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Shopping centers flocks it is more and more difficult that " crosses new field of bound collaboration " to enrol business

Published on:2013/8/9 11:23:16

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Introduction:Afterwards 10 thousand amount to announce " go dress is changed " hind, shenzhen treasure also can announce a few days ago, will initiate sexual groun...

Afterwards 10 thousand amount to announce " go dress is changed " hind, shenzhen treasure also can announce a few days ago, will initiate sexual ground to roll out " the collaboration that cross a boundary " , the business that finish follows the each other be in harmony of condition of other line of business,

Across compartment, the spring of day, child with a ha is breathed out, pluvial embellish accuses, triumphant dragon of Su Ning, long rainbow, red star beauty, Oriental hope, new hope, Beijing east the store come from food, shopkeeper course of study, building materials, agriculture even the enterprise of the many industries such as Internet in succession.

Below development of shopping centers blowout, does shopping centers cross a bound to develop mode to you can go much further?

Dentist can look inside shopping centers

A few days ago, 10 thousand amount to a group to make known one's position, open next year 10 thousand amount to square (do not contain 10 thousand amount to general merchandise) 2 buildings will cancel appearance of dress line of business in the round,

"Crossing a boundary perhaps is a way that new pattern of real estate of our country commerce makes below the situation at present. " the expert inside course of study makes known his position.

"Environmental protection of culture art, zoology, cate will introduce in shopping centers the recreational, fashionable recreation, interactive number, socialization that encircle a layer, natural popular science, close child Yo is happy, healthy the 10 big functions such as charity of preserve one's health, commonweal, " treasure can chief makes known his position related commerce, its are traditional and retail occupy 20-30% only, condition of other line of business holds the share of 70% . In the future, in shopping centers besides shop, still can see dentist, do plastic, advanced preserve one's health to wait.

At the same time compartment is shopping centers innovates in succession beg an outlet, and across compartment, the amount of shopping centers presents blowout, outside enclosure want to divide a cup of a thick soup in succession. According to not complete count, 20 main cities of countrywide will have start business of about 150 shopping centers in second half of the year of the current year, average area exceeds 80 thousand square metre.

10 thousand amount to, the development that maintains the enterprise of real estate of old brand commerce such as benefit, Hua Run to quicken distribution shopping center already. And triumphant dragon of red star beauty, child with a ha breaths out the person that wait for new elementary course high-key announce will follow with making an appointment with 20 every year 10 thousand amount to make the 10 thousand speed that amount to square to be about the same intervene commerce is landed.

Chamber of commerce of Guangdong current job carries out chairman Huang Wenjie to think, one angle is to be pounded by electric business, another angle is retail terminal consumption is fatigued and weak, make brand business slowdown extend pace, dress line of business becomes shopping centers to develop " chicken ribs " . But another angle, some spending item is to go against situation and go up, if have a meal, see a movie, recreation, preserve one's health, adventure playground, education grooms etc. "So, want to ensure passenger flow, be about to innovate, profit of rent of even if sacrifice, shopping centers also should reduce retail proportion. Shopping centers also should reduce retail proportion..

Business of new field action is harder and harder

"Business of action of major new field is very painful, special it is international brand action business is more and more laborious, if how the row lets a few fast fashionable brands, include to actor or actress the brand such as garment library, ZARA comes in, each market thinks greatly, still appear even 0 hire enrol business, still pay out of own pocket to a few big shop signs decorate. " Huang Huajun of president of network of the first business discloses.

According to explaining, traditional shopping centers shops with blame shopping area optimal occupy comparing is 6: 4, of tenement of shopping industry condition bear hire ability stronger, the function of condition of shopping industry of and rather than is to attract a customer, think on the tradition so such occupying achieve first-rate hire earnings than ability.