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Outside intermediary: Our country plute begins to be fond of activity of fashionable dress week

Published on:2013/9/13 13:17:26

Keyword:Fashionable dress week, the market, investigation, research
Introduction:The report says American media recently, our country plute people the travel of favour is recreational kind is producing change sadly, the new-style t...

The report says American media recently, our country plute people the travel of favour is recreational kind is producing change sadly, the new-style travel that Zhou Huo uses the fashionable dress that attends world each district or film festival is becoming them to be fond of is recreational project. Be aimed at the 2014 Chun Xia new York that held to 12 days on September 5 fashionable dress week, plan of Asian top class activity serves a company with ceremony guest " Hailaifuya (Highlife Asia) " the brigade that rolled out experience of VIP of week of new York fashionable dress, guest of 12 our country flies from Shanghai go to new York, attended this one average per capita to collect fees the brigade of about 240 thousand yuan a week.

Our country guest is 35 years old of females mostly

Cabin of business affairs of the fashionable dress show that watchs week of new York fashionable dress, whole journey, enter a peninsula new York is in below the hotel, recommend that amounts to a person in vogue each are big extravagant taste a shop to shop, in place the famousest Mijilin bilingual group serves have dinner of astral class hotel, whole journey.

According to the United States " wall street daily " 12 days of reports, shared 12 our country guests to join the force that VIP of week of new York fashionable dress experiences, it is a female mostly, the age fluctuates in 35 years old more. "Hailaifuya " the specification says, this second activity collects fees make an appointment with 240 thousand yuan of RMBs for everybody, the guest goes there and back by tradesman Wu cabin, in new York the peninsula hotel of the 5th highway stays 7 evening, be in what 2013 worlds rank the 5th in pop chart of 50 optimal dining-room " Mai Dixun square 11 dining-room " wait for high-grade cafeteria have dinner. Of course, as the crucial activity of this second journey, guests still attended the show of 5 fashionable dress of week of new York fashionable dress, show of Zhuang Sizheng fashionable dress includes in the center.

This second belt is round " Hailaifuya " be in charge of Patelixia high Kefusiji weighs · ferry, this the window with the biggest activity is to head for sex of mark of new York ground extravagant taste the inn such as general merchandise BergdorfGoodman to shop. For this, "Hailaifuya " invited technically bilingual and private guide buy person of a guest invited to a dinner party to help entertain the guest of honor to shop.

The hope gets acquainted with the travelling companion of be congenial to

What show to place of week of new York fashionable dress to our country plute is enthusiastic, "Hailaifuya " Bo En of president mark · says: "The our country star such as Yao Chen attended week of new York fashionable dress on invitation as special honored guest. Many our country fashionable fan that have certain economy actual strength want to resemble Yao Chen these star exactly like, can join with this one fashionable grand occasion. Can join with this one fashionable grand occasion..

In view of favorable market reaction, "Hailaifuya " plan organization is increasing the new York that gives priority to a problem with fashionable dress week goes. "There are two younger members to hope I can help them change autograph return airline ticket in viatic group, they hope to go to London entering the week of London fashionable dress that is about to hold, is not Shanghai of non-stop flight to. They are young vogue amounts to a person, they are very happy with it to this. " ferry Kefusiji makes known his position so.

Bo En makes known his position, this company plans to be rich our country tourist to arrange similar route, attend to knock gently like France accept film festival follows prize-giving celebration of beauty of Lai of los angeles case this kind of famous activity. "We are not the groups of journey of common our country that raising flag, our tourist hopes to get acquainted with the travelling companion of other be congenial to, they hope to become a of same and social circle, or the person arteries and veins that extends oneself. Or the person arteries and veins that extends oneself..

Means of new travel of favour of our country wealthy person

Our country wealthy person is becoming international market of top class spending eagerly the object of angle. Publish according to academy of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad embellish " a list of names posted up of plute of 2013 whole worlds " , our country of the current year surmounts the United States to become the state with creation billion most plute first, amount of rich and powerful people of class of our country billion reachs 212 people, than many 1 person of American.

So, where does our country wealthy person spend money? French media cite is aimed at nearly 900 our country the findings report of the richest personage says, health care of travel, preserve one's health follows education is the 3 big fields of beautiful money of our country wealthy person.

With respect to travel angle, observation thinks, the rich people of our country has been satisfied at be being mixed no longer the tourist guide sees the travel way with travel so traditional tourist attraction, include to attend the famous activity such as fashionable dress week to making the way of new-style and recreational travel that rich people craves our country, in addition, our country wealthy person also not the travel project that dread tries to update strange, more audacious venture, the row if " aerospace travels " . Current, company of a few abroad stares at the look allowed our country wealthy person to encircle, to our country wealthy person hawks costly outer space to swim.

Before two months, company of commercial space navigation -- Holand SXC company announces to enter Asian market, establish Asian branch SXCAsia (Asia of annulus eaves aerospace) , headquarters is set in our country Hong Kong. The key of this branch works even if follow passenger of our country inland to publicize aerospace to travel for Hong Kong, solicit business.

Keyword:Fashionable dress week, the market, investigation, research

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