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Boss of mill of one box contractor forces shop of Heibei tall tablet other labor is sent 4 obtain capital punishment to death

Published on:2013/8/22 13:25:20

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Introduction:Violence / boss of mill of   box bag is wanton homicide comes from 2010 2012, a chain of the murder case that allows a person to feel scared is all ro...

Violence /

Boss of box bag mill is wanton homicide

Come from 2010 2012, a chain of the murder case that allows a person to feel scared is all round tall tablet inn happen, the method is extremely cruel. After case hair, all clew pointed to Zhang Liuzhuang home village or town of city of tall tablet inn the Pang Yunfeng of boss of box bag processing factory of village of big Gaoke village. The case is accused after defeat and be being adjudged, the reporter is able to know detailed details of a case.

Late on December 15, 2010, inside the box bag factory in open of Pang cloud peak, because of disrelishing worker Ma Mou some works not exert all one's strength, pang Yunfeng incites the person such as Bo Tienan, Du Yishan, Sun Zhenhua, Liu Wei, He Peng to wait with leather belt of stick, sewing machine Ma Mou some is beaten up deadly, carry the body to Langfang city solid installs a county later east burn outside bay village processing.

On March 31, 2011 before dawn, the worker Liu of employ of Pang cloud peak is such-and-such call the police because of was being suspected to steal a mobile phone, be pulled to come by worker Bo Tienan desolate place outside of town is field, meet with pick handle bash head. Meantime, bo Tienan sees Liu is such-and-such fall down think its already died, after kicking its next dike, leave. Morrow morning, liu is such-and-such be saved to fall by masses.

On April 3, 2011 afternoon, a when Pang Yunfeng just came because of dissatisfaction young man does not wish to work in its factory, incite the person such as worker Bo Tienan to wait to play this man into serious injury with handle of iron pipe, pick then, and at morrow before dawn, pull its outside installing village of garden of prefectural Dong Tao to Langfang city firm, burn dead.

Late on July 16, 2011, inside box bag factory, worker Qu Mou because some can'ts bear those who bear foreman king to defend a country beating up, abuse, run the take flight after scissors stabs the arm of Wang Wei country, be stayed in in the cut inside the courtyard by the person such as Cao Zhenpeng, Du Yishan, Sun Zhenhua, the rod that use iron beats up serious injury.

On Feburary 14, 2012 midday, the catnap when because resent,two workers are working, pang Yunfeng satisfies get together person to undertake beating up to 2 people. That evening 22 when make, pang Yunfeng hears of 2 people catnap, cover the head in 2 people to go up with two polybag, undertake beating up again, 2 people force to work ceaselessly later. Final 2 people misfortune dies, inside channel of the cadaver that be cast.

Exclaim / this is homicide mad demon simply

On August 21 15 when make, reporter flounder is in a village more, arrive at box of Pang cloud peak finally to include factory seat -- , tall tablet inn Zhang Liuzhuang country is big Gao Kezhuang village.

As we have learned, big Gao Kezhuang is a village that has nearly 400 dwellers. Because proximate white channel, this village besides cultivate land, box bag machines the significant income source that is the villager. a Pang Yunfeng in village of station of chrysanthemum of new bridge countryside just is the situation that saw big Gao Kezhuang is advantageous, just hired one place compound in this village, undertake box includes treatment.

Pang Yunfeng is lain between to be caught a year when, many villagers are right " Pang Yunfeng " this name does not understand, but mention the person of chrysanthemum station village that hires a house, they happen to coincide the ground says, this person is " homicide mad demon " . In a villager lead, the reporter crosses deep village alley, will to this let the villager people before feeling ghastly box wraps processing factory door.

The gate of a bottle green tightens a lock, the rank grass with a meter many tall overgrow on the clearing of before the door more than 100 square metre, make whole courtyard all shows desolation. Mr Wang says, after be being caught from Pang Yunfeng, the policeman sealed the courtyard. Because of this compound in inside alley, plus gave bloodguilty thing, do not have a person to dare live more at present. Arrived especially late night, brighter somebody is adjacent, "Ghost house " although the view shows hyperbole, become many villagers to be opposite however of this compound refer in particular to.

A villager that lives around tells a reporter, hire from Pang Yunfeng be caught, be less than time of a year in all. During this, he never has had seen Pang Yunfeng, at the same time because the worker is foreigner, because this villager never has,with this box bag factory has had contact. Every day gate lock, till on one year of spring the police came, the villager just understands here gave a case involving the killing of a person. "True fear after the event, there is unexpectedly beside ' devil ' the back after thinking is sent cool! " a villager says.

