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Product of blame weaving cloth can machine craft to mature with each passing day optionally

Published on:2013/8/5 13:21:37

Keyword:Fiber, be not weaving cloth, cotton fiber, research, weaving, weaving, fabric
Introduction:The course of blame weaving cloth that dispatch produced for raw material with cellulose fiber on August 2 boils business company practice follows aft...

The course of blame weaving cloth that dispatch produced for raw material with cellulose fiber on August 2 boils business company practice follows after blanching treatment, go up in the exterior not merely clean, whiteness is tall, and its are bibulous function, wetability can, soft degree and absorb with what arrange an agent to fuel with use wait for function the change with metropolis bigger generation. Special it is to boil practice to follow the port with blanch treatment to follow development to have to be not the production of product of material of weaving cloth sanitation principal.

The practice that boil follows the optional choose sex in blanching product of cloth of treatment dispute weaving to produce experience to machine craft, logical choice can have according to specific requirement in actual production. If use the blame weaving cloth that follows cosmetic at medical treatment finally, its whiteness is not is most significant performance demand, special it is to use at downy gasket, hemostatic a place of strategic importance or cut the product of complementary makings, more apt requirement fiber is had absorb ability remain measures big, chemical to wait for a characteristic less, answer right now this one or two boils experienced treatment to attach most importance to a dot surely, and blanching treatment is secondary.

Enzymatic chastening law promotes biology effect of cloth cover wool

The natural cellulose fiber with commonly used cloth of weaving of cotton fiber dispute, the content of natural impurity in cotton fiber depends on the producing area of cotton wool, maturity follows a few other factors. Boiling experienced target is the natural or factitious impurity that contains for the place on purify fiber, the wax that contains on natural cotton fiber for example is qualitative, pectic material, and the spinning oil agent that remains on synthetic fibre, smeary after waiting to boil practice in the course also can by eliminate.

The course boils practice, the benefit that can promote blame weaving cloth significantly is wet, bibulous wait for function, promote the exterior of the product quality, also can prevent the interference that after these impurity follow to coloring, arranges at the same time. After the practice that boil, the percentage that perhaps can use fat candle remain to measure with capillary effect will examine with the effect after arranging, ask content of incomplete dried meat is in commonly 0.2% the left and right sides. In addition, go in the practice that boil because of fiber miscellaneous while, can get the action of chemical, the scathing rate that its get can make known its position with cupreous ammonia fluidity, also can be measured with the change with blame weaving puissant cloth.

Because be not weaving cloth itself not to suit to adopt groovy fabric to catch the boiling practice in after rectifying, be being arranged to machine means, need to undertake boiling drilling machining in the product so when, adopt the method that staple in bulk machines normally. When the practice that boil, the temperature that craft asks is be more than or be equal to 100 ℃ , if equipment allows, had better adopt ℃ of 120 ℃ ~130, alone boils experienced condition ability this kind to make the impurity in fiber gets first-rate purify, ensure good water imbibition. In the practice that boil the condition with agent constant dosage falls, promotion boils experienced temperature, be helpful for magazine purify, shorten; of time of the practice that boil conversely, temperature is low, time of the practice that boil is short.

Biology is enzymatic chastening law is a cellulose fiber that popularizing energetically boil experienced processing technique. In the tradition the practice that boil is experienced in, undertake full via boiling practice hind to need to waste a large number of clear water and produce a large number of foul water, produce great effect to the environment, but adopt law of biology enzymatic fine, can use not merely go out effectively foreign matter, and can reduce environmental infection greatly. Use enzymatic undertake fine is handled, won't affect the framework of cellulose not merely, and can will right blame weaving cloth the injury of the face falls to lowest. Adopt proper agitate way to be able to drill to boiling the effect has certain positive effect. If be in,biology tries in experience of enzymatic chastening law agitate, can shorten time reduces enzymatic dosage, also promote the Mao Xiao that is not weaving cloth at the same time.

Environmental protection cross acetic acid to blanch carry program

The target that blanchs treatment is those who destroy blame weaving cloth to go up is natural with artificial pigment, promotion is not the whiteness of weaving product. Instantly studies with property to the structure of natural cellulose still not thorough, through undertaking study to discover to Brown cotton, the palm pigment in cotton fiber advocate if yellow Bai Su follows cotton pigment, they own the property of acid dye, conjugate Shuang Jian is contained in molecular structure, the existence of pigment can affect cotton fibrous whiteness undoubtedly. When to containing the blame of adhesive weaving cloth undertakes blanching, want to consider the bleacher impact to adhesive, it is better that to the blame of cotton fiber material weaving cloth adopts staple in bulk to blanch the effect that blanchs than adopting semi-manufactured goods of blame weaving cloth.

Commonly used bleacher still has reproducibility to follow oxidisability two kinds big. Reproducibility bleacher passes to the reductive action of pigment generation to blanch the effect, after but pass the product after blanching,be being placed for a long time in air, had been had by reductive pigment be oxidized afresh the tendency of color of skin, and the Baidu endurance that brings about a product drops. Natrium of chloric acid of oxidisability bleacher as follows, cross oxidation hydrogen to wait, it is industrial the bleacher that in be not weaving cloth to machine, often applies.

Of instantly blanch a method to dip floats, drench bleach 3 kinds with make friends, blanch when Central Africa weaving float with dip give priority to, and cotton short staple adopts form of staple in bulk basically. The technological process that staple in bulk blanchs belongs to intermittent type treatment, the treatment in actual production is orderly: Prime → boils → of experienced → catharsis to blanch → catharsis → dry, perhaps be: Prime → blanchs → catharsis → dry. Accept which kind of treatment order, depend on by treatment fibrous type. The linters that lignin content goes to accepts order of the first kind of treatment commonly, less to matter content combing lint can accept order of the 2nd kind of treatment. England is not weaving equipment to produce business instantly to developing the first to turn production line continuously, it is with full form for the foundation with washer with macerate machine.

Crossing acetic acid to blanch is latter be followed to popularize by extensive research blanch a technology. Crossing acetic acid is a kind of environment friendly model bleacher, have in blanching experience basically discharge without harmful material, the sources of energy uses up low characteristic. The optimal craft requirement that passes acetic acid to blanch is: Bleacher dosage 8% , temperature 70 ℃ , PH value is 7, blanch time to be 60min. Cross acetic acid to had followed oxidation hydrogen reaction to be made by acetic anhydride or glacial acetic acid, because be decomposed easily, make in what cross acetic acid so, carry with during assembling and unassemble, must consider safe precautionary measures amply. The equipment stuff that has undertaken acetic acid is blanched had better be stainless steel with aluminium (95%) of the smallest content, glass, pottery and porcelain.

Keyword:Fiber, be not weaving cloth, cotton fiber, research, weaving, weaving, fabric

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