientific and technological research and industrial projects including the new modular loom, high-speed Towel Rapier, high-speed jet towel loom, double loom, mechatronics specialty loom, carpet rapier, many areas in the country is still blank, loom enterprises in these areas in the future will be the breakout the traditional loom market, achieve sustainable development an important position.
    The traditional loom fine of
    Although this year the development of the domestic cotton weaving, denim, traditional weaving industry is facing some difficulties, resulting in the decline of these categories weaving equipment orders, but in the long run, both the overseas market and domestic market, traditional weaving equipment needs to remain on top of a huge base. Only with the gradual deepening of the textile industry restructuring, the downstream enterprises loom equipment requirements will increasingly high demand loom intelligent energy saving than ever.
    Professional Committee, deputy director of Shanghai Textile Engineering Society Weaving, Hong Hai Cang think, shuttleless looms technology trend including the modular design concept and application of information technology and intelligent control system, as well as efficiency and conservation technology applications.
    According to the Hong Hai Cang summarize, foreign non-woven machine's modular design application, the most typical rapier and air-jet looms, while the production of the European manufacturers, such as German Dornier, Picanol, Belgium, Italy, Yida - Somet rapier and air-jet looms are used "common module. Tsudakoma, Toyota jet and water jet loom with a part of the "common module"; greatly enhanced through the full application of the modular concept and promotion products to deal with the rapid response of the market, a large number of customization reduce cost and adaptability in foreign rapier and air-jet looms well reflected an efficient production technology.
    The information network technology is and foreign high shuttleless looms application of computer technology to a higher level, the vast majority of high-end looms abroad have the network and weaving Management. The information network technology is a high-end domestic loom control system needs to improve control of high-end technology.
    Foreign loom efficient production in a high degree of mechanical and electrical integration, electrification of moving parts, control system intelligent, in addition to speed directly to improve efficiency, also looms weft insertion system has been improved, with a number of technical innovation to improve the efficient production capacity of the loom. Currently, the the weft program tension controller abroad has a very wide range of applications on shuttleless looms, the country has localized the production owned enterprises Products, very advantageous price.
    The domestic jet loom can learn from foreign advanced technology to improve the level of the control system involves technology, such as rapid detection technology, high-speed data processing, control software, servo valve depth study; ancillary equipment, such as domestic primary nozzle, auxiliary nozzle, solenoid valve and electronic components manufacturing quality and technical level must also improve synchronization, to achieve the requirements of the solar term saving to the greatest extent.
    The market demand is a corporate product trials. Still loom enterprises develop a more stable market sluggish environment, loom enterprises as long as the founding of the loom to the fine development, it will be in competition with their peers in the opportunity to win.