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Material of ready-made clothes of Hong Kong fall is exhibited reveal increasing newest fabrics

Published on:2013/9/23 9:17:01

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Introduction:Regard the assemble inside Asian area as vogue, functional sex and fabrics of environmental protection spin are the biggest purchase one of platform, ...

Regard the assemble inside Asian area as vogue, functional sex and fabrics of environmental protection spin are the biggest purchase one of platform, ready-made clothes of fall of Hong Kong international and fashionable dress material are exhibited will be in September 25 exhibit a center to kick off at Hong Kong conference to 27 days. Will have even more at the appointed time 170 ginseng that postpone business follow, 4 big countries and area exhibit a group: Elite our country, choiceness Japan, elite Korea, and the dimensions of wonderful Taiwan will be increased further.

Fashionable fabrics the current year will as always, become exhibit of the meeting in the center one basically reveals a category. The limited company of industry of big profit fiber that comes from inland will reveal new series of blending of silk of its pink clouds. This product has favorable coloring effect, can make geminate color reach trichromatic the fabrics of the effect, and finished product color is gorgeous. Other and same limited company of products of the double cloth with soft nap that amount to wool follows the city do not have stannum that comes from inland the top firm that limited company of products of Teng Maorong of sea of kind brook city is manufacturing cashmere fur and copy fur. Gemasite plants Jiangsu textile limited company is produced high grade velvet. Other the company limited of Yu Ren fiber that comes from Japan produces grace technically fashionable tatting follows fabrics of knitting printing and dyeing.

The functional sex fabrics that comes from an Asia is to exhibit the one large window of the meeting likewise. Japanese Tian Cunju (Hong Kong) the high-tech fabrics that limited company developed a kind to have innovation coat, express is used at motion to go up with outdoors dress. Korea company PAKA Intertex will explain its produce small nylon / cotton qualitative fabrics, and double-faced fabrics. Can Inc. of group of science and technology of Fosan Buddha model reveal his is appropriate comfortable? Without Kong Fang water breathes freely film. This product has good permeability, still be fabrics of a kind of environmental protection at the same time.

Exhibiting the another main category of the meeting is fabrics of environmental protection spin. The Indonesian PT Indorama Synthetics that first time ginseng exhibits will reveal his to use reclaim the NusantaraTM fabrics that polyester fiber bottle makes. Taiwan is recreational reach athletic dress manufacturer Inc. of Hong Yuanxing course of study will be brought through but retentive production process will produce environmental protection tatting and knitted piece goods.

Dress still includes in postponing business complementary makings produces business, there is the limited company of button of Hong Kong universe that uses conch technically to make button with the natural stock such as ox horn in the center, and two stage state city that come from inland to produce clothes tree and lady scarf respectively limited company of Hua Jia clothes tree catchs up with limited company of Hai Tailin clothing.

Exhibit can wide reputable reputable 4 big countries and area exhibit a group to will be returned to once more, include: Elite our country, choiceness Japan, elite Korea follows wonderful Taiwan. The 10 thousand beautiful textile trade of Guangzhou that extend the window business in the group to have our country limited company, japanese Dong Li (Hong Kong) limited company, korea east one commerce, reach Taiwan to install abundant spin Inc. to wait.

More perfect design corridor, with more large-scale textile research and education exhibit an area

On the designs corridor to will be in on one year foundation of the current year more perfect, by exhibit can sponsor square Frankfurt to exhibit (Hong Kong) limited company and Taiwan textile are extended can hold jointly, reveal the originality campaign that uses functional sex cloth to be made by Taiwan stylist and brand technically to follow outdoors dress, its theme differentiates old series: Sportswear of functional sex motion is acted the role of, popular stylist dress reachs a function, with popular brand dress. Join 5 fashionable dress stylist that follow an exhibition to include old Jin , cai Mingyu, old Yi Liang, lin Guoji follows Lin Xin, other still have 3 dress brand, include FN.ICE, eversmile follows Advance Hitech Textile International Corporation.

The textile research of the current year and education exhibit area area relatively increase on one year 25% , will reach center of hand-me-down research and development by Hong Kong spin (HKRITA) , thailand Textile Institute (THTI) , and university of new state of partner Japan letter is joint. Buy the home to be able to go in this height bring into contact with inside newest technology, include to twist technology of spinning of ingot of annulus of appropriate TM low torque, fabric tactility instrument, use the innovation the sources of energy that handles experience at spin production to run a system, and fiber of memory of appearance of development of law of applied melt filature.

Keyword:Fabrics, dress, dress, fiber, hand-me-down, textile, fabric, research, knitting, spin fabrics

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