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QJZ new circular knitting machine to help the knitting industry industrial upgrading

Published on:2012/8/21 14:08:35

Keyword:Circular knitting machine, textile machinery, knitting, needles
Introduction:Knitting industry to speed up structural adjustment and change the growth mode of the trend, the new circular knitting machine for knitting industry to participate in international competition provide important equipment ……

Knitting industry to speed up structural adjustment and change the growth mode of the trend, the new circular knitting machine for knitting industry to participate in international competition provide important equipment guarantee. Pacific Mechatronic Group Shanghai Textile Machinery Plant seventh textile factory for market demand, developed the QJZ new circular knitting machine. In 2004, QJZ the new circular knitting machine was identified transformation project for Shanghai Hi-Tech.
    QJZ new circular knitting machine has the characteristics of the following aspects:
    First, triangular curve movement is the largest technology innovation. The circular knitting machine products generally have needles movement friction, wear or severing butt caused by the poor stability of motion shortcomings. Study of the Shanghai textile seven branch in cooperation with the East China University of Science and Technology, needles and triangular virtual motion and force analysis, to identify the mutation point, improved motion curve of the triangle, and 3 ° needle tract, reduces the between the knitting needle and the triangular friction and impact, so that the machine the optimum braid state, thereby improving the fabric quality and speed of the next machine.
    Second, the machine uses a triangular curve polishing process. Traditional circular knitting machine triangular despite processing and rejection box after assembly to the machine, but the needle tract can not improve the surface roughness, influence the work of the needles. Shanghai the CTMC seven branch using extrusion grinding and polishing machine, through the direct effect of the polishing wheel and an abrasive on both sides of the needle tract, thereby improving the surface roughness of the needle tract, reduce the friction of the needles with the triangular.
    In addition, the aircraft have many innovations in the frame structure. First, by the method of Rolling solve a syringe the Drive positioning device using copper sliding bearing assembly to be monogamous and grinding, which will affect driving accuracy. The second is through the use of side mounted steel bearings, to solve the large gear over positioning and syringes radial, axial runout and gear surface wear. Needles needle Zhong Yi falls on the large gear and the pinion gear at Triangle severing seriously affect transmission stability through the labyrinth structure, to solve the problem. Fourth, the by pressure ring device, to solve the steel bearing wear, resulting in a large gap between the gear and the platen increased instability in driving accuracy. Fifth, through the use of collective lifting device density adjustment once completed, greatly shortening the production cycle. Sixth, by using upper and lower gear transmission oiliness device, reducing mechanical wear, improve drive stability.
    In addition, the Shanghai textile seven branch use Solidwork three-dimensional design software and computer motion simulation software, the design becomes very intuitive, and speed up the product development cycle, improve the quality of the product development.
    Pacific Mechatronic Group Shanghai Textile Machinery Factory seventh textile machinery factory is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, manufacture, and sales of all types of circular knitting machine with 50 years of manufacturing and production history, with the design and development, manufacturing, technology introduction accumulated technology resource integration capability of independent innovation. Shanghai Textile Machinery seven branch main products: QJZ012 rib machine (15 sizes), QJZ013-interlock machine (13 sizes) QJZ028 rib machine (2 sizes), QJZ126-sided machine (2 sizes ) QJZ127 type three-wire weft insertion-sided machine (specifications), QJZ128 single-sided circular knitting machine (13 sizes) QJZ151C terry (3 sizes), transform QJZ072C type organizations sided machine (two kinds specifications), QJZ073 transform organizations-sided machine (specifications) QJZ129 Spandex jersey machine (19 sizes) QJZ036 electronic jacquard, transfer sided machine (three sizes), QJZ038 type mechanical jacquard double-sided machine (2 sizes) QJZ178 type mechanical jacquard single jersey machine (2 sizes) QJZ131-side (15 sizes).