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New pattern of transition of dress of lead layout C2B

Published on:2013/7/15 15:40:53

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Introduction:Develop in Internet high speed today, traditional business is going situation information age from industrial times, those who use Internet to underta...

Develop in Internet high speed today, traditional business is going situation information age from industrial times, those who use Internet to undertake transition upgrades to already made progress is sure. To aid force tradition better the company grows transition, by " factory of our country cloud " the C2B of global head home that founds jointly with garden of industry of commerce of the electron austral Guangzhou mountain innovates sailing of operation platform success, will bring to traditional industry change revolutionarily.

New development of traditional business seek is badly in need of layout C2B

Why be C2B? It is to point to Consumer (consumer) To Business (businessman) . As " in order to produce a system of fixed quotas for marketing " B2C domain competition marchs intense level, this kind brand-new " in order to sell a system of fixed quotas for grain production " with " with disappear a system of fixed quotas for grain production " C2B mode is progressively be paid close attention to by increasing person place. Add mobile Internet to grow change with each passing day, the voice of consumer will be stronger and stronger, after the first impetus of value catenary needs in the future from at consumer.

Instantly, chinese labor cost maintains rise, fatigued and weak, technology develops overseas market the series problem such as bottleneck, be in soundlessly oppressive our country enterprise originally meager gain. The transition of traditional business upgrades, it is the national strategy of stand high and see far not merely, it is the real challenge that enterprise life and death lives or die more. And " factory of our country cloud " the transition that the C2B mode of this kind of innovation will be traditional business upgrades bring major stimulative power.

"C2B mode can satisfy the personalized requirement of consumer effectively, can let consumer be joined livelily in following a design to follow production, can promote supply catenary efficiency, reduce product inventory to wait, first-rate represented what information age market applies to will come direction. " He Chibin of author of factory of our country cloud says so to the reporter.

Emerge as the times require of platform of C2B innovation operation

"Factory of our country cloud " through iteration of a few years dug is carried out, built ecosystem of innovation of a C2B systematically, realized electric business from consumption current domain creates manufacturing field to individuation, this ecosystem includes: Alliance of production of alliance of C2B individuation community, design, quick response, gregarious platform trades with commodity the part such as the system.

In be being sold in order to clean out treasure most in a popular style the most important dress kind the product is exemple, through following the joint efforts of association of clothing of city of countrywide each district, factory of our country cloud established a huge cloud to design a group. According to explaining, factory of our country cloud is in in cat following a day in the brand collaboration experience such as Ou Sha, stylist people the special skill that combines oneself according to businessman demand picks the design job that can be competent, upload the blueprint draft of can contented businessman or video, next cloud platform chooses the businessman the program that attend to make bag of data of commercial of real kind, report follow brand businessman to leave quickly order goods on the line the T stage video that can use, personalized community can follow businessman collaboration C2B with the consumer of gregarious platform. Finally, the businessman's order hands in You Yunsheng to produce the characteristic on platform again the numerous plant business of each different, the kind that produces order for goods through deliver a child of invite public bidding realizes the production of C2B.

"Factory of our country cloud " the dimensions that finished stylist alliance to produce alliance with quick response changes interactive collaboration, the stream of people that passes garden of industry of business of the cable austral mountain, content shedding, iformation flow flows with capital " 4 shed syncretic " resource, company of innovation platform, production produces the stylist freedom that makes a place of C2B of can contented innovation need jointly to purchase center, individuation to create supplier platform to follow businessman of electric commodity card via be being tasted allied platform, newly order goods meeting platform is waited a moment.

Factory of our country cloud will come but period

He Chibin makes known his position, c2B is well worth doing in the future, it is to overturn even of the gender, but the power that sheet leans some enterprise or the force that onefold innovation orders, cannot finish the individuation on real significance to make.

What in recent years relevant industry advances is the C2B on mode only, can not undertake personalized innovation industrialization is run, can belong to the C2B that little scope innovates only, with type of the whole people operation of large-scale C2B innovation still has very large space. As the arrival of mobile Internet times, should cover the industrialization of the finishing C2B with the will true platform of operation of first C2B innovation that consumes current domain to create manufacturing field to individuation, or will become what a few years industrial transition will upgrade henceforth is optimal cut one of points.