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The home spins line of business: Go in the crossroad of transition

Published on:2013/8/5 13:22:10

Keyword:The home is spun, spinning, textile, spin industry, weaving, the market
Introduction:? From on 90 time begin the century, industry of textile of our country family expenses complies with economy to develop tide having sth new, guide sp...

? From on 90 time begin the century, industry of textile of our country family expenses complies with economy to develop tide having sth new, guide spin industry to walk out of trough, up to now already fast 20 years, its develop speed to expand with dimensions fast and violent, total production value has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, occupy countrywide economy gross to make an appointment with 2.5% above. However, in last few years, as trend of domestic and international economy progressively hasten delay consumes a concept to mature gradually with compatriots, domestic major home spun a brand to march to develop bottleneck period, growth momentum is remarkable decelerate. To industry of textile of our country family expenses, its develop the problem that encounters and solution, should this integral survey that carries pair of industry development follows consider, come the method that look for cuts solution.

? ? Foreland enterprise is afterwards hard mostly

? ? In recent years, as promotion of continuity of engineering capability of center-west region industry, cheap labor natural resources becomes in short supply in foreland, the home of downstream area spins the Yangtse River the compensation that industry sew is versed in is forced to go up to 3000 yuan of ~4000 yuan / month, even if always also is faced with the start that place of in short supply problem brings able-bodied person to be not worth so, from long-term in light of, as aggravate of the competition inside the further progress of economy of ministry of Chinese and Western and industry, when the river rises the boat goes up too of certainly will of sew worker pay. This brought an issue, does southern foreland home spin an industry in how to spin industrial group and home of center-west region developing to spin an industry to compete with Shandong home?

? ? The answer is very remarkable, namely foreland home spins an industry to must last its technology advantage, raise product technology content. The case of remain fresh in one's memory is 20 centuries industry of cloth of 90 time slub " press ingot " , cause trade of countrywide spinning weaving most develop area, as above sea, lose bibcock status quickly without and other places of stannum, Suzhou, Nantong. Current, the spinning weaving course of study of center-west region has become in the position in domestic spin industry hold the balance, and in the Yangtse River downstream area still need not break the company that pursues this trade rare, the hang that its live is technical advantage innovates with the technology, if do not have stannum the technology of gauze of cotton spinning of the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics of natural spin.

? ? How to raise foreland home to spin the product technology content of the industry? No more than is capital investment follows an industry decision-making and both develop simultaneously, it is easy to say however, it is too difficult however to be done.

? ? Capital of product research and development is devoted and austere be short of break

? ? Spin finished product business to the home for, the fountainhead of its gain comes at brand value, and brand value comes at producing those who taste sale to accumulate for years, and the key of the product is a design (exterior design designs) with material. The author thinks, spin a business to each home for, products plan should be the most important production segment this, however, to most enterprise, take seriously and not be equal to investment, quite relatively, great majority home spins an enterprise to be more than the investment to the design far to the investment of sale. On international, the investment that has the enterprise of fashionable brand to go up in product research and development occupies the 5%~15% of company production value commonly, that is to say the dimensions enterprise of 500 million yuan of production value, the capital investment of its product research and development should achieve 25 million yuan of ~7500 this 10 thousand yuan. Comparative home home spins a business, can use company production value 5% those who will make product research and development is very few.

? ? Ability of research and development depends on enterprise policymaker

? ? Spin a business to the home of foreland for, transition upgrades is sure development tendercy, and the linchpin of transition builds compose to be begun for the center with the brand, the compose that the linchpin that the brand builds is brand design style is built, the poor dissimilation of brand style is an enterprise a magic weapon in the remain invincible in the market competition that turn white-hot. In this one experience, enterprise policymaker must decisive make a decision, all when following starts his products plan style into the ground. To most enterprise, step this one pace very hard.

? ? Often entrepreneur complains stylist ability is no good, however whether has entrepreneur thought over, how much did oneself throw on products plan research and development? Equipment of how many advanced design had purchased? The enterprise has without data-base, how many design a material? Whether to go to stylist the good luck of survey of domestic and international market? Please inside how many industry does famous stylist come to an enterprise had done lecture delibrate? Whether to have the compensation of dignity to stylist?

? ? The simplest truth is: How many investment can have to yield.

? ? Transition period is the development opportunity of the enterprise

? ? Our country home is spun from spin the Guangdong home that is a delegate to spin an industry to precede with Home Fu Anna rise abruptly for the mark, its expand the district rapid development as our country economy, from Guangdong coastal gradually north moves, formed Guangdong Shenzhen, Fosan; Zhejiang sea peace, Yu Hang; Jiangsu sea door, tell a state; Shandong bank city, article is ascended wait for group of 4 big industries, have the development tendency that moves to ministry of Chinese and Western gradually. This shows, the mobile contrail that the home spins industrial group advocate if promote place because of labor cost,cause. Accompanying the development of economy of ministry of Chinese and Western, the production advantage of foreland will be lost further, in this one process, has the opportunity that who will get technical advantage develop ceaselessly, this opportunity is spun to the home of each areas is equal for the enterprise.

? ? To in southern foreland home spins a business for, capturing an opportunity to change the transition on the design to develop in brand culture and brand style is only outlet, if be company transition brand home to spin design research and development to follow operation center; And follow home of ministry of Chinese and Western to spin a business to Shandong industry group for, increasing while with sticking card treatment to follow foreign trade self-supporting home spins manufacturing industry dimensions, derive foreland home spins the experience lesson that the company grows, in produce expansible to begin to enlarge products plan investment at the same time, increase capacity of company products plan, foster own home to spin a brand, spinning sale network in home of domestic position brand is significant progress direction.

? ? Above is the author spins an industry to our country home a series of observation of transition period follow consider, these problems have some of maybe photograph to compare acuteness, but it is the task that exists to be solved with urgent need really in the industry however. Make known one's position the problem is not show up one's fault, expect what can get a business to face up to however, spin an industry in our country home transition period seeks the development way that follows his.

Keyword:The home is spun, spinning, textile, spin industry, weaving, the market

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