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The 5th China (Dalian) light industrial commodity is exhibited will open act on October 24

Published on:2013/9/18 13:17:37

Keyword:Box bag, dress, leather, shoe, dress, sewing machine
Introduction:Sea of star of   of 10.24~10.28 of dispatch     can exhibit a center to be sponsorred by government of people of city of federation of our country lig...

On September 18 dispatch


Astral sea can exhibit a center

Sponsor by government of people of city of federation of our country light industry, Dalian, liaoning province economy follows informatization committee special support, dalian city economy follows economy of federation of light industry of informatization committee, our country in federation of light industry of city of cooperative ministry, Dalian, Dalian art international exhibition limited company undertakes, branch of city of Dalian of stimulative committee of our country international trade assist do, the 5th our country that this post industry beautiful group always engineers Dalian (Dalian) light industrial commodity exposition (abbreviation " small gain is met " ) will come 28 days to be able to exhibit a center to be held grandly in Dalian star sea on October 24, 2013.

Current " small gain is met " gross area 15000 square metre, amount to standard of more than 600 international to exhibit. The famous manufacturer that comes from city of 20 many provinces area will be joined repeatedly exhibit. In the center, astral sea can exhibit a center east hall is Dalian place light industrial the name tastes a house; Hall is the each district such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Taiwan on the west light industrial the name tastes a house.

Current " small gain is met " , dalian city economy follows federation of light industry of city of informatization committee, Dalian to will organize Dalian more than 100 light industrial famous brand enterprise is amounted to 300 many exhibit a concentration to appear, cover Dalian the renown actor of county of each area city is light industrial product. Concentration shows Dalian light industrial tendercy of the new characteristic that the industry grows to the direction such as energy-saving, environmental protection, efficiency, new development.

By our country light industrial couplet follows each district light industrial the each district that couplet organizes is light industrial the name tastes a house to involve a province market is vast, class is high, the name tastes alternate to go out! In the center and other places of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Taiwan all forms a delegation showpiece: A strong spirit usu. made from sorghum of the liquor of red star card of Beijing, red star; Cosmetic of wine of the mew watch of Tianjin, ferry, Yu Meijing, fly columbine bicycle; Toffee of hare of food of unripe garden of treasure, coronal, become known, beauty adds the Mei Lin can of Shanghai, old Feng Xiangzhu musical instrument of nation of soap of shop sign of flower of clean toothpaste, bee, fan, Shanghai sewing machine of pencil of card of one factory, China, go to work; Of Shandong namely Mo Miaofu wine; Limited company of science and technology of biology of vinegar of the Inc. of course of study of water tower vinegar of Shanxi, Shanxi gold, Shanxi is violet forest Inc. of acetic course of study, Shanxi comes course of study of vinegar of family name of king of Inc. of blessing old mature vinegar, Taiyuan limited company... famous brand of level of each district state and traditional old name are light industrial commodity fall! Each production manufacturer will pass on terminal consumer directly repeatedly! Bank city common people is enough do not give city to be able to appreciate glamour of traditional old name! The spot shops also will surprizing again and again!

In light " cup of 10 thousand flowers " innovation product award comprises selection committee to undertake selection by the expert inside line of business of tissue of union of our country light industry, right commodity of bear the palm (work) issue letter, register put on record, conduct propaganda undertakes on relevant media.

Exhibit during the meeting, 1000 clients presented elegant and portable bag every a few days ago 1! (Come by this advertisement can exhibit central old hall to show emplacement is exchanged)


Showpiece limits

Farming pottery and porcelain of gift of bag of box of goods of cap of deputy food, dress shoe, leather, dress, horological glasses, arts and crafts, gem, enamel, art is packed, annatto furniture, day changes things, culture and education sundry goods of things, sporting goods, daily expense, glasswork, metal, plastic.

Open house time:

On October 24 ~27 day 9:00-17:00, 16:30 stop to enter

On October 28 9:00-16:30, 16:00 stop to enter

Exhibition of this year of post industry beautiful group plans Dalian





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Dalian star sea can exhibit a center

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