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Hire look forward to of difficult another name for Jiangxi Province to upgrade zealous machine substitution

Published on:2013/8/22 13:25:35

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Introduction:Report from our correspondent (reporter Zheng Ronglin) on August 20, in Long Na the county is diligent inside the workshop noting model of estate indu...

Report from our correspondent (reporter Zheng Ronglin) on August 20, in Long Na the county is diligent inside the workshop noting model of estate industry limited company, 220 manipulator do not know tired brandish arm " busy " move. The thing that these mechanical arms do, be equivalent to the amount of labor of 500 workers, replace a company every year managing more than yuan below 1000 labour cost. In recent years, rise as year after year of the cost that use worker worker, it is difficult to hire become normal state, many originally with respect to profit scanty labour force is concentrated model the enterprise can'ts bear heavy burden. So, "Machine substitution " became a lot of enterprises to change " tactics of sea of faces " , the good plan that the technology that finish upgrades.

Company of Long Naqin estate is the earliest the toy company that transforms upcountry from long triangle area, 2005 south settle dragon, basically produce the product such as articles for use of toy, household, current, had become me to save the biggest toy to export a company. Lai Zengnong of this company general manager says, reach factory change at the outset Long Na, because cost of local power natural resources is lower than Shenzhen factory,be 45 into, important is to won't appear bead trigonometry area hires difficult question.

But, it is difficult to hire also spread very quickly to Long Na from foreland, hire also more and more not easy, and labor cost rises considerably. Lai Zengnong says, the labour cost of company of the current year rises about than going up one year 25% . Work as the tradition concentrated model industry, profit is original scanty, labor cost rises let an enterprise can't bear heavy burden. And, it is more and more difficult also to hire, although instantly company uses industry capacity to amount to 4600 people, but Lai Zengnong makes known his position: "Come again namely at present 1000 people also can be digested, core is to be not enrolled. Core is to be not enrolled..

Below this kind of setting, since 2010, the company was started " machine substitution " big movement, much equipment manipulator follows automation automation line, through the technology the innovation is solved hire difficult question. Lai Zengnong says, 3 workshops of instantly company that note model already accumulative total introduces 220 manipulator, invest many yuan 2000. Although the cost of a manipulator amounts to more than yuan 10, but so a machine that note model requires 4 individual operations, after using manipulator, a person can operate two aircraft that note model. With this computation, noting model link only, can reduce at least 400 workers, a month reduces salary expenditure at least 1 million yuan, can call in two years technical reformation cost.

Company of estate of Nanchang lustre Lin Shi is area of green hill lake company of clothing of a large knitting, instantly has a worker many 300, it is difficult to hire also all along is perplexing this year of company that sale counts 10 thousand yuan thousand. Qiu Hua of Tan of assistant of this company president says, these two years of companies also savor " machine substitution " benefit: Before this the tailor of elastic of every dress waist, should measure artificially, cut into parts, car, working procedure is trival, introduced a sewing machine on one year, need operation of a worker only, capacity of a day of treatment can amount to 10 thousand, reach 4 specialized worker. And, sutural also more level off, the client is favorite degree taller.

Going up one year only, the company invested many yuan 170 to purchase the automation equipment such as the computer embroider, machine that wrap silk, carry knife head oneself like the sewing machine that adopts at present, can cut off redundant thrum automatically, and need artificial operation so. Although these equipment are one-time,investment is compared big, but, its are integrated effect is very distinct also, "Reduced the amount using worker worker of 34 people at least, called in two years cost. " Tan Qiuhua says, preparation learned recently to Zhejiang and other places, see a family be in use what advanced device, if feasible also prepare to introduce.

Area of green hill lake has company of 669 knitting clothing, the business that instantly can draw out a good deal of capital to undertake technical reformation truly is not much. "Instantly still is in wait-and-see, if the effect of other company technical reformation is distinct, we also prepare to enlarge investment. " Qin Guojiang of general manager of industrial limited company says Nanchang Chengxing, as the rise of labor cost, and the promotion that the client asks to product quality, manufacturing automation is a direction. But, be determined hard still to throw a good deal of capital to undertake technical reformation at present, should take out when the enterprise is short millions of yuan capital undertakes technical reformation, pressure photograph is compared big, and how is effect returned very it's hard to say, this also is area of lake of instantly green hill the state of mind of a batch of enterprises.