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The 3rd swim rich can finish much trade to cross bound confluence

Published on:2013/8/19 11:29:28

Keyword:Dress, the market, research, spin industry, knitting, textile industry
Introduction:Continue to rise continue to perfect continue to innovate     on August 5, the 3rd our country (· promotes calabash island city) news of exposi...

Continue to rise continue to perfect continue to innovate 

On August 5, the 3rd our country (· promotes calabash island city) news of exposition of culture of swimsuit of international beach · is published can hold in city of Liaoning calabash island.

Current swim rich can be coached by federation of our country textile industry, promote meeting spin trade by international trade of association of industry of union of trade of our country sporting goods, our country knitting, our country international trade of branch, our country promotes meeting Liaoning to save association of clothing of branch, our country, Liaoning save economy follow people of city of island of informatization committee, calabash, economy of city of island of government of people of You Xingcheng city, calabash follows informatization committee, Liaoning to save clothing association, Liaoning to save dress stylist association, promote urban swimsuit guild, case sends brand research center assist do.

Regard home as exclusive swimsuit industry distinguished gathering, the 3rd swim rich will be ceaseless with " beautiful lead style, the dream illumes the life " for the theme, make public " dream, passion, hold to " urban drive. Swim rich is met derive before two do meeting experience, surmount before two do meeting mode, continue outspread handle meeting substance, emphasize further cogent improve swimsuit property value, education the urban organisms' habits that appropriate originality industry grows, puissant the urban brand force that increases calabash island, drive calabash island strongly then to transition of originality zoology city.

Current swim rich can appear give the following characteristics; Closely button " transition of city of development originality industry, drive " a such cities develop the strategy, on the deepness design of content, do one's best agrees cheek by jowl continuously with this; Time span is big, mobile distribution appears a certain dispersion sex, also emphasize be being nodded in sometime proper concentration; Emphasized pair of classics trade to the greastest extent help motive force, emphasize exhibiting the course of study, confluence crossing a boundary that reachs other type to serve industry to culture travel industry, meeting; Itself of activity of bring down of ground of the greatest strength is right of the government depend on, finish rotation of support society force thereby.

The 3rd swim rich is met time arrives from June in September, last a period of time 3 months. Whole swim rich can be designed with opening type, adopt, closure is embedded setting, roll out jointly with the net that clean out treasure with was being exhibited by swimsuit of our country international on June 18 " get together be to one's profit has waved our country bikini island " heat of special performance of calabash island swimsuit sells for the mark, pull open the 3rd swim rich is met heavy curtain. Face so big time span, current swim rich is met mobile content do one's best is rich, plump, 24 activities are conducted in all during. Include: Get together be to one's profit has waved island of calabash of · of contest of activity of show of our country bikini island, set square, teenage go, 2013 our country " UniCom cup " drummer of invitational tournament of highway of bicycle of first seaside highway, our country breaks Jinisi world record activity, , "Lively baby of sunshine beach · " little work of bikini contest, teenage originality is exhibited, actor of calabash island name travels especially produce comment on to exhibit, Guan Haijian of a plank road built along a cliff walks, Cultural Festival of folk-custom of calabash of our country international follows peak of northward originality economy to meet 3.

In the center, get together be to one's profit has waved island of calabash of · of contest of our country bikini island, teenage go, 2013 our country " UniCom cup " drummer of invitational tournament of highway of bicycle of first seaside highway, our country breaks Jinisi first contest of drummer of the 5th world record activity, our country, our country.

Current swim rich can enlarge new media to transmit strength on conduct propaganda, in media of this locality tradition cooperate to fall energetically, the real time that carries out platform of small letter of small gain, public to follow traditional media is interactive, increased industrial value further, promoted citizen ginseng to follow degree, raised innovation idea.

Special and worth while what carry is, swimsuit of international of 2013 our country is exhibited as current swim the grand opera that rich meets, still continue the main body fixed position that major of catenary of internationalization entire industry exhibits greatly, and go up in first foundation, expand join the commerce that postpone business to serve strength, facilitating ginseng of do one's best exhibits business, view to exhibit the commerce each other of business to connect. Can exhibit mobile setting to go up more practical, follow in integral dimensions ginseng exhibit function of limits, service to go up, do rise all-aroundly. This is the catenary of swimsuit entire industry with instantly exclusive whole world is exhibited greatly, it is global swimsuit reveals platform, it is vane of tendercy of swimsuit popularity development, it is the bikini vision sumptuous dinner that eats feeling amorous feelings. Exhibit can present innovation to trade stereoly means, give extensive trade the chance. Electric business leads a brand Alibaba, Beijing east store; Speedo of swimsuit business town of military importance, grand sand is entered in succession halt. What the swimsuit industry catenary of thousands of swims up and down is medium small shop business, travelling merchant and to. Get together the powerful potential energy that swimsuit of international of 2 our country exhibits, this is exhibited becoming home beyond questionly to provide authority to arouse with the market quite the brand that the professional swimsuit of ability can exhibit.