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Fine promote city to carry out substitution of machine of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight keys special ability revises a project

Published on:2013/8/19 13:24:01

Keyword:Automation, dress, wool unlined upper garment, chemical fibber, leather, investigation, spinning
Introduction:Zhejiang is online a development that dispatch industry automation is in the future developed tendency on August 19, "Machine substitution " liberatin...

Zhejiang is online a development that dispatch industry automation is in the future developed tendency on August 19, "Machine substitution " liberating more labour force. Come from city classics to believe appoint the message shows, the current year fine the key that start city carries out 69 " machine substitution " the emphasis is special project, involve investment nearly one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan. The project of 94% has carried out instantly, 24 projects are installing equipment or debug, implementation invests more than 4 billion yuan.

It is grasper with priority discipline

Advance " machine substitution "

Throw effectively to push industry further, raise level of equipment of technology of whole town industry, since this the beginning of the year, fine promoted city to spread out with " machine substitution " the contemporary technical reformation that is main content is special the action, the organization carried out a batch " machine substitution " the emphasis is special project.

According to explaining, 2013 fine start city " machine substitution " special project shares the focal point 69, the plan always invests 9.69 billion yuan, plan to invest 3.58 billion yuan in those days. After the project comes true can increase production value newly 23.4 billion yuan, increase profit newly 3.68 billion yuan, decrease with labour 6000 more than person. In the center, decrease with labour the project of 100 people above has 18.

"Each business follows development level according to the industry with located oneself, have the most appropriate oneself ' machine substitution ' method follows pattern. " city classics is believed appoint the specification says Ruan Huxiang of section chief of department of industrial investment development, from these keys in special project not difficult discovery, have the project that through own research and development automation line of special equipment, automation replaces traditional production pattern already, also dimensions is introduced or gain place advanced intelligence production equipment and the project that technology of large whole set equips. In driving experience, research and development of the unit outside entrusting is made, build center of technical research and development to undertake developing in all with orgnaization of college, scientific research, it is the route that the enterprise can choose.

With support for encourage the company develops " machine substitution " , fine promoted city to still stipulate city class industry is development capital, strategical the finance such as capital of burgeoning estate development is special fund is first to " machine substitution " the project tilts. As we have learned, these two capital check the current year first half of the year with " machine substitution " the allowance of project of modern technical reformation that give priority to is close to 22 million yuan. In the meantime, fine promote city to return buckle through be being touched with good taxation amply with quicken depreciation to wait for a series of support industries " machine substitution " policy measure, strengthen industrial policy to join with credit policy wait for many ways, drive " machine substitution " .

Arrive from traditional industry burgeoning industry

Machine substitution " blossom everywhere "

The China gush of the day knits limited company, invest 285 million yuan of mount a horse produce per year equipment of spinning of turbine of 12000 tons high spirit, can reduce 250 workers than former technology. Anzheng of company of well-known trademark clothing is fashionable, invest project of garden of industry of originality of 50 million yuan of executive culture, make design of a collect, sale, brand reveal, storage content flows etc " 5 an organic whole " industrial base, can produce per year fashionable dress 8 million, annual produce will amount to 2 billion yuan, than instantly producer at the same time type is saved with labour 1000 people above... traditional industry waits in unlined upper garment of spin, dress, leather, chemical fibber, wool in, change low end, number to change mechanical, whole set to change substitution of only station, intelligence to be versed in with equipment high end " Cheng of 4 exchange labor " those who attach most importance to a dot " machine substitution " spread out like a raging fire.

And in a few burgeoning industries, the enterprise is introduced through dimensions than paying attention to or gain place advanced equipment will improve manufacturing efficiency. If volt group Inc. passes Fulaiteguang,purchase equipment of 50 machines hand, 200 workers that hard physical labor is engaged in on production line of glass of will smooth before hot season are replaced come down, after automation degree promotes, product quality also gets assuring more effectively; Investment of company of rich vessel electron introduces manipulator and other automation equipment nearly 90 million yuan, decrease with labour 344 people...

"On the whole fine business of the industry that start city is right spread out ' machine substitution ' having taller enthusiasm. Special it is partial pattern company through carrying out ' machine substitution ' achieve remarkable result, rose to set an example first-rately lead action. Through investigating questionnaire the analysis is informed, the company that has more than 82% is right ' machine substitution ' demand chose ' need ' , more and more companies declare where one stands, if the government enlarges policy drive strength, unified exam Lv spreads out or expand ' machine substitution ' strength. " Ruan Huxiang tells a reporter.

Be worth what carry is, a lot of enterprises are in carry out " machine substitution " in experience, hold to transfer of technology to follow couple of own innovation photograph, the technology that formed oneself slowly thereby tackles key problem group, achievement of business research and development also begins to be popularized in fractionize industry stage by stage, those who drove whole industry upgrade.

In addition, fine promote city to still carry out education of intelligent equipment manufacturing industry to expand with all one's strength project, the huge project such as automation line of robot of electric machinery of machine tool of key executive numerical control, servo and drive system, industry, automation.

Keyword:Automation, dress, wool unlined upper garment, chemical fibber, leather, investigation, spinning

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