And in government of Zhang Liuzhuang country, a relevant controller tells a reporter, after Pang Yunfeng is caught, they enlarged the census strength to village mill significantly. Nevertheless, because some of village mill salary earner does not accord with a regulation, because this villager still has the idea that answers reconnaissance survey, "Because the gate is locked up, we do not have method. We do not have method..

Pang Yunfeng is this kind of state, lock up the door all the year round, night activity, "Heard to the person is killed in white channel before him, arrived again later Si village, was not being checked is not additional reason, as a result of,be they too concealment. As a result of,be they too concealment..

To the worker whereaboutldirection problem of factory of Pang cloud peak, another staff member tells government of Zhang Liuzhuang country the reporter, after case hair, relevant section is paid already salary, come home these worker demobilization.

Childhood / Pang Yunfeng as a child very frank

Lived in Pang Yunfeng city of 20 old tall tablet inn chrysanthemum of laborious bridge countryside 2 villages, the villager people understand him only almost ever used a name " Pang Erli " . Mention " 2 force " , many villagers are used " special simple minded " 4 words will describe.

According to the villager people explain, when be Pang Yunfeng of 30 years old about 45 years old because of maternal remarry come to this village subsequently. There still is an an elder sister, elder brother above Pang Yunfeng, its mother gave birth to a little brother with stepfather again later. Stepfather is first-rate to him, the family is special also with harmonious. Instantly, his eldest brother works in white channel, the elder sister already also got married, little younger brother is a soldier after retiring from army, had not worked. After Pang Yunfeng married 2003, already Yo has 3 children, big daughter 7 years old, young daughter is controlled 4 years old, young son just 1 year old 4 0 months. Outer person looks, the life of this family is very happy.

Villager Liu aunt says, 2 force follow its son is a classmate as a child, class hour often is bullied by classmates on, but 2 force are to hit not strike back, scold do not return a mouth, also do not follow say in the home. About him " guilty thing " , village person listens to had been passed before a few months, but everybody does not understand a detail. What make Pang Yunfeng when the reporter in the center a law case is told when listening with her, liu aunt pop eye, amazed ground says: "Must not can, how the meeting is so cruel. How the meeting is so cruel..

Villager Pang Mou is bigger than Pang Yunfeng 1 year old, two people concern as a child special good. Pang some memory says, in one's childhood 2 force often are chased after the elder brother calls at the back of his buttock, disposition photograph is compared dissocial, do not love to talk with stranger, but special to acquaintance can say. Since 2 force go after Baoding goes to school, they are contacted gradually little, because crime is arrested,the message that heard of him recently is him, "I still remember the smiling expression when he marries at present, he drank a lot of wine that day, look special happiness, who understood to become later such. Who understood to become later such..

Distortion /

From do buying and selling to begin to become irratable

Village director Yao Yong explains, in his impression, the 2 power that height controls 1.7 meters had not had stick to one's position with the person as a child, and be opposite parents is special also and filial.

Yao Yong says, controlled 2006, after 2 force graduate from Baoding physical culture school, teach of some elementary school is pressed down in village of Si of tall tablet inn, ever said with his complaint, 800 yuan salary spends each month quite far from, show the think of a way that wants to do business fully. Controlled 2011 about, 2 force begin to employ a person to make a package, wait to buy raw material, equipment, he returns Ceng Xiangcun go-between the usury loan with 2 minutes. Namely from do buying and selling to begin, the disposition of 2 force becomes more and more irratable. Perhaps be life pressure is troubled by, but there is so marked change inside brief time, your person must not be thought of discuss.

In the villager how-to below, the reporter comes in Pang Yunfeng's home, because the gate tightens a lock, the reporter fails to see his family. Look from the exterior, home Pang Yunfeng is a 2 layer small buildings, very air. The villager people say, since Pang Yunfeng after be arrested, its family went out very less.

Adjudicative /

"Diabolical " Pang Yunfeng is sentenced capital punishment

Came 2010 2012, pang Yunfeng detains worker Id, mobile phone forcibly, forbidden worker goes out, make its criminality is concealed for a long time to come down. Till 2012, one suffers persecuting worker to escape a factory is backward public security mechanism reports a case to the security authorities, the talent such as Pang Yunfeng by try sb.

Pang Yunfeng regards individual privately owned as owner, the life right that ignores other, healthy advantageous position, rest authority, not hesitate adopt homicide, beat up, imprison wait for means, cruelly kill the injured party, the method is cruel, bristle with anger making a person, austere violate other person right. 2013 first half of the year, intermediate people court adjudicates Baoding city, because Yun Feng of Pang of the accused person makes sedulous homicide, sedulous damage a blame, force labor blame, sentence capital punishment, privative politics right is lifelong. Bo Tienan of the accused person is sentenced capital punishment, other 9 accomplice are sentenced respectively 4 years of above 15 years the following set term of imprisonment