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Prices of city of cloth of a week of Oriental silk market is summed up

Published on:2013/8/15 17:25:03

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Introduction:Expect in fabric: A week comes, makings market trades in the sign that shows “ to measure little value to make the same score ” . From in ...

Expect in fabric: A week comes, makings market trades in the sign that shows “ to measure little value to make the same score ” . From in trend of value of market of fabric of makings convention tabby looks, have representative 170T to wash tower husband plays Chun Ya to spin the price to part partly with 170T rice of rice of 1.25 yuan of / , 1.6 yuan of / , the price is being maintained last week level. “ is light spin ” to magnify somewhat in volume of the shipment inside this week, and price trend lasts smooth and steady and changeless, knit manufacturer for the most part to early days light spin oneself letting value to disappear. A few twill, satin weave is latter although sales volume picks up, but the price is hard to rise, come from especially long promote, 5 damask that Nantong produces trade the volume is remarkable, yellow of gold of this cloth coloring is used at packaging data, for example, instantly uses the inner packing of box of ceremony of Yu Zhongqiu moon cake in great quantities. Cleanse expects sale price is smooth and steady in cotton series, clinch a deal the capacity appears however pick up evidence. Li of makings market that person silk interweaves the quantity that show hold something under the arm ambulates, product for example, person silk stretch is beautiful silk of silken, person is beautiful silken wait. Colored flag is spun with high density Chun Ya is spun, the person that in recent years ” of bitter fleabane of banner of each district “ produces manufacturer to want money is quite much, the market goes a quantity to increase significantly, dosage of advertisement of main colored flag, banner increases. Sales volume of the makings in > of mesh of < of knitting warp knitting is passable. Other, from understanding of local printing and dyeing mill, colour and lustre of the makings in recently will give priority to color to move with brunet series. Predict next week in feed prices will still be given priority to with smooth and steady posture.
Fabrics state: Annual summerly makings (emulation silk fabrics) contest is sold, since the middle ten days of a month began to come in April at the beginning of August ring down the curtain already basically, instantly already was the round off phase of 0 batches of fill a vacancy, from instantly market total situation looks, summer fabrics trend turns exhausted, the price also begins fall after a rise. And a few management salesroom begin market of textile of river short for Zhejiang Province roll out autumn fabrics to give appearance, like a few total need Guang Chunya is spun, silk spins the Buddhist nun, tower silk grand, bright and beautiful cotton cloth, but fabrics of nowadays autumn winter trades,measure not quite. Through following business door to chat understanding arrives, although at present land add add has some of a few kilometre, but on 10 thousand meters list is very little. From breed the trend looks, chun Ya of fine hair of the complete skin that play a peach-shaped thing, tabby is spun inside this week market sales volume is not special walk along free, stocks of the downstream product that knit a factory is bigger. Prices of fabrics of series of ” of grand of “ tower silk is behaved somewhat, in the center, jacquard weave, carry, fabrics of series of grand of silk of the tower that raise standard relatively move annul. The tabby market over-the-counter trading of jet fabrics is more disappointing, and abb of honeycomb, bright and beautiful cotton plays the bright and beautiful cotton of series of ” of “ bright and beautiful cotton the belt such as small jacquard weave bibcock fabric, market shipment amount is small have litre. The current year should the box bag fabrics of city also continues get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, wait besides the cloth of old breed Oxford of in former years move outside selling, of late again a few glazed jacquard weave taste box newly to wrap fabrics to begin to move annul. Bright and beautiful cleanse spins a sale slow-moving still. Market of lubricious fourth product buys dish of ceaseless grow in quantity. But whole fabrics market is sold situation catch up with one year the corresponding period wants difference quite a few. Predict fabrics price trend lasts next week smooth and steady, clinch a deal the quantity will have small to widen.
Switch on the mobile phone rate angle, alleviate as high temperature weather, be restricted electric measure becomes loose, loom switchs on the mobile phone rate general has form the force that pick up gradually.

Keyword:Fabrics, the market, the price, fabric, prices, box bag, textile, state, printing and dyeing, knitting

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