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Korea mainland box wraps a brand to compare interest of international brand limelight

Published on:2013/10/8 11:18:09

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Introduction:Korea box wraps a brand to becoming more and more welcome. In a few big market of this country, these native land brands had the actual strength that ...

Korea box wraps a brand to becoming more and more welcome. In a few big market of this country, these native land brands had the actual strength that goes all out with brand of international box bag even.

" Korea times " the information is obtained in the report a few days ago, the box bag product with homebred Korea is compared before more welcome, return those who got the whole world to approbate, its box wraps course of study to had developed the standard of business of dilate of the market outside Xiang Hai. In going a few years, the product all along that the box bag firm that Korea builds twice rolls out gets this country is main the welcome of general merchandise bazaar, its product is undertaking competitive with international brand.

Spokesman of carefree general merchandise declares where one stands, the box of high quality wraps a product to have a lot of, but their all along recommends a few Korea brand case that had better use to wrap to consumer in department store. It is better that these box bags are wrapped than the luxurious box of the entrance, because this is carefree,the plan goes after increasing this locality ceaselessly, business of production of bag of great potential box cooperates.

L’inoui is manufacturer of a portfolio, famed in distinguished personages with its popular suitcase. Its outstanding achievement develops steadily, it is OK one of this locality brands that with the whole world manufacturer of luxurious box bag competes. This company, after the driving sale that generates in 3 shops that its general merchandise interlinked on one year in May, development is rapid. According to saying, besides two stores that open last month, still will increase business in this country further.

Helianthus company is in an Er Changjiang Delta is the most fashionable since the most popular area set up shop, rolled out brand handbag 2011, get the praise highly of tourist first. This company product marchs since new world department store follows carefree department store, with its box includes a type much, coriaceous good and famed.

This company spokesman claims, many Japan is searched in Facebook website with our country client buy company product, next year the plan extends business Japan, our country, Hong Kong to follow Asian other country.

The Talli company that ocean international runs rolls out new brand, had had 9 stores managing. Include flagship store to follow general merchandise market. According to saying, this portfolio manufacturer plans to set shop in our country Guangzhou, so that increase,the business of our country follows in Hong Kong.

Korea consumer is loved extravagant the thing that tasting had been well known, but the product that the photograph when they are purchasing goods makes than can paying close attention to this locality, also do photograph comparing with world famous commodity at the same time.

A life lives in head Er, the age the office worker of 26 makes known his position, the brand that he once thought native land brand spurs fashionable popularity differs very far. But, instantly by L’inoui such brand was attracted. The product value of this brand is more luxurious than the foreign country brand appreciably is bit cheaper, but coriaceous exactly like good, its color follows a design distinctive also.

Head a general merchandise interlinks Er the manager of the company thinks, more native land brands had begun to adopt strategy of poor dissimilation sale, roll out design without the mark, dedicated at special leather. In the past a few years, people becomes value quality stability more and more, accord with the whole world the brand of luxurious product standard.

Helianthus company spokesman claims: "We take the product all along of embroider to apply true Italian leather, show all sorts of unique ability to follow a design character. This is our product follows the distinction between other brand. This is our product follows the distinction between other brand..