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Bangladesh hand-me-down course of study is faced with the crossroad of reform

Published on:2013/7/15 15:40:50

Keyword:Hand-me-down, circumstance, state, spin industry, the price, dress, the market
Introduction:Bangladesh since collapse of the building that pull offer, after the incident that worker of many 1100 hand-me-down dies happens, euramerican a few ma...

Bangladesh since collapse of the building that pull offer, after the incident that worker of many 1100 hand-me-down dies happens, euramerican a few main hand-me-down buy business to make known his position to will stop to import hand-me-down from Bangladesh in succession, main labour union follows international human rights organization also is applied to government of the first month in succession pressure, make known his position to must adopt measure to improve the manufacturing environment of worker of hand-me-down course of study, the main income that guarantees a worker follows person security. Government of abstruse Ba Ma suspended the United States making wage to the Pu Hui of the first month on June 26, with period can cause government of the first month to take seriously enoughly. Bangladesh hand-me-down course of study is faced with the crossroad of reform.

Bangladesh instantly is the whole world the 2nd old ready-made clothes exports a nation, specific gravity is occupied to be 4.8 % in place of global hand-me-down market. 2012 - 2013 money year, bangladesh foreign trade exports amount to be 27.02 billion dollar, hand-me-down course of study exports the forehead to be 21.52 billion dollar in the center, occupy the 79.63 % that always export the specified number. And what owner of hand-me-down of the first month wants to export Euramerican to seeming area is large purchase business to follow brand dress orgnaization. If let these buy business to lose confidence, the hand-me-down course of study of Bangladesh get into trouble.

Instantly Bangladesh has hand-me-down plant many 5400, exceed 3.6 million person from personnel of course of study. Exceed far on hand-me-down plant measure Vietnam, Indonesian wait for a country, major advantage is had on hand-me-down crop. And the salary lowest of the worker that make the clothing is only horary 0.2 dollars, 1/5 what make garment worker wage for our country. Although competitive advantage is distinct, but the hard injury that the problem such as rights and interests of plant safety, labor becomes course of study of hand-me-down of the first month to develop however. Came 2000 2013, more than 15 thousand workers die at factory accident, the accident of 2/3 is fire in the center. Because Euramerican hand-me-down purchases merchant demand a low price to follow the price competition that turns white-hot between hand-me-down factory, profit margin of industry of hand-me-down of the first month is extremely low, worsened further thereby manufacturing condition of the worker. Analyst points out, bangladesh hand-me-down manufacturing industry should follow the premise of rights and interests to fall in safeguard worker safety, strengthen a brand to build hard groom with the worker, carry high yield to taste additional cost, develop in order to promote this industry health steadily.

After the Pu Hui that announces to suspend pair of the first month in the United States makes wage before long, european Union commerce represented Mo Ni of minister of foreign affairs of Degute, Bangladesh to follow moral character of Lai of total a secretary in charge of sth of international Labour Organization on July 8, published jointly in Geneva " the whole world can hold development bond " . This contracted content covers safety of Bangladesh hand-me-down and rights and interests of spin industry labor, plant to hold improvement point of view, happen in order to prevent incident of collapse of the similar building that pull offer again. This contracted period of efficacy is 5 years. Bangladesh enterprise delegate, Europe basically purchases business 70 times to wait attend.

Bond is Bangladesh government limit a series of schedule that rectify and reform the action. Meng Fang needs to revise labour laws as soon as possible, allow a worker to freedom establishs labour union and discuss salary with those representing capital; Give professional health to follow safe safeguard for the worker; Establish communal database, publish the legal news that follows plant safety about labor standard to the public, publish plant safety to control a state; Establishment of safety of factory fire prevention is strengthened before June 2014, ensure workshop quality; 2013 plant safety supervisor number promotes 800 to wait before year end.

Purchase business to still approve government following the first month to establish associated intendancy with the international hand-me-down of the meeting, in the future clothing factory undertakes the Mengcheng of order of acting labour of Euramerican to carrying on hand-me-down inside 9 months safe examination. The hand-me-down plant that is put in safe problem will be asked shutdown is rectified and reform, during shutdown, the factory must put wage for worker hair ceaselessly. International hand-me-down purchases business general on July 15 forward the list that government of the first month offers his to be in plant of Bangladesh acting project.

After Europe purchases business to take action two days, the hand-me-down of 17 United States such as Wo Erma purchases business 10 days to comprise " Bangladesh worker safety proposes alliance " , make known his position to will be in 5 years help the first month improves plant safety environment to follow labor standard in the future. Alliance general is safe to Bangladesh hand-me-down factory the circumstance undertakes assessment with labor condition, unture factory pledges salary of generation be cancellinged; Factory reliable criterion is established for the first month inside 3 months; To Meng Chengyi the factory offers fund, help its improve environment of factory safe production to wait.

With this at the same time, bangladesh bank also announced on July 11, the low interest that cooperative bureau will offer Japan border 12.8 million dollar borrows money, use Yu Mengjia helps a nation plant safety is transformed with purchase equipment. The message says, worker dimensions can apply for this loan to the factory of 2000 people in 100 people. Interest rate of this kind of loan is 10 % , reimbursement deadline is 15 years, have wide within a definite time of 2 years.

The hand-me-down manufacturing industry of Bangladesh is having great development latent capacity, if can transform current challenge into the opportunity,Bangladesh government follows hand-me-down manufacturer, use the help that just offers each, guide hand-me-down course of study to be on benign development course, developing with native economy to the life of hand-me-down worker can be a good news.

Keyword:Hand-me-down, circumstance, state, spin industry, the price, dress, the market

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