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Sagacious of couplet grandson luck spins in: 2012/13 our country is spun take report of profession society responsibility

Published on:2013/9/9 13:17:54

Keyword:Spin industry, the market, dress, cotton, state, research, polyester fibber, fiber, investigation
Introduction:Sun Ruizhe: Respectable Zhu Hong holds the post of a chief engineer, wang Tiankai chairman, each guest of respect everybody good afternoon, our theme ...

  Sun Ruizhe: Respectable Zhu Hong holds the post of a chief engineer, wang Tiankai chairman, each guest of respect everybody good afternoon, our theme is " beautiful spin, responsibility develops " , beautiful it is a purpose, responsibility is a method. Responsibility of society of the enterprise in 10 years is whole society is resonant in the past, in us on beautiful our country one year 18 generals come, turn all of us into the heat vocabulary of attention. This is both between the concern that what connection follows bond.

Above all I want to cite a word that British philosopher also is a scientist, he says the United States is to cannot establish a standard, those who create it is an opportunity not be formulary. He the content that this word puts in us to there also is reality today, we are beautiful the auspicious scope that our our country that our country catchs up with just about expands, through us strong economy grows, we realize we develop to let our environment picturesque scenery at the same time, let our consumer common people enjoy healthy quality life. As " our country dream " , "Our country dream " it is a kind of dream, this kind of dream needs us hard, this dream has many content, everybody still " our country dream " content is in fill, finish this " our country dream " experience is compared endless, need authority hard. No matter how the dream is ambiguous, always be in our heart, till till these the dream becomes reality. Emphasize social responsibility more in this moment, can maintain development, when we arrived to seek and finishing beautiful our country to dream. Should dream hard through us I want to be able to be finished certainly.

From 15 big since we are all previous the top leadership of the party, can maintain development to make known one's position to our society macroscopical strategy, 15 make known his position to be able to maintain development greatly, 16 old industrialized way, society of well-off of environment of seventeen old organisms' habits, life of 18 old organisms' habits is beautiful our country is written in the report, we should respect nature more self-consciously, protect modes of life and relation to their environment more actively, this angle is built to be done hard in zoology.

Regard our spin industry as us these year all along performs social duty, responsibility of spin profession society carried out 8 years, we are all the job follows what we build beautiful our country to wish with the macroscopical strategy of the party scene be close together suit. We look can maintain what is our spin industry faced with on development exterior the challenge that follows interior.

The export market that sees above all, export market a delectable state is the current year we still lasted to stabilize growth, our the current year 1 last to July the growth of 12% exit, can be an actual state, we proportion of exit of 3 big staple market appears certain level drops. Our what does this thing remind, one angle has export the market is depressed, demand not the reality of flourishing. If pass us,another angle also is reminding us social responsibility builds this angle effort, enhance our responsibility competition ability. Because this angle is the issue that essential factor of a cost increases only not merely, it returns the problem of responsible competition ability. How be we next development experience follows international brand to cooperate among them among them, let us be fulfilled with social responsibility, the responsibility competition ability with new construction this is pair of our industries a new task.

From inside need the market, the market needs inside we pay close attention to a few index. On us one year of dress kind grow under countrywide retail growth. Before our dress kind retail growth of whole nation of retail prep above. Other a delectable purpose, that is to say the net is bought, on one year the net buys dimensions to break through 1.3 trillion, our spin is occupied 64% , dress is bought in the net held the proportion of 1/4. Should bring new hope to us. We pay close attention to even other a phenomenon, difference of workers and peasants, urban and rural difference, cerebral body difference. The difference that town consumes with the dress of rural dweller is being increased. One angle this is a pressure, can be other the drive that one angle why is not industries of pair of our spin garment, 3 big differences there is no shirking the responsibility of industry of our spin garment.

Everybody is experienced following data is to be put in a photograph to compare big difference, develop generally to the trend of next whole industries have pressure, this kind of not upbeat mood or whole industry are spreading. From we see labor cost rises for the current year tend gently. But immanent like cotton price difference waits a problem a moment to bring price difference to still exist, the international market is depressed still, each angle pressure still exist, to us the industry still is put in a photograph to compare great pressure.

Other work productivity, the development of our country brings the most auspicious point is promotion of consumption level of our common people, the growth of gross domestic product of average per capita, this synchronism brings be labor cost to rise. We can see labor cost at present rose to bring very great pressure from our cost structure from obtain employment to our industry. Still have actually other a pressure, namely the supply of labour force, from the infinite supply that we say so, tend at present limited supply. We survey the worker that discovers the Cenozoic Era, the 2nd generation worker worker of the 3rd acting peasant changes able-bodied person from the country, incline to of their obtain employment produces very big change, unlike of incline to of their obtain employment their father generation is willing manufacturing industry, at present he is in seek is other domain, also should bring pressure to us.

