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Displacement of the high-end market to the warp knitting machine

Published on:2012/8/21 13:49:41

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Introduction:Experienced rapid development in recent years, the warp knitting industry has entered a transition to the efficient development of transition from the high-speed development.

Experienced rapid development in recent years, the warp knitting industry has entered a transition to the efficient development of transition from the high-speed development. Warp knitting equipment market performance last year, is still active in 2010 as booming sales of the scene has been difficult to reproduce.

The traditional warp knitting facing adjustment

Affected by the debt crisis in Europe, the warp knitting industry this year is facing the dual pressures of industry costs continue to rise, and disruption of the export trade, the production of power weakened.

March, because the downstream weak purchasing power as well as worries drag, Polyester stocks rising, although the the downstream water jet weaving operation rate their teeth dead quite, but Jingbian home, plus shells enterprises already have parking. Currently, Haining warp knitting machine operation rate at 6 percent; Fujian, Guangdong warp knitting machine operation rate of 5 to 6 percent.

On the other hand, the local government encouraged the construction of the project ascendant warp.

In the second half of last year, by the Government of the Anhui Langxi, Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park jointly created langxi by both industrial park under construction, the industrial park is divided into dyeing and finishing area supporting area, made by weaving, finishing top ten industries Ribbon Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park transformation and upgrading, will be built to provide a strong the rear production base protection. Local development objective is to build a park about 300 enterprises, the output value exceeded 600 billion warp Xindu. In January of this year, an investment of 300 million yuan by the woven items settled in in Changting County Economic Development Zone Kawada New Area.

These new warp knitting project is completed, the new warp knitting equipment will be installed, and the introduction of new technologies, in order to increase of warp production efficiency and product quality of the warp.

The traditional warp industry trends is to increase the proportion of the speed warp knitting machine, a high level of knitting machinery equipment, developed knit high-end products and special specifications of products. Higher degree of industrial concentration, the more pressing needs of industrial upgrading, the traditional warp knitting is facing the adjustment of the industrial pattern, for warp knitting equipment manufacturers, is both an opportunity, a challenge.

Industrial warp knitting sustainable development

In the production of industrial textiles, account for a considerable proportion of warp knitting machinery, such as multi-axial warp knitting machine, double needle bed warp knitting machine and so on.

Warp knitting industry as a strategic emerging industries - composite manufacturing industry, which has a broad space for the development of high-tech carbon fiber products, biomedical textiles, filtration textiles textiles. Anti-axial warp knitting machine fabric tensile strength, shear resistance, flexural capacity, impact resistance, modulus of elasticity, drape and mechanical properties are widely used in wind power, vehicle and vessel manufacturing, construction, sports supplies and other fields. Warp knitting mesh fabric structure forms, the size and shape of the mesh size can be designed, fabric types from thin to thick fabric shape a stable and non-slip, mechanical performance in agriculture, fishing, sports, health care, construction, transportation, and other fields. broad application space.

Industrial textiles "12th Five-Year Development Plan, that the structure is enhanced for the" 12th Five-Year "period the country to focus on the development of the field of textiles and other industrial areas, for weaving molding technology and equipment, and other key equipment to develop, research heavy, wide, high-speed, high-performance industrial woven and industrial warp knitting technology and carbon fiber / glass fiber hybrid weaving techniques, exceeded 800 g / m 2 to 3000 g / m 2 wide exclusive thick fabric weaving technology .

Multipurpose braid in the field of industrial demand, as well as national industrial textiles continued development needs, warp knitting equipment industrial demand will maintain steady growth.

Cater to the needs of R & D upgrade

Due to increased uncertainty about the macroeconomic situation this year, not only the textile machinery industry, the entire machinery manufacturing industry is in a falling market. Therefore, the majority of the warp knitting machine manufacturers judgment on the whole situation more cautious, although the view from the downstream market, the knitting market better than the cotton market situation, but welcome turn warp market itself, but also this year under six months.

However, we are said to increase in all kinds of production costs, the many warp enterprises have the equipment replacement demand, higher mechanical performance requirements, in particular, to adapt their own capacity to upgrade warp knitting machine, so the market this year, though not as as hot as last year or the year before, but after knitting machine overall market demand will still be maintained at a certain level. For now, the development of the market is still stable.

Combination of factors driven by rising domestic production costs, downstream warp market is experiencing a new round of industrial restructuring, hit the traditional warp knitting industry, industry warp optimistic about the market, small and medium-sized and large enterprises have ceased production of warp coexist warp industrial park construction, regardless of local new warp knitting projects, or large warp enterprises to multi-field transformation and upgrading, are harbingers of the coming period, the overall demand warp knitting machines to high-end direction displacement with the advanced technology of high-speed, intelligent, multi-function, high-end market opportunities of the warp knitting machine will be even greater, and the technology is lagging behind the warp knitting machine will be faced with the situation of being eliminated.

Warp knitting machine production enterprises accurately grasp the pulse of the market demand, have R & D focus to intelligent, high-speed, in line with the direction of the warp knitting industry transformation and upgrading needs, but also to try to make their own more diversified, high-end equipment.