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13th Egyptian International Textile, Embroidery and Sewing Machinery and Accessories Exhibition

Published on:2012/8/23 14:22:27

Keyword:Accessories, apparel, textile machinery, textile industry, accessories
Introduction:13th Egyptian International Textile, Embroidery and Sewing Machinery and Accessories Exhibition.

13th Egyptian International Textile, Embroidery and Sewing Machinery and Accessories Exhibition
    The largest in Africa and the Arab countries held the longest history of textile, embroidery, sewing machinery and accessories exhibition
    Time of event: 6-9 September 2012 (4 days)
    Place: Cairo, Egypt • CairoFairGround
    Organiser: ACG & ITETradeFairs-Egypt
    Supporting Organization: Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Industry Egyptian Federation of Industry
    Clothing, embroidery machinery: automatic operating systems, machinery and accessories; sewing machines, embroidery machines; sewing pre-processing and finishing equipment and systems; industrial and household sewing machines; garment production control and transportation equipment; the playing version and platemaking system, cutting equipment; sewing machine parts; special equipment and parts; Dry Cleaning, ironing equipment; chemical agents.
    Yarn, textile, chemical fiber machinery and accessories: knitting machines, weaving machines and accessories, spare parts; production of non-woven machinery, weaving machinery; industrial and home embroidery machines and accessories; looms and accessories, spare parts; spinning machine, yarn processing system; cloth, fabric processing machinery and accessories; printing and dyeing, dyeing and finishing machinery and auxiliary equipment; rinse, laundry equipment and accessories; pumping / wet ironing table, electric steam iron; air conditioning, dust removal, decontamination cleaning station; shrink amorphous machine, cloth inspection machine; winding machine, auxiliary parts; dyes, chemicals; monitoring, measurement, balance mechanical.
    Accessories and parts: zipper, hook eye, buttons, rivets; sandwich, leather, fabric; embroidery thread, sewing needles and thread; the cloth wool yarn and other raw materials and decorations.
    Textiles: apparel, the family apparel goods; drapes, carpets, bedding; kitchen textiles; flax fibers and industrial textiles.
    Computer-aided equipment and technology: design, data monitoring and testing software system; CAD, CAM / CIM processing software.
    After 12 years of successfully held, ITCE has become Egypt (Arab and African) region and the surrounding of the largest and most authoritative industry exhibition, the exhibition radiation has reached a population of 400 million consumer market (and the increasing rate of 4.67% per annum ), and continue to guide the changing lifestyle of the people. . ITCE2010 breakthrough exhibition area of ​​60,000 square meters, invited to 33 countries and regions, 653 exhibitors (including 104 local enterprises, 549 enterprises overseas), 45,000 people from 36 countries visited ( including 2,414 overseas visitors), these professionals were visiting from: textile, weaving, dyeing, processing and garment, embroidery, labels, woven, man-made fiber processing plants, manufacturers and dealers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, import and export companies, affiliates, and operating departments, industry associations, and government agencies. Exhibition site, according to statistics, 82 percent of the exhibitors to display the results were very satisfied, 16% were satisfied, and only 2% said they were somewhat satisfied; exhibitors of which 30% of the on-site registration the next show, 70 percent of the exhibitors expressed their willingness to continue participate.
    ITCE2010 (twelfth) to showcase the world's advanced technology and excellent equipment mainly. Organizer the ACG & ITFGroup (Egypt's largest exhibition organizers, the International Ministerial exhibition held annually in Egypt more than 10 games) good service and professional management actively promote you to open up the market of Egypt and the surrounding Arab / Africa region .
    ITCE2010 will continue to consolidate and develop more markets, such as: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa, Syria, Oman, Sudan, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Yemen.
    Participation of Chinese enterprises in the past: Marzoli, Textile Machinery, Textile Machinery Group, Wuxi Hongyuan, Jiangsu Textile Industry Group, Eagle Tour Textile Machinery, Textile Machinery Ningbo sun, Heshan HongFa, Xiamen Rui ratio, Wuxi Hongfei, Wuxi Tianyuan , Henan excellence, Hunan CD Rock, gilly, Cheerful, Favor, Eagle, rich Asia, Best, Toyama, standards, the Czech Republic, the U.S. aircraft Huigong Yin workers a total of more than twenty Mainland China enterprises.
    Egypt's textile and garment industry overview:
    The textile industry is one of the most important industries in Egypt, but also competitive industries in Egypt, the Egyptian textile industry investment amounted to 20 billion Egyptian pounds, the textile industry accounted for 25% of the entire industrial employment in the field of employment. In order to achieve the budget of the export growth of the textile industry, the Egyptian government exempt from all customs duties on imports of textile machinery since January 2005; This makes Egypt a significant expansion of the import and trade of sewing machinery, sewing equipment caused worldwide the manufacturer's attention!
    Egyptian textile situation is summarized as follows: * 1,500 private vendors engaged in apparel and intermediate industries; * 4,250 textile, weaving, garment manufacturers; * annual growth rate of 6.5% in the textile industry in Egypt; * Egypt's annual textile The export value of more than 3 billion U.S. dollars, apparel and garment export value of $ 4.48 billion; * filament more than 50% of the world's high-quality cotton from Egypt; * Since 2005, slashed tariffs on all imports of textile machinery. The Egyptian government has an agreement signed with the U.S. government established a QIZ (QualifiedIndustrialZones) Free Trade Zone. Experts predict that in the next five years after the establishment of the QIZ Free Trade Zone, sold in the United States by the Egyptian textile exports will be up to $ 4,000,000,000.
    Import and export trade of preferential policies: Egypt imports mainly dependent on the international market. Egypt to take further trade liberalization to promote the development of foreign trade, reduce tariffs, reduce operating costs, enhance the transparency of the foreign trade management incentives to improve port services, a series of measures such as customs procedures, quality control and product standards. In addition, significantly lower import tariffs, reduce the cost of production of domestic enterprises, to support the development of the national industry. These are foreign enterprises to enter the market in Egypt and the Middle East, providing a favorable market environment.
    Over the same period recommended:
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Keyword:Accessories, apparel, textile machinery, textile industry, accessories

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