Still have us aged development tendercy, we are aged development trend is very remarkable, according to at present tendercy of this kind of development is forecasted, to 2030 our country can exceed Japan, make world population aged the nation with top rate. The obtain employment incline to of the challenge of labor cost and worker is challenged this kind, let our industry can go how to raise labor productivity only continuously our industry competition ability.

What does external state of affairs depend on? 2012 degree of research and development of business of spin of our dimensions above is RMD1.43, industrial RMD1.70, spin industry still under industrial average, if make our RMD devoted increase, create the labor productivity with our spin higher industry through this, this is the task with our serious industry, what how make up for manpower resource reality is difficult for whole to us industry, carry brand value, talent quality rises, the angle such as science management will undertake.

We are other industry of a challenge is safe, many people in doubt I use industrial security this word, we answer today our look should cast this one or two to industrial safety. Competition ability of our past industry is to swim downward, we form whole industry chain, can be us industrial development will look up henceforth, today is our key competition ability, our industry catenary up form a complete set is perfect, this is we face bigger problem. Before period of time everybody drops time to cotton, bigger than cotton is polyester fibber, polyester fibber occupies us all spin fiber 58% , demand of on one year of PX 14 million tons, we are homebred 7.75 million tons, our PX external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent be as high as 45% . Everybody understands honest common people of each district of like a rising wind and scudding clouds wanted which place to go up only recently which place produces PX protest, but our country cannot do not have PX,be problem of our industry safety.

If we do not go up our breach awaits the PX that PX is in many tons 700 ceaselessly in those days need the PX of 22 million, once PX was mastered by the family,the price counterpoises, we face a very serious challenge. This drag in how do we explain the security of our PX to common people through scientific way, build the confidence problem of common people.

Other a challenge is energy-saving decrease a platoon, energy-saving decrease a platoon we face 3 angle pressure. (1) our our country to energy-saving the attention that decreases a platoon, make us relevant discharge a standard even level of prep above international. (2) come from social all circles supervise, no matter be home or consumer of organization of international blame government,be opposite we are whole and energy-saving it is very good to decrease a platoon to form external supervise. (3) the admittance of hasten severe industry, to financing limitation is being added severe. Of footmark of ISO 10007 carbon publish. Impose carbolic tax very likely accept to enter. Other one examines besides what we say traditional product, the test and verify of enterprise aptitude, probable carbon footmark examines attestation can become a new to add again to us our country enterprise adds a job of cost.

Other one is transferred about the industry, the industry transferred us to undertake the metaphase of 925 is evaluated, my discovery is other a phenomenon, the industry transfers the resonance that is entire industry, but industrial move is not hopeful, we anticipate to 2015 production value of ministry of Chinese and Western occupies us 28% of production value of entire industry dimensions. On one year till this scale, the scale of ministry of Chinese and Western holds countrywide production value less than 20% , realize the purpose pressure of 28% namely very big. What reason does here have? What sending a hope to cost of element of seek of ministry of Chinese and Western to reduce this kind of hope so that is to say come to nothing. Ministry of Chinese and Western still has other a problem, the degree of form a complete set of industry of that is to say is inferior to foreland of the eastpart part far. We are accordingly current consider industry move, that is to say the industry transfers us to need to build what the industry of normal health transfers to appeal to beg, that is to say the industry transfers it to answer the market space with this larger seek, and be the cost with pure seek only not merely reduce, be social responsibility level even reduce, this is the issue that industrial move needs to consider.

Say these things we can see that is to say is whole to us the consider that the industry faces a challenge, that is to say at present our industry lies a turn period, should we can say turn period very reluctantly the node of decay, what is photograph comparing very? The change of all element is driving our industry to produce a kind to preferred benefit. Will come to the enterprise we are not to rely on good luck creed to rely on us to be able to maintain development what oneself can maintain development strategy to undertake his with the actual strength of oneself however.

How from go up at all the manufacturing efficiency that transforms our company, besides technical method, of manpower resource appeal to beg, client, market, environment accepts degree, support level to you, consumer is approbated to yours, can serve as somehow promote our enterprise to produce efficiency to raise first-rate measure. The opportunity with industrial bigger move is to depend on seek market space, is not to pass those who reduce pure demand cost to reduce, reduce the level of social responsibility.

Industry of our respecting spin can maintain the challenge of development in front, responsibility of our profession society is carried out, through 8 years of time, from at the beginning we from gain ground elevate social responsibility concept, so far, we had marched to establish a level that follows innovation responsibility mechanism in the round, I think below from 4 angle, from us information is announced one, still have build from ability, the special topic that we have studies, still the action that cross a boundary explains.

