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Stylist of foreign citizen of Chinese origin of week of London fashionable dress becomes window

Published on:2013/9/18 15:16:44

Keyword:Fashionable dress week, the market, the current situation
Introduction:According to Europe " astral island daily " report, regard the whole world as one of week of 4 big fashionable dress, london of 2014 Chun Xia season f...

According to Europe " astral island daily " report, regard the whole world as one of week of 4 big fashionable dress, london of 2014 Chun Xia season fashionable dress week begins 13 days, the stylist of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that rises abruptly again and again is like piece of grass hill, Wang Haizhen to follow NizaHuang always is the window of fashionable dress week. From join the Chinese interest that follows fashionable dress week to look, today season is compared with past season the biggest different it is to appear first the Chinese buys hand brand ginseng to follow. The pillar that comes from Shanghai (the Min of 5 stylist Liu that DONGLIANG) brings collaboration, prevent Min , on official, He Yan and Su Renli come flower, in London Home Wang opern shows the pattern that follows associated brand show with the static state, present the mainland that comes from our country to design force, start shooting Chinese stylist prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan noisy in the high and level tone of week of this season fashionable dress.

Revealed that day begin before long, had had senior before buying the home to follow fashionable dress media, will look around. Sponsor just disclose, whole project begins to prepare from May, strove for London finally Home Wang opern shows field so, the help that offers in place besides association of British fashionable dress is not gotten or be short of, the heavy visual range to brand of our country fashionable dress spends bound of fashionable dress of visible also England very tall.

Week of this season fashionable dress is held inside 5 days of time that main activity reachs 17 days in 13 days, the week of London fashionable dress that keeps abreast of with new York, Milan, Paris is younger the week of an international fashionable dress that follows Xin Rui, the stylist that before collecting England and even whole world, comes, buy personage of the home, model, tide to follow fashionable gain advocate etc.

Of week of London fashionable dress young following innovation also is pillar comes round to join the main reason that exhibit on invitation, liu Xin far discloses one of brand author, the brand founds 2009, basically work or be in our country mainland centrally, this second join first with internationally fashionable dress week is to make the attempt that takes situation international, as a result of week of London fashionable dress very encourage innovation drop, with our country fashionable dress the hair of bound and even brand instantly develops form very be identical.

"The brand that buy a hand " the concept results from European fashionable bound, begin to be in our country mainland in last few years popular, "The brand that buy a hand " follow fashionable touch through buying the retail experience of the hand, cooperate a series of markets to popularize an activity, with commonner walk into stylist brand consumer market with direct way.

This ginseng extends ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state from inside 20 stylist handpick 6, include to found in London brand and the stylist brand that enters fashionable dress week with independent brand form for many times prevent Yi , wear with Victoria style with linen-cotton cloth the Su Renli that say, and advocate call city the Liu Min of modern course and its brand MsMin, in fashionable dress of our country mainland bound pole suffers those who grab an eye to go up official, and with contemporary cut out why the brand admires with the outline stylist that cooperates style of the Republic of China, other still Sun He of stylist of silver-colored qualitative gem just reachs its brand HEFANG.

One of author king pillar makes known his position, such choice hope sees to London audience its are multivariate style, on the show of associated brand fashionable dress that day, they also specially deserves to go up our country rouses music.

Serve as the brand that week of London fashionable dress enters partly among DesignbyShanghai this to still Ji Cheng, StellaLam, XISUbyLily, DanbyZhengXiaodan, RenaitrebyLuXiaoyu follows ZhangYuhao. Wang Haizhen follows piece of grass hill to will part at coming on stage with form of show of independent brand fashionable dress, win predestined relationship of periphery of London fashionable dress on Wang Haizhen one year to design large award, it is the first place wins this award Chinese, he is joined this exhibit also get industry attention fully.

Keyword:Fashionable dress week, the market, the current situation

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