It is us above all report of profession society responsibility is published, social responsibility was published to today to get popular in our country, be in quite long the existence that all along of responsibility of society of our spin profession is loneliness. We published responsibility of spin profession society for the first time 2006, before 3 years our all along is exclusive an industry publishs social responsibility. There were 5 reports 2009, industry of two our spin, responsibility of society of our spin profession, still group of our spin industry makes the same score a lake. There had been 181 blames company 2012 till instantly, the social responsibility report that perhaps organizes is published. But we pay close attention to a bit otherer, many is in of the government sector drive under a kind of action that produces, spin is in this angle is our industry voluntarily turns round us the action that outside figure enhances our competition ability. The trade organization related call together of on Shanghai one the title of an emperor's reign publishs social responsibility to report. It is important that the government is driven but voluntarily surrounds,oneself accuse it is more important to beg.

A moment ago I tell smooth 2009 lake is most first one publishs this report, we have the current year group of trade of 7 family property publishs social responsibility to report jointly, what does this advantage depend on? Above all industrial group is ground of our industry assemble, assemble of many medium and small businesses is over there, the development of medium and small businesses undertakes through group one plans as a whole, their appeal to beg, they develop distant view to undertake through government of our place group unified harmony is driven. Other regard us as area brand build, this is the social responsibility report that our industry group publishs, build to area brand very advantageous. We are not little because industrial group is civilized for production, next we are in how do we obtain whole society level to be able to maintain development space weller, how is support gained in various government, everybody's understanding is obtained in consumer level, of social responsibility publish building area brand to us is a very good step.

Report of enterprise society responsibility is very delectable the front row that industry of our spin garment walks along in whole industry, the enterprise society responsibility that on one year whole our country publishs reports, industry of our spin garment is occupational 10% , the social responsibility that through us meeting federation publishs spin reports, can say this are all the report is to unplug first, no matter be quality quantity,go in front, federation of textile of our our country, besides construction everybody publishs this platform appeal together the report of responsibility of society of this spin profession, at the same time we published the directory of social responsibility, write report of this society responsibility through the guideline, this authority is comprehensive quality, more have authority, report quality enclothes a gender from content, content materiality, the guideline with all other prep above is published.

Other make an information exposure, we think information exposure is the first pace only, how has information exposure pushed responsibility produce competition ability in the future this is our purpose, how does the relationship that a kind of link builds between commercial value follow in responsibility, also should be the job that we have. Basically exhibit on us one year in us can begin a production that bear the blame, the enterprise that discloses information actively makes label, in exhibit the effect with can be obtained very good.

We plan the current year the plan that promotes liability capital fund, liability capital plan is on-line platform, build more capacious platform through type of line upper part, butt joint brand follows the promotion that purchases business to have business with responsibility information. Other we and international labor organization had many activities, undertake grooming in great quantities working with association of European foreign trade, to local government industry collaboration also is being strengthened. We are returned and abroad surrounds about the orgnaization problem of our industry heat, if the row says how spin garment industry builds appeal mechanism in us, also be in and England undertakes cooperative undertaking special subject studies about the branch with Sweden.

Social liability system is at present various, formed an enterprise to have too many visitors or business to deal with, cost rises, we are pushed to other a job, association of our country foreign trade followed association of British foreign trade to sign an agreement jointly 2008, we signed an agreement jointly with IS8000 2010, combine 5 systems to built social responsibility to cross the committee of the bound jointly later. What is this target? Decrease namely repeat groom, repeat the pressure that test and verify creates to our enterprise. The current year is other one individual department also was joined, 6 systems are working. Our purpose is united namely groom, honour the job that attestation of tremendous home early days does not want to produce repeatability each other, we obtained this angle to compare good result.

The behavior that cross a boundary strengthens the job of spin industry oneself only not merely, at the same time assistance contracts external the construction such as chamber of commerce work out of system of their society liability, and the work out of guideline of their society responsibility. In labour the support that believe a ministry issues industry of electron of help our country to build standard of their society responsibility, standard of this society responsibility undertook publishing in on one year, still can follow coact of National Council of medium and small businesses next, recommend the social responsibility of our country medium and small businesses.

Say with everybody finally, that is to say the job of our society responsibility how drive further, it needs all of us to cooperate each other, our early days opened very good foundation, the union with next all interest tighter related sides rises the action rises. As a result of this kind alone responsibility lacks social sense, can maintain development itself to need us the collaboration with each interest collective related sides, just can form can maintain development. Should be asked about in the Xun Zi before this 2300 so, "Person why can group " , this is how the person just can cooperate. His answer says is " cent " . Must want to have division of labor that is to say. Should be asked " why can cent go " , divide the work namely how long, he replies " justice " , just should have each namely morality and justice, responsible. All each square enough and cognitive oneself follow the influence in industry in commercial pattern, think integratedly each interest follows expectation, make economy acceptability, society can be allowed suffer, environment but susceptive is politic. The choice follows to be chosen to be the serious topic for discussion in our life, we select kind, the environment can be kind to us; We choose to love, consumer can love and esteem us; We choose responsibility, the society can use up responsibility to us. My specification arrives this, thank everybody!

Keyword:Spin industry, the market, dress, cotton, state, research, polyester fibber, fiber, investigation

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